Russel Brand Bitcoin – Is it Legit, or a Scam?

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Russel Brand Bitcoin

Russel Brand, born 4th of June 1975 in Gray, Essex, England is an English Comedian, Radio host, and actor. He has worked in some great movies over time even been a presenter for MTV. He is known as a public activist and campaigner and has spoken on a wide range of political and cultural issues. Russel is married to Laura Gallacher and has two kids with her.

Russel Brand has accomplished a lot in his life with awards to show for it with most of them coming from his stand-up comedy. He has won the British comedy award three times in 2006, 2008, and 2011. In 2013, he also won the GQ Men award of the year. Russel has had an amazing career with various movies, tv shows, and radio performances.

Russel has a talk show where he talks about controversial things and one of them is bitcoin. This has fueled a lot of rumors, that he invested in bitcoin and that he has endorsed some bitcoin automated robots as a way of making gains in the crypto market. We will look at all these claims to see if he invested in bitcoin and if he did use an automated robot to do so.

Russel Brand Viral Trend

Russel Brand has endorsed bitcoin as a new cryptocurrency for the future, although it seems he doesn’t understand the concept fully based on a video he released. With this endorsement, many bitcoin trading apps have claimed that he has endorsed their website and some even said he invested in them. Russel has not made a formal statement about him investing in Bitcoin just that he endorses the coin as a way to balance out societal status as part of his political campaign. He has not endorsed any platform as of the time of this review.

Russel Brand Bitcoin – Is it a Scam?

Due to his activist and political view, Russel is well known for his outspoken nature about different topics and one of them is Bitcoin. Right now, many bitcoin automated robots use technology to enhance their trading platform to help their users make good profits. With the popularity cryptocurrency is gathering, many bloggers carry news and gist about the industry and celebrity gossips. A lot of these bitcoin robots and bloggers have claimed that Russel has endorsed some bitcoin trading platforms and has even invested in them.

There is no evidence to support these claims nor proof of his involvement with any bitcoin robot or bitcoin itself, even though he has endorsed the coin. He sees this as an opportunity to end capitalism but he has not stated if he invested in the coin. Any news or website claiming he has endorsed their platform or invested in bitcoin should be disregarded as there is no proof and should be seen as a way to drive traction to the website or blog.

List of All Russel Brand Bitcoin Associations

1. Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is a type of automated software that examines bitcoin markets before executing automatic trades on them. It takes cryptocurrency market data, interprets it, and makes predictions about the price movement of the various crypto coins available on the platform using powerful algorithms mixed with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Does Russel Brand endorse the Bitcoin Revolution?

Despite rumors that the actor supports many bitcoin services, there is no proof to back up this claim. We discovered no direct links between Russel Brand and the Bitcoin Revolution robot.

 Advantages of Trading with Bitcoin Revolution

  • Trading is automated on the platform.
  • Users will find it easy to use the site thanks to its user-friendly features. The user interface is simple to understand.
  • There is no charge, and all users are free to use the software.
  • This platform offers demo trading, which is incredibly helpful for new users because it allows them to learn how to trade and profit without risking real money.

How to Trade with Bitcoin Revolution

  • Go to the platform and register
  • Deposit at least $250
  • Use the demo account to trade and learn
  • Start live trade


2. British Bitcoin Profit

The British Bitcoin Profit application, which is available on both desktop and mobile, allows users to trade bitcoins in real-time. The British Bitcoin Profit software, according to the developer, can be used to carry out a range of operations, including buying and selling on the cryptocurrency market, through a single interface. There is no need to devote a large amount of time or effort to trading because British Bitcoin Profit is automated.

Does Russel Brand endorse the Bitcoin Profit?

No, he didn’t. Even rumors suggest that the said celebrity has embraced Bitcoin Profit, but we were unable to verify this allegation after conducting thorough research. As a result, we may reasonably say that these reports are false.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Profit

  • Works hand in hand with authorized brokers in the country
  • Has a very high accuracy rate
  • It is easy to use and very secured
  • Has a faster processing rate

How To Trade with Bitcoin Profit

  • Create an account to get started
  • Make an initial deposit
  • Try the features of the robot in the demo trading mode
  • Start live trading

3. Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is a cryptocurrency trading software that allows you to make automatic market trades. It employs a robot and boasts a trading success rate of over 90%. Although the accuracy of the platform cannot be verified, reports demonstrate that many people have benefited from using it. There isn’t just one trading approach for the robot. Users can choose which trading parameters they want to use for their trades. Stop loss and take profit features are also available.

