Dubai Lifestyle App Review 2023: Is it Legit, or a Scam?

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Dubai Lifestyle App is an automated trading platform for trading cryptocurrencies to help users make money from the app. It trades binary options which is betting on the volatility in prices of coins. The platform is said to be created by Scott Hathaway, who has claimed that users can make up to $7000 a day trading on the official website. The app is in use and has gathered a plethora of reviews with users claiming to have made money from trading on the app. The app is free to use and requires little or no knowledge about trading to use it.

The app claims to allow new users to become 1 of the 100 Beta-testers for the app and supposedly generate over $7000 a day. As part of our review, we will look to see if the claims made by this platform are real, how to get started with this app, and answers questions on the legitimacy of the platform.


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Dubai Lifestyle App at a Glance

Type Bitcoin Robot
Minimum Deposit $250
Win Rate 98%
Withdrawal Duration 24 Hours
Mobile App No
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTE


Dubai Lifestyle App Review: What is Dubai Lifestyle App?

Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Dubai Lifestyle app is an automated trading system for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that give investors a chance to make money without having the technical skills to trade by using technology. The platform is free to use for everyone and according to testimonials from the website, it is a good way to earn passive income as users claim to be making daily rewards from trading on this platform with a minimal investment of $250.


The software is designed to analyze crypto markets data for insights and automatically place corresponding trades. The app places a bet on the price volatility of the market to make again. With high volatility comes high risk, so the app has employed multiple trading strategies like short selling to remain profitable even though the market is plummeting. The app is said to have an accuracy win rate of up to 98% as some of the strategies used are gotten from stock and forex trading which have been modified to crypto trading.

The app offers both auto and manual trading features for its users as well as leveraged trading. Leverage allows users generate astronomical returns based on the signals provided by the robot. The app automatically trades so users with no experience can easily use the app. all that is needed to start trading is to go to the official website and open an account. Users have claimed that the account creation process is simple and doesn’t take long.

Dubai Lifestyle App: Legit or a Scam?

The Dubai Lifestyle App appears to be a legit auto trading platform to make money online. They have lots of testimonials of users making money from trading on the platform. However, most of the claims on the websites seem too good to be true and research shows that they use false marketing schemes to attracts clients to the app.

The app places a bet on the market volatility and employs multiple strategies to ensure profitability. The identity of the founder being revealed shows the platform is legit, but the claim of making $7000 daily and being part of 100 beta-tester seems like false marketing schemes and should be disregarded. The platform does not provide proof of all of the benefits that are advertised on the platform’s website. The results of our investigation indicate that, while the robot’s software is effective at quickly analyzing market conditions, it is highly doubtful that it has a success record of 98%, as claimed on the robot’s website.

As a new trader, it is advisable to research well into the cryptocurrency market and how the platform operates before making any financial commitment.

Dubai Lifestyle App Features

Guaranteed money-back

The Dubai Lifestyle app allows you to withdraw your invested funds at any moment, with no strings attached. Withdrawals might take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to process. This trading robot does not impose any withdrawal fees, according to user reviews.

Regulated partner brokers

According to reviews, this trading robot only works with regulated brokers. This implies that traders may rest assured that their funds are safe.

Investment Returns

Users have claimed to make at least a thousand dollars every day dealing with Dubai Lifestyle with a modest capital commitment of around $500. You can withdraw your money at any time using Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Neteller, and a variety of other methods.

Platform for Trading

Dubai Lifestyle offers a completely functional and user-friendly web trader. User guides are available to take you through the setup and live trading process. This software does not require any technical knowledge. You also do not have to pay any fees to use the platform. Dubai Lifestyle earns money by taking a cut of the earnings made through the app.

Testimony of Users

According to reviews, the Dubai Lifestyle app has a generally positive internet impression. The majority of consumers have had a good experience with this trading robot. The robot is noted for its precision, consistency, and exceptional customer service.


The crypto trading platform has devised a comprehensive security system to ensure that your account and funds are always secured. The software avoids data breaches and prevents hackers and cyber attackers from gaining access to users’ personal information by employing encryption and other advanced security features.

Ease of Use

The platform is user-friendly in that from registration, to make a withdrawal, the process is straightforward, that an absolute beginner can make a profit while trading without any help.

