Political Economy

The Philippines is Out in Front with Women in Politics

This is supposed to be the Asian century, with East Asian countries leading the way. The world admires many East Asian countries for their miraculous economic growth, democracy-building and cultural innovation. However, can East Asia also provide a model for developing women’s rights and political power? East Asia has no coherent pattern to boast or export.

The Business Council of Australia is on the Election Hot Seat

If the Coalition loses this election there will be some insiders pointing fingers at the Business Council of Australia.  There have been times in the last three years when the Coalition has held the line on policies that looked to experienced observers like political suicide. To understand the power behind the throne a good place to start is the advocacy of Australia’s most powerful business lobby.

Separate Politics and Economics at Your Own Peril

Many people understand politics and economics to be two different disciplines.  I remember in graduate school more than two decades ago, many colleagues and professors operationally defined political economy as how politics, by which they meant the state, screws up economics. 

I spoke at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit earlier this week and teased that many seemed to think that politics comes from the ancient Greek "poly" meaning many and "tics" meaning bloodsucking parasites.  It, of course, is not true.

Japan's 'Womenomics' needs to Work in Business and Government

Japan has the lowest percentage of women’s political representation in the industrialised world. Women hold only 12 percent of seats in the national legislative assembly, the Diet. This is compared to a 22 percent world average and a 19 percent average in Asia.

Japan’s ranking in the 2015 World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report at 101 out of 145 countries indicates some serious problems. Health and education are not problems for the women of Japan; it is economic and political empowerment where the stark inequality lies.

Should Asia be Worried about Trump?

Virtually every Asian academic, business leader, policymaker or taxi driver I have encountered in the last six months has, within minutes, pummelled me for answers to the Trump question.

Professional Golf to Trump: Fore!

The media circus surrounding Donald Trump’s bid for the US presidency is briefly switching from America to the £200m reopening of a golf resort in south-west Scotland. Trump Turnberry, as it has been renamed, boasts a remodelled course and a substantially upgraded five-star hotel and spa. The man himself is reportedly to fly in for a grand ceremony on June 24.

‘Dog Whistle’ Smear Attacks Dominating Elections in US and UK

In both the US and the UK, politicians are using racial smears and anti-Muslim rhetoric to try to gain white votes. However, the strategy carries risks in increasingly multi-cultural societies.

Within days of his election last week as London mayor, Sadiq Khan entered into a war of words with Donald Trump over the Republican candidate elect’s decision to ban Muslims from entering the US. Trump had offered to “make an exception for Khan”, who is a devout Muslim, but his offer was rejected.