Bitcoin Compass 2023: Is it Legit, or a Scam?

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In the crypto industry, both newcomers and seasoned traders are constantly seeking the best methods to invest and grow their capital. This quest has led to the rising popularity of automatic trading robots. However, the sheer abundance of these robots online poses a challenge for potential investors in selecting the right one. Trading software like Bitcoin Compass is designed to handle the complex aspects of trading, simplifying the process for investors to profit from the cryptocurrency market with minimal mental strain.

While making money with auto trading software is straightforward, investors face a critical dilemma: determining which auto trading robot is legitimate.

Our goal is to resolve this issue by thoroughly testing and evaluating as many auto trading systems as we can. This review is dedicated to examining Bitcoin Compass.


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Bitcoin Compass App at a Glance

Type Bitcoin Robot
Minimum Deposit $250
Withdrawal Duration 48 Hours
Mobile App yes
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, LITE, BTCEUR, BTCUSD


Bitcoin Compass Review: What is Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass is a bitcoin auto trading software designed for Traders of cryptocurrencies. The platform is powered by a proprietary trading algorithm that can instantly spot attractive market bargains and execute trades in place of the investor.


People without trading expertise can profit from the cryptocurrency market with automated trading platforms like Bitcoin Compass. This advancement pleases us since it reduces the need to employ traders for trading. To begin generating money, all the trader has to do now is push the Auto Trader button.

We believe that using an auto trading robot to make a profit gradually is a fantastic concept for investors. Bitcoin Compass is so simple to use; traders may not need much assistance or instruction in order to begin profiting from Bitcoin Compass. We found that the auto trader’s major benefit is the speed with which transactions are initiated and finished.

Bitcoin Compass is a tool that assists investors in profiting from the crypto market efficiently and easily. The platform helps to overcome the gap in knowledge between expert cryptocurrency traders and those investors who cannot manually trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

On Bitcoin Compass, the trading robot feature discovers and evaluates the finest offers for traders. When profits are made, they are sent immediately into traders’ Bitcoin Compass trading account on the platform.

Bitcoin Compass: Legit or a Scam?

We validated that the Bitcoin Compass automated trading platform is protected by SSL encryption. This is a type of internet security protocol that encrypts the data on the auto trading platform. We also have faith in the blockchain network, which supports the auto trading mechanism. The blockchain is a decentralized and secure system. We also noticed that Bitcoin Compass has an authentication method in place. The authentication mechanism safeguards user accounts and prevents unauthorized access to investor accounts.

Some of the things that we found out that confirmed Bitcoin Compass legit status include;

Bitcoin Compass is a completely licensed and regulated bitcoin auto trading platform.

We discovered that Bitcoin Compass allows the trading of many major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Users may try the trading method using the demo trading option prior to investing with real money. With Bitcoin Compass, it’s simple to get started generating money. All that is required of the investor is to complete their Bitcoin Compass login, deposit as little as $250, and turn on the trading function.

Currently, it appears that all active traders on Bitcoin Compass have a good possibility of making a lot of money every day. Because the minimum amount required to begin trading with Bitcoin Compass is so low, it is a platform that every trader should try out. Beginning with $250 is a good option, in our opinion, because you can easily triple the investment in a few days.

Bitcoin Compass Features

Live Automated Trading

Bitcoin Compass’s main feature is its excellently buying and selling system, allowing customers to trade instantly. As previously said, the method they designed has a high win rate and a good return on investment.

Users can run their trading bot without modifying the predefined parameters, which have already been set up for simplicity. Users can also change various parameters to fit their trading objectives and trading style.

Customers may alter the products to be traded, the amount spent, and the maximum number of deals the bot can do at any given moment, among other things. Complementing this fantastic approach is that Bitcoin Compass associate brokers have immediate access to liquidity sources and will always offer a fair offer for any product.

Manual Trading

Traders who prefer trading manually over bot-based trading may simply disable the auto-trade feature and choose the property they want to trade. The specifics of your transaction will be shown in the Open Trades section of your account once you’ve placed a trade; by typing the sum, you’re prepared to risk and also limit order and take profit margins.