How to Create a Dubai Lifestyle App Account

Step 1: Registration

Dubai Lifestyle has a simple registration process. Users must complete a registration form found on the platform’s website. A good signup process should only collect the information that is required of the client and should keep this information secure so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Just the client’s name, email address, and phone number are collected on the registration page. Furthermore, the site is SSL-encrypted, ensuring that any data passed through it is secure. This prevents hackers from gaining access to it. Password creation is also part of the signup process. According to the platform, use a strong password. A weak password can result in a data leak.


Step 2: Deposit

Dubai Lifestyle accepts multiple deposit and withdrawal methods to include Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Maestro, Web Money, Neteller, Skrill, and many others. You should not be concerned about your deposit being lost because the Dubai Lifestyle app uses unregulated brokers. To begin trading with this robot, you must first deposit a minimum of $250 in your account. This money is transferred to your trading account and is available for withdrawal at any time if you decide to stop trading. The website and user evaluations both suggest that you start small and work your way up as you get to experience the trading platform. With this robot, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees.

Step 3: Demo trading

On a demo account, you may learn the trading system and try out different trading approaches, which will help you improve your overall trading process and increase your profits. Traders can use trade simulators to familiarize themselves with the trading console and its various features while also getting a sense of what it’s like to trade. You can start trading sessions once you’ve earned confidence. It’s important to remember that any money you make or lose in the demo trading environment isn’t real money. It is solely for demonstration purposes in a demo account.

Step 4: Live Trading

Opening and closing trading sessions are a part of live trading using the Dubai Lifestyle app. The program does research and performs transactions for you automatically. To begin trading, all a user needs to do is set up the web-trader, establish the trading parameters and limitations, and turn on live trading. This trading platform includes tutorials to assist you in navigating the process.

Dubai Lifestyle App Features – Why Choose This Bitcoin Robot?

Multiple cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most valuable cryptocurrency and the most commonly utilized among other coins, accounting for over 60% of the overall market capitalization. It is also one of the most widely traded and profitable currencies in the world. Other cryptocurrencies, such as Ether, Monero, Ripple, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash, are not available for trading.

Customer Support

Investors have access to a customer care function that is available 24 hours in 7 days. Customer care can be contacted via email or live chat, depending on the situation.


The Dubai Lifestyle trading software has shown to be reliable in terms of accuracy. From a small deposit on the platform, this trading robot is said to generate up to $7000 each day.

Highly transparent

According to user reviews, this trading platform is extremely transparent. They have disclosed the names of the founders and funders. This software also lists its partner brokers and is transparent about its cost structure.

Pros Cons
 Easy and free registration  An unverified claim about bot’s efficiency
 24/7 Customer care service  Not available in all countries
 Free to use.
 Fast withdrawals
 Low minimum deposit
 Multiple Cryptocurrencies



Which countries is Dubai Lifestyle App in?

United States: People in the United States can begin making passive income by trading on the Dubai Lifestyle app. All they need is to follow the steps outlined above to create an account.

United Kingdom: The only thing you have to do to start using the Dubai Lifestyle app in the United Kingdom is to register using the site registration form, deposit, and start trading.

Canada: The Dubai Lifestyle platform is a user-friendly trading platform, allowing many crypto assets to be traded automatically in Canada.

Australia: Traders from Australia may also have access to the services of this trading bot. The platform is straightforward to use and provides easy access to app functionalities to make earnings.

How Much Money Can I Make Using Dubai Lifestyle App?

From the founder of the platform and the official website, it has been said that users can make up to $7000 a day from trading on this platform. The testimonial also shows users making passive income per day using the services of this robot. However, the amount to be made from the platform is entirely dependent on some criteria such as the amount invested, the limit and parameters set, the market conditions, and the risk the user is willing to accept. There is no guarantee of the amount of money that can be made from this platform.

When Should I Use a Bitcoin Robot?

Repetitive tasks

Administrative work is time-consuming and monotonous, thus it necessitates a substantial amount of effort. In other cases, a dull, routine job might become tiresome and annoying due to its repetitive nature. One of the main reasons why many cryptocurrency traders utilize crypto bots is that they are highly effective in streamlining and automating the many processes involved in bitcoin trading.


