Immediate Edge Review 2021: A Legitimate Bitcoin Trading Robot?


You could generate handsome profits daily by trading bitcoin through the Immediate Edge system. This automated trading platform has gone viral since the start of the crypto boom of 2021. Most Immediate Edge users are said to be profitable.

Surprisingly, this auto-trading system is completely beginner-friendly since all trading functions happen on auto-pilot. You can make money with it even if you are completely new to crypto trading. Some reviewers allege generating up to a million dollars within a few months of using this bitcoin trading robot.

But is Immediate Edge trustworthy, and is it as profitable as the reviews claim? We have investigated it thoroughly and summarized our findings in this review. It would be great if you can peruse the review to the end before signing up.

What is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is a tool you can use to speculate on bitcoin easily and at insane profitability. This tool is built on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate bitcoin speculation. Immediate Edge algorithms are equipped with powerful bitcoin speculation strategies.

Before discussing these strategies, it’s worth mentioning that no skill is needed to trade with this platform. Consequently, you don’t have to master any trading lingo or skills to use this trading platform. The technical trading language used in this review is, therefore, for informational purposes only.

Immediate Edge speculates on bitcoin through strategies such as arbitrage trading, price trend analysis and news trading. Arbitrage trading is popular on Wall Street and is used by the big banks to make huge profits. Immediate Edge is the first to apply it in crypto speculation. It involves identifying tiny price discrepancies in multiple markets and taking advantage of them.

Immediate Edge can place hundreds of arbitrage trades per minute. This bot also derives trades by analyzing historical trading charts for price trends.

Immediate Edge Popularity Score

Popularity is one of the key determinants of a legit trading platform. Beware of trading platforms with very few reviews or a lot of negative reviews.

Immediate Edge is among the best rated auto-trading systems today. Thousands of users have reviewed it on the internet, and the feedback is generally good. Immediate Edge has a rating of 4.4/5 on TrustPilot after over five thousand reviews.

We have scrutinized the feedback and concluded that this platform is popular with users. Surprisingly, there are over ten Immediate Edge Reddit threads. Reddit is a very important platform for the bitcoin trading community.

The Immediate Edge Reddit threads have attracted thousands of comments, most in praise of this trading platform. Most of the commenters claim to make the most profits when trading bitcoin through this platform. Immediate Edge uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to execute sophisticated volatility trading techniques.

These sophisticated trading technologies applied by this bot justify its insane profitability. Immediate edge is attracting all manner of news, including fake news, as explained below.

Immediate Edge This Morning

We have come across a viral post claiming that Holly Willoughby disclosed investing in Immediate Edge on This Morning show.

The This Morning show is aired on ITV and feature a discussion on top trends in business, technology, showbiz, and many other sectors. Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield host it.

We have investigated the rumour about Holly Willoughby bitcoin trading rumour and didn’t find any proof. Moreover, it seems that scammers are using such posts to divert traffic to cloned websites.

You should therefore be extra careful and only follow links from tested and verified sources. Click here to go to the official Immediate Edge website.

Immediate Edge on the Shark Tank

The Shark Tank is a reality TV program aired on ABC in the US and Australia. It features startups pitching their innovative ideas to a panel of investors in pursuit of financing.

A viral Reddit post claims that Immediate Edge was pitched in the show in 2017. The post further points out that the platform received $1 million in funding from Kevin O’Leary.

Kevin O’Leary is a big fan of bitcoin and has invested in some bitcoin trading tools, but Immediate Edge is not among them. Immediate Edge has released a statement warning its users of this fake news.

Fraudsters seem to be using the fake posts to divert traffic away from the official Immediate Edge website to cloned sites. Immediate Edge has warned its users against these cloned sites. You should only follow verified links to register. Click here to visit the official Immediate Edge website.

Immediate Edge – Popular Countries

This trading platform is accessible from most of the countries that support retail CFDs trading. You should use it from the best part of the EU, North and South America, Australia, and Asia. It’s also available in a few countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Registration is free for all users, even though very few manage to sign up due to the limited registration slots. You have a high likelihood of securing a signup slot if you are in the countries, as explained below.

Immediate Edge Australia

You are likely to secure a registration easily if you are in Australia. This is because Immediate Edge is offering extra signup slots in this region.

We have established that it’s in partnership with five regulated brokers in this region. The brokers are monitored by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). This regulatory body is among the most respected regulatory bodies globally.

Immediate Edge is therefore highly transparent and safe. All transactions through Immediate Edge are facilitated by these brokers.

Immediate Edge South Africa

You are also likely to secure a signup slot easily if you are in South Africa. Immediate Edge is offering up to 500 registration slots daily for users in this region. This is huge given that it offers about two thousand signup slots daily.

There are over twenty thousand registration requests daily. Immediate Edge South Africa only works with regulated brokers. The brokers in this region are monitored by the Financial Service Board (of South Africa.

The FSB is among the global tier-one regulated brokers. FSB brokers must segregate clients’ deposits through internationally recognized banks.

Immediate Edge UAE

This trading system became available in the UAE a few months ago. Consequently, users from this region are given a priority.

Immediate Edge is accepting up to 400 new registrations from this region daily. It’s in partnership with financial regulators in this region to ensure a safe trading environment. Moreover, its partner brokers fully comply with Islamic trading regulations.

You will be redirected to the Immediate Edge UAE website if you read this review from the region. We encourage you to go through the terms and conditions of the linked broker before use.

Is Immediate Edge a scam? Final Word!

Immediate Edge is a dependable trading platform. We have analyzed it thoroughly and didn’t find anything suspicious. This platform has all the characteristics of a transparent, safe, and profitable trading platform.

Firstly, it has made all the necessary disclosures. These include its pricing and also its partner brokers. Immediate Edge only charges a commission of 2% on trades that turn profitable. You won’t pay anything until you start making money.

We have analyzed many reviews and didn’t find even a single complaint on its pricing mechanism. Immediate Edge is also reviewed by most of the users as profitable. Most of the expert reviews also conclude that it’s highly lucrative.

Visit the official Immediate Edge website here. This could be a tool to transform your financial life but do not ignore the risks present in crypto trading. There is a possibility of making losses, and therefore only deposit what you can afford to lose.

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