Does Russel Brand Endorse the Bitcoin Era

Russel Brand has been linked to Bitcoin Era as one of Russel Brand’s Bitcoin Traders on websites and blogs. These claims made on these websites are not validated as there are no evidence to prove them right. They’re designed to entice visitors to click on their platforms to get views. Russel Brand did not promote any Bitcoin Trading bot or platform, including Bitcoin Era.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Era

  • Unlike many difficult bots, this trading bot is simple to use
  • The bot has won numerous trading awards, indicating that it has been tested and validated by a large number of users
  • It is extremely secure.

How to Trade with Bitcoin Era

  • Get started by registering on the Bitcoin Era official website
  • Make an initial deposit
  • Try out the demo trading features
  • Start trading for real

4. Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is a renowned crypto market bot with a large user base. The platform claims to be able to produce profits and offers customers the option of trading on autopilot. The trading tools are simple to use and allow you to customize your trading strategy. Everyone can register for free on the platform, but trading requires a one-time deposit of $250. Users can trade with this amount at any time or raise their investment. Users have claimed to have made money trading on the app, therefore it has a good reputation.

Does Russel Brand Endorse the Bitcoin Loophole?

Although there have been numerous reports on the internet about Russel Brand’s endorsement of Bitcoin Loophole, we have not come across any evidence to support this claim so far. As a result, these rumors are unfounded. 

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Loophole

  • Trade major cryptocurrencies
  • Fast customer support
  • Serves traders of all experiences
  • Demo trading
  • Fast withdrawal process

How to Trade with Bitcoin Loophole

  • Create an account
  • Make a deposit
  • Try demo account
  • Start Live trading

5. Crypto Engine

Crypto Engine is a powerful bitcoin exchange platform. This trading robot, according to sources, takes advantage of cryptocurrency volatility to earn massive daily returns. The vast majority of Crypto Engine users claim to be profitable, with some even claiming to have made a fortune with their $250 initial commitment. According to sources, compounding daily returns over time is the key to making money with this trading strategy.

Does Russel Brand endorse the Crypto Engine?

Who wouldn’t want to know that a renowned celebrity who has endorsed bitcoin has invested with a platform and made money from it? However, the truth is that Russel Brand didn’t endorse Crypto Engine – he hadn’t admitted to it publicly.

Advantages of trading with Crypto Engine

  • Trades are managed by registered brokers
  • Withdrawals are processed quickly, usually within 24 hours.
  • The work requires little time and effort, and it may be accomplished without supervision.

How to trade with Crypto Engine

  • Register on the robot’s website
  • Deposit your trading capital
  • Use the demo feature to get familiar with the software
  • Start trading for real

6. Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is a cryptocurrency auto trading investment platform that employs technology such as algorithms to identify profitable trade opportunities. This platform is regarded to be the easiest way to trade cryptocurrency, particularly for beginners. It features a simple sign-up process, and trading profits are shared with traders in real-time, allowing them to earn passive money.

Does Russel Brand endorse the Bitcoin Trader?

No, he doesn’t. At this time, there are merely rumors going about him endorsing this bitcoin robot. Because they are completely untrue, these are nothing more than rumors. There is no proof that Russell is in any way related to the robot.

 Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Trader

  • Interface is user-friendly
  • Registration is fast and straightforward
  • No commission charges or hidden fees
  • Safe and secured Platform
  • Customer service is always available

 How to trade with Bitcoin Trader

  • Register on the robot’s website
  • Deposit
  • Use the demo feature
  • Start trading for real


Did Russel Brand invest in Bitcoins?

Even though he has publicly endorsed bitcoin as a currency, he has not stated whether he has any bitcoin assets nor has any credible source claimed that Russel Brand has invested in Bitcoins

Russel Brand Bitcoin: Our Conclusion

Russel Brand is an English actor, presenter, and political activist whose works have spoken for themselves. The celebrity has publicly endorsed bitcoin as a currency for the future and has spoken quite a lot about it. Even though he has endorsed the coin, there is no proof that he has any bitcoins or he invested in any cryptocurrency for that matter. He has not endorsed any platform for people to trade bitcoins with, all blogs or news about him endorsing a platform should be treated as a fake marketing scheme to drive people to the blog or website.


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