Because of the volatile nature of the market, time is key while trading Bitcoin. It’s crucial to consider timing because it can lead to greater precision. Every deal has the potential to significantly increase your overall earnings. Locating the bitcoin market and determining when to enter it, on the other hand, maybe time-consuming. However, Bitcoin robots help to speed up this process by providing traders with good market entry and exit points.

Is Dubai Lifestyle App Right for Me?

Dubai Lifestyle app gives you the chance to make money without having the technical skills to trade by using technology by analyzing the crypto markets data for insights and automatically place corresponding trades. As a trader that wants to trade profitably, we suggest that you should try using the services of the Dubai Lifestyle App.


Worthy Tips for Beginners to Make Positive Returns Using Bitcoin Robots

Research the market well

When it comes to making a profit, do your research rather than relying on word of mouth. Make sure you’re comfortable with the investment and the potential profits. Due diligence might mean the difference between a profit and a loss.

Be strict with your profit targets

Decide whether to take a profit or keep the money to invest more. This is the same as making a profit too soon. Because the goal of the investment is to profit, you want to take advantage of it as soon as possible.

Invest your money wisely

A word of caution: it is not advisable to invest all of one’s savings in bitcoin trading.  set aside a little portion of your earnings to generate passive income through bitcoin trading.

Use the Demo Account

Use the Demo trading account option before investing real money on our site. Don’t start trading without first knowing about the site’s features, as we’ve already given you some information in the preceding paragraphs.

Follow the Advice of Professionals

Seeking a professional for advice and following it can be the difference between a costly mistake that can wipe out your whole portfolio or more financial gains.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?


This capability gives users access to data and allows them to process it to create predictions, which they may then choose to apply if they desire. To follow the bots, the user must provide the appropriate commands and tactics.


Bitcoin bots are profitable because they use tools and methods for trading, such as trailing stops and cryptographing signals for buying and selling, that allow them to make a lot of money.


Bitcoin robots are resilient. As a result, their response time to market movements and volatility is extremely quick. When the trading rules or criteria are met, trade orders are promptly sent, including protective stop losses and profit objectives, to guarantee the deal is completed successfully. A difference of several seconds in the time necessary to enter or terminate a transaction on the volatile cryptocurrency trading market can have a major impact on the transaction result. These are tasks that trading bots excel at and are extremely efficient at.

Possible Risks when Trading with Dubai Lifestyle App

Dubai Lifestyle robot requires that an eye be kept on it since the market is very volatile, the market risk is there as the robot cannot eliminate it, so you should only invest the money you can afford to lose. Trading with leverage too requires that you close your trade after each trading session as that carries a risk of loss. Leaving positions open overnight can result in massive losses as the robot may not be able to handle all the changes that the market undergoes while sleeping.

Does Dubai Lifestyle App Have an App?

Yes, the platform has an online web application that can be accessed through the browser of all your devices at any point in time. There is no Android or IOS app available for the platform currently.


Has Dubai Lifestyle App Been Featured on the Media or Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Dubai Lifestyle App Reddit

There have been rumors of the Dubai Lifestyle app being supported by various celebrities on some Reddit communities. The platform has not made any claims of been backed by any celebrity. These rumors should be treated as they are rumors.


Dubai Lifestyle App Trustpilot

There are many reviews on the Dubai Lifestyle app on Trustpilot. The App has received a lot of positive feedback on Trustpilot on how easy it is to use and to make money. Even though there are some negative feedbacks about the trading platform which may be due to individual preference, most of the reviews are positive.

Scott’s Hathaway

Dubai Lifestyle App Scott’s Hathaway

Scott Hathaway is said to be the founder of the Dubai Lifestyle platform where he claims that users can be making up to $7000 a day from trading on the platform.

Dubai Lifestyle App Review: Our Conclusion

Dubai Lifestyle app facilitates earning passive income from trading the crypto market through the use of technology but has mixed reviews from external sources. The robot provides automated trading services which help increase the earning potential of its customers. The robot uses deceptive marketing techniques to attract users. Also, the testimonials of users generating fortunes in a short amount of time are very hard to believe.

Overall, this robot seems to be legit in making money from the market but traders should carry out due diligence too and not rely solely on the robot for trading.


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