Bitcoin Trader Review 2021: Is it Legit, or a Scam?

If you are looking for the most profitable way to trade bitcoin, the Bitcoin Trader app could be your best bet.

This platform is a viral trend today and is reportedly the most revolutionary automated bitcoin trading tool. Thousands of users are coming forward and rating this platform extremely well. Bitcoin Trader could turn your small investment into a million dollars within months or compounding the daily profits.

But is it legit, and is there proof of its profitability? Please read our review to learn the facts about this auto-trading system.

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Trader is a web-based AI-driven computer program for automated bitcoin volatility trading.

Volatility trading involves placing bets on the price swings of an asset without buying it physically. This approach means that you can place bets on both the rise and fall of asset prices. You could therefore remain profitable even when the prices are plummeting.

Bitcoin Trader is said to apply a myriad of strategies, including news trading and arbitrage trading. A news-trading robot uses AI algorithms to detect breaking news and bet on bitcoin based on how the news will impact prices.

Arbitrage trading is a sophisticated HFT technique. It involves identifying and taking advantage of small price differences on different exchanges.

Is Bitcoin Trader a scam?

We have conducted adequate legitimacy tests on Bitcoin Trader and confirmed that it’s legit. Below are our key findings.

  • Bitcoin Trader is reputable, with thousands rating it highly on top independent consumer review sites.
  • This trading system implements the most advanced data protection measures, including 128-bit key encryption.
  • We can confirm that all Bitcoin Trader partner brokers are well regulated in most countries, including the UK.
  • Bitcoin Trader has disclosed crucial information, including its pricing. Download the pricing document on the trading resources page.
  • This trading platform provides 24/7 customer support. You should be able to contact them on the phone, live chat, and email.

Getting started with Bitcoin Trader

Since we are now confident that Bitcoin Trader is legit and probably profitable, let’s look at the signup and trading process.

As mentioned earlier, anyone willing to follow simple instructions should be able to use this platform successfully. Bitcoin Trader is a CFDs trading system and is therefore only accessible in countries where retail CFDs trading is allowed.

Retail CFDs trading is supported in most countries. However, they aren’t legally supported in the US and a few other countries. You may, therefore, not be able to access Bitcoin Trader if you are in the US.

Bitcoin Trader is available in over 15 languages, including German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and Arabic.


Signing up with Bitcoin Trader is quite easy. However, registration slots are very few. Only less than 5% of those who try to sign up with this platform succeed.

Consequently, you should count yourself extremely lucky if you can find a signup slot on the first attempt. Register immediately if the slot is available since you never know if you will be lucky again.

Visit the Bitcoin Trader website now and then if not able to secure a slot on the first attempt. Verify your contact details as instructed to continue. Complete the signup process by verifying ID through the assigned broker.

Fund your account

Deposit not less than $250 through the broker to gain access to the trading area. Remember that depositing more money increases the bottom line.

However, there is a huge risk in crypto trading, and it would therefore be foolhardy to put all your savings on this platform. We strongly discourage investing more than 10% of your savings on crypto trading.

Deposits can be made via any of the internationally accepted methods. These include debit and credit cards, bank wire transfer, or e-wallets such as skrill. There are no deposit charges.

Start a trading session

You can now access the trading area after deposit. Bitcoin Trader is fully automated, and therefore there isn’t much to do.

You only need to adjust the risk control tools and toggle the live button to get started. Bitcoin Trader offers all the materials you need to apply the risk management tools to fit your risk appetite.

These tools include Take Profit and Stop Loss. The Take-Profit defines the level of profitability at which a profitable trade should close. On the other hand, the Stop Loss defines the level of loss at which the bot should exit a trade.

Bitcoin Trader also comes with Negative Balance Protection to help users avoid trading into the negative. It’s possible to make negative losses when trading on high leverage.

Bitcoin Trader UK on This Morning

This Morning is a popular British TV program broadcasted on ITV. It’s hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby and features a discussion of the trending news in technology, politics, health and many more.

Some Reddit posts claim that Bitcoin Trader has been discussed on this show. However, we didn’t find any evidence to support these claims. Further scrutiny on the post spreading this rumour reveals that it’s diverting traffic to cloned websites.

Bitcoin Trader Australia on Shark Tanks

The Shark Tanks is another popular reality TV program aired in the US and Australia. It involves startups pitching their businesses to angel investors for financing.

There is a rumour alleging that Bitcoin Trader was pitched on this show in 2016. However, this is not true. Bitcoin Trader has never disclosed its sources of financing. Moreover, the company behind Bitcoin Trader is a conglomerate offering trading solutions since 2009.

We can also confirm that the posts spreading these fake rumours do not connect users to the official Bitcoin Trader website.

Bitcoin Trader Canada on Dragons Den

The Dragons Den is another reality TV program featuring startups raising capital by pitching their ideas to angel investors.

It’s aired on the BBC UK and Canada. Moreover, it includes celebrity angel investors, including Peter Jones, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden, and Kevin O’Leary. Some Reddit posts link Peter Jones with Bitcoin Trader.

They allege that he invested $1 million on this platform back in 2017. However, there is no evidence in support of these claims. Bitcoin Trader encourages all clients to always verify information on its official site. Click here to visit Bitcoin Trader.

Bitcoin Trader Review Conclusion

We rate Bitcoin Trader highly on all the metrics that determine a safe and legit trading platform. These include reputation, transparency, safety, regulation and customer support.

Bitcoin Trader is probably the most reviewed trading system on the internet. Over fifty thousand of its users have reviewed it on major consumer feedback platforms. Surprisingly, the feedback is nearly perfect.

We give Bitcoin Trader an overall reputation score of 4.6/5 after analyzing 20,000+ reviews. Amazingly, a whopping 94% of the reviewers allege making money through this platform. Moreover, they claim to find it completely easy to trade bitcoin through this platform.

Remember that Bitcoin Trader automates all trading and is therefore easy to use for complete beginners. This trading platform can be used on almost any desktop and mobile browsers. Moreover, it can be used as an HTML5 app on Android and iOS smartphones.

Its platforms are secured through a standard 128-bit key encryption to prevent data theft. Bitcoin Trader also has a detailed data protection policy structured in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

We have ascertained that Bitcoin Trader complies with the regulatory standards implemented by its partner brokers. The partner brokers are regulated and reputable, and therefore safe. These brokers handle all deposits through Bitcoin Trader.

You could find yourself joining the millionaires club soon by trying your luck through this platform. However, do not ignore the risks associated with leveraged crypto trading. Consequently, invest wisely.

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