Remember that trading on your own requires expertise and courage. Furthermore, ensure that the funds in your account are sufficient to complete the deal you wish to make.

Demo Account

Bitcoin Compass’s demo profile is a danger-free choice for backtesting and utilizing the platform or its trading technique. Backtesting data is crucial for every trader or client since it offers an insight into how successful

You may then evaluate Bitcoin Compass’s mean return and success rate to other trading platforms available. You can also compare the win rate and the average earnings of Bitcoin Compass and other trading platforms. This way, you can always adjust the settings of Bitcoin code to perform even better and yield more profits.


As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin compass is highly protected with the online SSL internet Security. With this, every data stored on the platform is encrypted so that only people with the passcode or a  secret key, also known as a decryption key can access them. Therefore, keeping all your sensitive information and money safe.

Web-Based Platform

There is no software to download with Bitcoin Compass. However, you may enter their trading room simply by logging into their website and signing in. In addition, the automatic trading system is always up-to-date.

It is possible to do both automatic trading and demo investing on their primary base. Based on what you require, you can utilize both features concurrently.

In addition, there are several additional tabs on the platform, including your trading history, your portfolio, and your Trading Room. Your past trading history contains the trades that you have done both manually and automatically.

How to Create a Bitcoin Compass Account

Step 1 – Registration

Bitcoin Compass

 The process of creating a Bitcoin Compass account is quite simple. You can finish the procedure in a matter of minutes. You will be asked to input your email address and phone number, as well as a username and password, in order to complete your Bitcoin Compass registration.


The information you provide will then be verified in just a few minutes or seconds.

Step 3 – Deposit

Upon completion of the authentication process, you will then be able to deposit funds. The minimum and maximum deposit amounts were $250 and $15,000, respectively. This is excellent news for new traders who want to get started with a small amount of money. We found different payment platforms on the deposit page; investors can transfer funds to their Bitcoin Compass account using bank cards such as MasterCard, Visa, alternative payment platforms such as PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, or make a bank transfer directly. We made a deposit using a MasterCard, the process was fast, and we saw a balance of $250 in our account within a few minutes.

Step 2 – Try Demo

There is a demo trading feature on Bitcoin Compass. This is a smart trading feature that works exactly like the live trading feature. But demo trading can be done without the use of real money.

Step 4 – Trade For Real

After making a deposit, we were given access to use the live trading feature. This is a simple feature that is activated with a click. We started our first live trading experience with Bitcoin Compass at the start of the day; we allowed the system to trade for nine hours.

The system offers features that we could use to lower the market risks. We could set stop-loss limits on our account.

Our live trading experience was fantastic. We had enough time to study how the trading system works. It is fully automated; the trading robots scan the market and perform trades using the funds we deposited in the Bitcoin Compass account.

Bitcoin Compass Features – Why Choose This Bitcoin Robot?

We like the fact that the Bitcoin Compass system is secure, legitimate, and simple to use.

Compared to other trading platforms;

  • Bitcoin Compass platform features a simple enrollment procedure that takes only a few minutes to complete. When your profile has been authorized, you may begin trading immediately.
  • The app’s user interface is pleasant and basic, making it simple to browse for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • Customers may reach the company’s 24/7 customer service staff via their website, which is freely accessible. And the customer service staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding their system.
  • When you use the Bitcoin Compass platform, you can wave farewell to service fees and any other hidden expenses.
  • Aside from that, we’re blown away by their lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals.
  • This site only charges you for withdrawals, which is normal, particularly when you think about the incredible potential for generating big money with Bitcoin Compass.

Pros and Cons of using Bitcoin Compass

Pros Cons
 State of the art trading software.  For new traders, there is no option to open a demo account.
 It is appropriate for both new and old traders.  It is not compatible with other online assets.
 A new account can be created for free.  You must continue to watch the markets and make adjustments to your trading strategy on a regular basis.
 There are no hidden costs.



