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It’s been a decade since Tesla (TSLA) went public, and it’s easier than ever for your average Joe in Australia to access its stocks. To gain entry to the NASDAQ, where TSLA is listed, you need an account with a suitable online broker.

Today, this guide will describe how to invest in Tesla in Australia. Additionally, we offer a full evaluation of the top Tesla stockbrokers, and outline how to sign up and invest in a matter of minutes!

#1 Stockbroker to Invest in Tesla Australia – eToro

Mobile AppYes
  • Invest in a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Ability to copy more experienced investors and their decisions
  • eToro crypto wallet included which makes it beginner-friendly

How To Invest in Tesla Australia – Choose a Stockbroker

When you are studying how to invest in Tesla in Australia, you should know that choosing a stockbroker is no simple task. There are many metrics to consider, all of which we cover throughout this guide. Following intense research, you will find below the best brokers from which to buy Tesla shares in Australia.

  • eToro – Overall Best Place to Invest in Tesla Australia
  • – Trade Tesla Shares in Australia at 0% Commission
  • AvaTrade – Invest in Tesla via Leveraged CFDs

If you have yet to make your mind up, you will need some more information about the aforementioned brokers. As such, you will see a full assessment of all the above shortly, including the pros and cons of each platform.

How to Invest in Tesla Australia – A Quick Guide For 2021

If you are a newbie looking to invest in Tesla shares in Australia, the process should be straightforward. The least demanding way to access the US stock markets is via an authorized and licensed brokerage. As such, next, you will see a walkthrough of how to sign up and invest in Tesla using FCA-regulated eToro.

  • Step 1: Open an Account with eToro Open the eToro web page in your browser and click the ‘Join Now’ link. When you see the pop-up box, enter a handpicked username and password. You will also fill in details such as first and last name, date of birth, address, and nationality – as and when prompted. Add the email address you wish to link to your account and a mobile number. Confirm all to advance to Step 2.
  • Step 2: Upload Your ID – eToro will enable you to invest in Tesla prior to completing the KYC procedure. However, this will restrict you when it comes to large deposits, and making withdrawals. For a fully operational account, you can finish the ID verification process within minutes. Do this by uploading proof of your address like a bank statement or a utility bill, and proof of your identity, such as a passport or driving license.
  • Step 3: Deposit Funds – Add some funds to your eToro account to invest in Tesla shares. This broker accepts e-wallets such as PayPal, as well as major payment cards from Mastercard, Visa, and more. You can also make a deposit of $50 (around AU $66) or more via online banking or bank transfer. The latter can take 3-7 working days to land in your eToro account.
  • Step 4: Search for Tesla – Use the handy search function at eToro to find Tesla. As you start to enter the stock you are looking for, a list of markets will appear. Click ‘TSLA’ to confirm your choice of investment.
  • Step 5: Invest in Tesla – eToro lists over 2,500 stocks, so when the order box appears, double-check that it says buy TSLA (as opposed to an asset with a similar name). Now, you can invest in Tesla in Australia! Simply enter an amount to allocate to the shares, check all is correct, and confirm by clicking ‘Open Trade’. The minimum investment is just $50.

eToro will action this order right away. Although, if you are looking to invest in Tesla in Australia outside of 12.30 a.m till 7.00 a.m (Australian time), the US stock markets will be closed. As such, you will see ‘Market Closed’ at the top of your order form. Click ‘Set Order’ at the bottom of the box. eToro will execute this for you as soon as the NASDAQ reopens.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Where to Invest in Tesla Australia  – Full Stockbroker Reviews

To make an informed decision on where to invest in Tesla in Australia, you should conduct your own meticulous research. Having said that, to spare you some time, we examined the top brokers in the market. We looked for licenses from a regulatory body, fees, supported assets, payment types, and more.

See the full reviews below to help you make a final decision when choosing the best place to invest in Tesla in Australia.