Which countries is Bitcoin Compass in?

United States: Americans may create a free account at Bitcoin Compass by visiting its website.

The United Kingdom (UK): The unfettered trade of Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is allowed in the United Kingdom. With Bitcoin Compass, traders in the country can boost their earnings.

Germany: Digital currencies like Ethereum and Litecoin can be traded in several European countries like Germany. Traders can take advantage of the services Bitcoin Compass has to offer and begin to make huge profits.

Canada: North American countries like Canada and the United States also have a strong interest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Traders in Canada can visit the homepage of Bitcoin Compass to begin to trade.

Australia: Visitors on the Bitcoin Compass website can sign up for a free account and begin trading with no hidden fees.

South Africa: There is a special offer for users in South Africa who wish to join this trading robot at an affordable price. Several of the country’s most renowned brokers have recently joined forces with Bitcoin Compass.

Poland: There have been several articles and blog posts on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the United States. With the aid of many brokers around the country, Bitcoin Compass has made connections with traders from all over the world.

Italy: With this trading robot, it is now possible to sign up for extra slots for users in Italy. Several of the country’s most renowned brokers have recently joined forces with Bitcoin Compass.

Spain: As a crypto-friendly nation, Spain allows cryptocurrency trading. Investors in the nation can make use of Bitcoin Compass services by opening an account.

Denmark: Denmark has joined the distinguished group of European nations that permit unrestricted cryptocurrency trading. Traders may trade Cryptocurrencies on the Bitcoin Compass platform.

How Much Money Can I Make Using Bitcoin Compass?

This is contingent on a variety of factors. Novice makes a few bucks at the start, but experienced traders can make up to $1,000 every day. Most people can make a few hundred bucks per day on average if they have enough trading money.

When Should I Use a Bitcoin Robot?

Repetitive tasks

Manually doing many of the repetitious procedures that crypto trading entails may be extremely exhausting. These jobs can easily be performed more effectively by Bitcoin robots. It’s only a matter of programming them to do so.

To perform difficult trading strategies

Without the assistance of trading robots, some trading services are nearly difficult to conduct. Trading robots make these techniques simple and quick to implement.


Robots follow orders strictly and they do exactly what they are told, unlike humans. So, once you preset these Bitcoin robots to perform trades in a particular manner, they do that accurately and precisely.

Keeping your emotions under control

Human emotions such as greed and fear are some of the major reasons traders lose money while trading. However, robots are void of emotions, therefore, automating these Bitcoin robots eliminates such emotions while they trade according to your preset trading tactics to make a profit.

Is Bitcoin Compass Right for Me?

Bitcoin Revolution is perfect for anyone who wants to make a lot of money trading Bitcoins and other digital currencies. You don’t need to know all there is to know about crypto trading. You can still benefit if you have a better understanding of how to analyze market patterns. It is also possible for experts to profit from the platform by maximizing their earnings.


Worthy Tips for Beginners to Make Positive Returns Using Bitcoin Robots

Treat Every Trade as a New Trade

Unyielding enthusiasm can cause traders to lose their heads and risk losing all they own, which is both stupid and hazardous. What you don’t want to happen is to lose all of your money if something goes wrong. This is especially true when you don’t know how long it will take for the sale to close.

Don’t Invest All of Your Money in One Trade

This is a far better and smarter option than putting all of your money into one transaction. In this way, you reduce your chances of suffering a massive loss.

Always Start with the Minimum Limits

To use Bitcoin Revolution, you must have a minimum of $250 in operational capital and $25 to trade with. Always start small and build up your profits over time. Increasing your risk level is possible as your trading experience and expertise grow. However, always keep in mind that the quantity of money you can stake ought to be how much you can stand to lose without having any substantial influence on your bank statement.

Save a Percentage of Profits

Inexperienced traders, in particular, have a horrible inclination to reinvest all of their earnings. This is a poor trading method that does not consider the risks connected with the trades involved. You should always set away a part of your earnings to ensure that trading is a net positive for you. Otherwise, a single poor deal may put you in the red,  something you don’t want to happen.

Build Trading Strategies

Don’t be in a hurry to get rich. It is important to incorporate patience and discipline into your trading activities. Know when to enter the market and when to leave or rest for the day. It’ll be of help if you can set daily trading targets and once you’ve accomplished your daily goal, you should rest till the next day. This reduces your risks of making unnecessary trades and unnecessary losses.

Trade consistently

Most Bitcoin bots offer Demo trading. Therefore, you should make good and consistent use of the Demo trading to learn how the crypto market works.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

Automated Trading

Automated trading is one of the most popular features of Bitcoin robots. Many Crypto robots collect and analyze the crypto market information, find a good deal, and execute the trade automatically. They do this with a high win rate.  In contrast, manual trading would require more time, energy, and expertise from traders and sometimes they end up not having a good trade.

Efficient trading

Humans can only accomplish so much, which is why there are so many software solutions to assist with specific tasks. Bitcoin robots can study market patterns and make split-second choices that humans are unable to make. These trading robots, such as Bitcoin Revolution, are the only way for investors to keep up with the crypto market’s complexity.

Fast trading

Bitcoin robots can operate at lightning speed, which is impossible for humans to do. They can complete tasks that would take humans hours to complete in a matter of minutes.

Possible Risks when Trading with Bitcoin Compass

Like any other cryptocurrency trading platform, trading on Bitcoin Compass comes with substantial risk. Even though the platform is reputable, you might lose a lot of money if the sector is not performing well. Avoid taking unnecessary risks and make sure you are informed of market trends before making a trade.

Does Bitcoin Compass Have an App?

No, it doesn’t have an app. Traders can access the platform via their website by using a desktop or mobile.


Has Bitcoin Compass Been Featured on the Media or Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Bitcoin Compass Reddit

In addition to reviewing items, users may also exchange audiovisual material and communicate on the website. Bitcoin Compass has not promoted Bitcoin Revolution in any way.


Bitcoin Compass Trustpilot

One of the most prominent review sites on the internet is Trustpilot. Businesses and enterprises may be reviewed by consumers from all around the world on the Dutch website. Despite the allegations propagated by bogus news, the platform hasn’t supported investing with Bitcoin Compass.

Elon Musk

Bitcoin Compass Elon Musk

Formerly, the popular Billionaire with three nationalities was a big supporter of Bitcoin, which led to several headlines tying him to the actual Bitcoin Compass site. He recently retracted his backing, claiming that Bitcoin mining is harmful to the environment. He hasn’t given his support to the Bitcoin Compass.

Bitcoin Compass This Morning

This Morning is a prominent TV show in the United Kingdom, a long-time favorite of many fans. Due to the obvious show’s fame, everyone would be aware of it if it were to promote Bitcoin Compass. However, this isn’t the case because the program hasn’t endorsed any Bitcoin Revolution investments.

Gordon Ramsay - British Trade Platform

Bitcoin Compass Ramsay Gordon

He is one of the most well-known chefs in the world. His endorsement would lend credibility to any product because he is a multi-Michelin star British chef, restaurant, writer, and television personality. On the internet and YouTube, we couldn’t discover any evidence that he had endorsed Bitcoin Compass.

Dragons Den - Bitcoin

Bitcoin Compass Dragon’s Den

The popular British show presented by Evan Davies has supported investing with Bitcoin Supreme in any way.

Bitcoin Compass The Project

The TV show hasn’t endorsed Bitcoin Compass.

Go’ morgen Danmark

Go’ morgan Danmark hasn’t endorsed the use of Bitcoin Compass for crypto tradings.

Bitcoin Compass Review: Our Conclusion

The Bitcoin Trading platform Bitcoin Compass is a top choice for investing in the cryptocurrency market. In our Bitcoin Compass review 2021, you can see that it is a reputable crypto trading site.


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