1. eToro – Overall Best Place to Invest in Tesla Australia

bitcoin today

There are heaps of assets listed at eToro. You will find over 2,500 markets from multiple stock exchanges around the world. This includes those in Australia, the US, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Australia, and many others. As such, you will have access to the NASDAQ and can invest in Tesla in a few clicks. We like that the broker allows you to buy and sell with 0% commission and is regulated by ASIC, CySEC, and ASIC.

Moreover, let’s say you decide to diversify into Australia markets, to invest in Vodafone or Just Eat for instance. eToro will cover the stamp duty fees and transaction tax. Moreover, you won’t be liable for ticketing or admin fees. When you place an order to access Tesla shares on this platform, you only need to pay the spread, which is tight. You will be charged a small FX fee when funding your account at eToro, to exchange your Australian dollars for US dollars.

etoro app review

The eToro interface is easy to understand, even if you’ve never signed up with a broker before. You can open an account within minutes; including confirming your contact details, finishing the KYC process, and making a deposit. Moreover, there is a long list of supported payment methods here. This comprises credit and debit cards, wire transfers, online banking, and e-wallets such as Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. The minimum deposit is just $50 (around AU $66) for Australian clients.

Please note that opting for a wire transfer will hinder your ability to invest in Tesla straight away. This payment type takes up to 3-7 business days to reach your account and also comes with a higher minimum deposit. With so many payment options, this shouldn’t present a problem. An additional feature that is popular with Australian investors is the eToro Copy Trading service.

etoro app review

For anyone in the dark. Copy Trading is the process of selecting a successful trader and investing in them personally. For instance, let’s say you’ve checked out the statistics of a seasoned stock trader and decide to invest $1,000. This person places a buy order on Tesla using 10% of their balance and allocates another 10% to Amazon. As such, you will see $100 allocated to TSLA and the same amount in AMZN. eToro also offers a free mobile app – so you can invest on the move with ease.


  • Invest in stocks at 0% commission and ZERO stamp duty
  • Minimum investment per stock investment is $50
  • Supports debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and Australian bank transfers
  • Regulated by ASIC and covered by the FSCS
  • Used by over 20 million people
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Social and copy trading tools


  • Perhaps too basic for technical traders
  • No support for MT4 or MT5

 67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

2. – Trade Tesla Shares in Australia at 0% Commission review is another commission-free broker on our list. Although this provider offers access to Tesla shares via CFDs. This means that instead of investing in Tesla and becoming a shareholder, you just have to make predictions on what you think the future value of the stock will be. This will see you creating a sell order if you think its value will fall, or a buy order if you foresee a price rise. If you get this right and correctly time the markets, you stand to make gains either way.

Tesla CFDs offer flexibility. This is because, traditionally, the only way to make gains from a stock investment was if they increased in value. offers access to over 4,000 share CFDs, across multiple stock exchanges. This includes the US, Australia, Australia, and many more. As mentioned earlier, you won’t pay any commissions at You will need to pay the buy/sell gap, known as the spread. We found this to be competitive across most markets at review

Furthermore, you can amplify your stake by adding leverage of up to 1:5. To clarify, this is like a loan, so if you have AU $100 to allocate to Tesla, you could magnify your position to AU $500. Learn every aspect of how to invest in Tesla via CFDs before you use any sort of financial leverage. If you speculate the stocks will rise and they fall, your losses will also be magnified. The same goes vice versa.

To fund your account at, you can choose between e-wallets, credit or debit cards, and bank transfers. As with eToro, the latter takes the longest to process and be available for you. The minimum deposit is AU $20 at (AU $250 on bank transfers) and you will not be charged any deposit or withdrawal fees. We found the platform to be user-friendly, but perhaps too simple for seasoned traders.


  • Top-rated spread betting and CFD broker
  • Licensed by ASIC
  • AU $20 minimum deposit (debit/credit cards and e-wallets)
  • 0% commission on all markets
  • Tight spreads and no fee on deposits or withdrawals
  • Supports thousands of financial markets
  • Convenient for newbies


  • Experienced traders might consider the broker too basic
  • AU $250 minimum deposit on bank transfers

Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76.25% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and/or CFDs with this provider.

3. AvaTrade – Invest in Tesla via Leveraged CFDs

avatrade review

AvaTrade is another broker that enables you to trade on rising or falling Tesla shares via CFDs. In other words, as is the case at, you won’t become a shareholder and can apply financial leverage to boost your stake. The leverage offered by this broker on Tesla shares is up to 1:5, as per regulatory limits. As such, an AU $1,000 order can become AU $5,000 in a few clicks.

Again, this is not recommended for newbies or anyone who isn’t educated on share CFD trading. You will find over 1,000 stock CFDs listed at AvaTrade, from some of the worlds-leading exchanges. This consists of the US, the UK, Australia, and a few others. If there are any concerns about brokers’ legitimacy, this platform has been providing financial services to traders since 2006 and is regulated by 7 different bodies, including ASIC.

avatrade review

The minimum deposit at AvaTrade is AU $100. You can fund your account with a range of well-known credit or debit cards, e-wallets inclusive of Skrill, or a wire transfer. The latter takes up to 10 days to clear. This CFD broker is compatible with MT4 and MT5, both of which are popular with experienced traders. This allows you to access multiple tools such as customizable price charts, technical indicators, and other features to aid you in market speculation.


  • Regulated in seven jurisdictions
  • 0% commission on all supported markets
  • Offers spread betting and CFD instruments
  • Minimum deposit of just AU $100
  • Free demo account
  • Supports MT4 and MT5


  • Spread betting department limited to just 200+ financial markets
  • No support for instant bank transfers

Trading CFDs and FX Options entail risk and could result in the loss of your capital.

How to Invest in Tesla Australia – Detailed & Explained in Full

If you want to make a start and invest in Tesla today, follow the guide below. We also added a step covering how to sell Tesla shares later on.

For this, we are using eToro as an example. The brokerage has the approval and a license from ASIC. Moreover, the platform charges 0% commission to invest in Tesla in Australia, supports multiple deposit types, fractional investments, and is easy to navigate.

Step 1: Open a Stockbroker Account

Open your browser and head to eToro. Click the ‘Join Now’ link to get started. Next, you will need to complete the empty boxes in the pop-up form. This will comprise a password and username that you are likely to remember.

how to join etoro

eToro will need your email address and phone number. The broker will send a code via SMS to confirm these details are correct. You will also need to enter your date of birth, name, nationality, and address. When prompted, add a photo of your passport and a recent utility bill. There are other documents accepted to validate your identity, so take a look if you don’t have a passport or utility bill.

Note: As we touched on earlier, you can invest in Tesla without uploading any documentation. It just means that you will be unable to withdraw funds, or deposit an amount over $2,250. As such, your account will be incomplete and this will need finishing at some point, down the line.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Step 2: Deposit Investment Funds

To invest in Tesla in Australia, you need a funded eToro account. Select a payment type from the list of supported deposit methods. eToro accepts major credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and wire transfers.

Deposit Funds

Enter a number in the amount box and click next to proceed to the next step to invest in Tesla shares in Australia.

Step 3: Search for Tesla

Locate Tesla shares by utilizing the search feature on the main eToro platform.

eToro search Tesla

When you have found it, click ‘Trade’ to invest in TSLA shares.

Step 4: Invest in Tesla Australia

Make sure the order box says ‘Buy TSLA’. Next, enter a monetary amount in the relevant box. This should be the amount you are willing to allocate to Tesla shares. Here, instead of opting for a whole share, we are buying a fractional amount, totaling just $50.

eToro buy Tesla

This is a great feature at eToro, as you don’t need hundreds of dollars to invest in Tesla. Instead, you can allocate as little as $50 (around AU $66). Furthermore, there is no commission to pay. Press ‘Set Order’ to complete the purchase.

Step 5: How to Sell Tesla Shares Australia

If you’ve followed the above 4 steps to sign up and invest in Tesla in Australia – selling is incredibly simple.

See below, assuming you signed up with eToro:

  • Click on your portfolio and select your TSLA investment
  • Place a sell order
  • The amount you enter can be all of your Telsa shares, or just some – the choice is yours

Go back to your portfolio, and you will see that the amount you sold your shares for has been added to your eToro balance

Buy Tesla Shares Australia – Best Place to Invest in Tesla Australia

Tesla stocks are listed on one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world, the NASDAQ. Although this marketplace is situated in the US, it’s never been more convenient to invest in Tesla in Australia.

At the time of writing, in early October 2021, TSLA shares are averaging an estimated daily trading volume of over $19 million. You won’t have any difficulty finding a platform to access international markets. However, it’s important that you select a stockbroker carefully.

To guide you in the right direction, we have listed some important considerations to make when selecting the best place to invest in Tesla in Australia:

  • Is the platform regulated? The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the best stock brokers. This body plays an integral part in keeping the industry anchored and clients protected. You can also look for brokers that are regulated by ASIC or CySEC.
  • How much will it cost in fees to invest in Tesla in Australia? Always check broker fees as they can vary by some distance and this will eat away at any potential gains.
  • Do I have to buy a full Tesla share? The best stock brokers providing access to Tesla shares will give you the choice to invest anything from a fractional amount to a whole share
  • Is the platform overly complex? Whilst features are often a good thing, it’s important that the broker’s site suits your skillset. The easier the platform is to navigate, the smoother your experience will be when you invest in Tesla shares.
  • Will the broker support my preferred payment type? You need to be able to pay for your shares. As such, make sure there are plenty of deposit methods supported by the platform.

Just in case you are still unsure of the best place to invest in Tesla in Australia. eToro is regulated by ASIC, the FCA, and CySEC, and offers a simple yet effective trading site.

The broker will allow you to invest in TSLA shares in fractional amounts, starting from just $50 (around AU $66) with 0% commission. Moreover, this platform backs numerous deposit methods, and only charges 0.5% to change your AUD to USD.

Is Tesla a Good Stock to Buy?

Before you start allocating money to invest in Tesla – do lots of research. The same goes for any potential investment.

  • There is a plethora of information to study regarding the company itself, the sector, and the performance of the stocks historically.
  • Also, does it matter to you whether the company pays dividends? Tesla doesn’t, albeit, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  • What is the wider sentiment regarding Tesla stocks?

There is much to think about surrounding whether Tesla is a good stock to buy. With all of this in mind, we are going to save you some legwork and briefly delve into some details about Tesla as a company, including historical price fluctuations, performance, and more.

Tesla Stock Price History

Tesla was created in 2003 under the name Tesla Motors. The team wanted to introduce electronic automobiles to the world, marrying technology with motoring and clean energy. The idea was to challenge the norm and prove that electric cars could perform just as well, but be better for the environment. Elon Musk is probably the first person people think of when hearing this brand.

The charismatic entrepreneur joined Tesla in 2004 after injecting $6.3 million into the company. By 2008, he was CEO. Tesla offered shares to the public in 2010 – priced at $17 per stock. However, in August 2020, the company actioned its first stock split, largely to make Tesla shares more accessible to new investors.

Google chart Tesla stock

This was a 5 to 1 stock split, meaning that for each whole share owned by investors, they received 5. Taking that into account, the IPO in 2010 equates to an adjusted price of around $3.40 per share. Tesla has been one of the highest-performing stocks on the NASDAQ, rising by almost 2,000% in 5 years.

As such, now could be a good time to invest in Tesla in Australia. As we said, perform in-depth research before risking your funds. Furthermore, always access the markets via a reputable stockbroker.

Do Tesla Pay Dividends?

As you are researching how to invest in Tesla in Australia, you will probably want to know whether you will receive dividend payments. The short answer is no, and Tesla isn’t alone in this decision. Some of the biggest tech stocks in the world don’t pay dividends.

This includes giants such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook. There is a logic behind this choice. Tesla allocates its profits on innovation and expansion. When you invest in Tesla, this could be better for you in the long run. The hope is that as the company continues to grow, your shares will appreciate too.

Should I Invest in Tesla?

Before you risk money on any company, no matter how seemingly great, do your own research. According to many market commentators, Tesla proves itself to be a great investment both now and in the future. Of course, anything could happen further down the line.

With that said, there are many reasons to invest in Tesla, and we list a few of these below.

Long-Term Price Growth

One of the deciding factors of whether to invest in Tesla could be the company’s price growth. As such, our experienced team investigated the price growth of Tesla.

See below:

  • On April 29th, 2011, you could buy a whole Tesla share for $5.52
  • On April 26th, 2013, Tesla shares surpassed $10 for the first time
  • By June 14th the same year, the value had doubled to $20.06
  • Between February 2014 and mid-April 2017, Tesla fluctuated between a low of $30 and a high of $60
  • On May 31th 2019, you could invest in Tesla for $37.03
  • A year later, on May 29th, 2020, TSLA had increased by 351% to $167
  • At the time of writing, in October 2021, a single Tesla share will now cost you $794

As you can see, there is plenty of opportunity for growth in a company like Tesla. For instance, let’s imagine that you sought to learn how to invest in Tesla at the end of April 2011, and still held the shares now. This would illustrate growth of over 14,000%. To put it another way, had you invested AU $1,000 in 2011, a decade later, your Tesla shares would be worth AU $140,000.

Tesla is a Diverse and Eco-Friendly Company

Many people know Tesla for its fleet of electric vehicles and its CEO Elon Musk. Although, the firm has a lot more to offer. The overarching goal of the company is to bring eco-friendly technology to the world.

How highly Tesla values sustainable energy became even more clear when it ceased to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. The reason was down to the impact Bitcoin mining has on the environment. As such, this ban will remain until the cryptocurrency lessens its carbon emissions.

eToro chart Tesla stock

Furthermore, this company is diverse. When you are researching how to invest in Tesla shares in Australia, you will see that the majority of the company’s product line is based around electric vehicles. With that said, Tesla’s focus on sustainable energy technology doesn’t stop there.

Although over 80% of its revenue is from vehicles, the company also manufactures self-driving hardware and software, solar equipment and roofs, and service centers. You will also find the following products from the brand; batteries, drinkware, surfboards, power banks, clothing, and supercharger stations. There are no doubt more start-up projects in the pipeline, so watch this space if you become a shareholder in Tesla.

Tesla Thrived During the Global Pandemic

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has been a huge drag on the global economy. However, some stocks managed to ride the storm and actually came out stronger. It goes without saying that Tesla has exceeded the expectations of Wall Street throughout the pandemic.

  • Automotive manufacturers suffered huge losses in 2020, with the European car market falling by as much as 80%.
  • In the second quarter of 2020, well-established companies, including Ford and Fiat, reported a loss of over 30% in the US.
  • Tesla, on the other hand, only experienced a small dip in sales and was relatively unaffected in the grand scheme of things.
  • In January 2020, TSLA stock was worth $88.68 per share.
  • By the end of 2020, on December 31st, Tesla was valued at $705.67.
  • That’s a climb of 695.7% during a year of uncertainty.

Telsa has been able to thrive during a global pandemic, so there is no telling what the future holds for this sustainable energy and electric vehicle company. If you invest in Tesla, this should be your choice and not based on the views of someone else. With that said, Tesla is the market leader in its field and the future looks bright for this auto manufacturing firm.

Ways to Invest in Tesla Australia

There are multiple ways to invest in Tesla in Australia. Review the sections below to find the best option for you.

Invest in Tesla With Debit Card

Many platforms now accept debit card deposits. If this is how you want to invest in Tesla in Australia – make sure the broker supports it before signing up. Always check any fees you may be liable for.

Invest in Tesla With Debit Card Now

Invest in Tesla With Credit Card

Some modern online brokers allow credit card deposits to invest in Tesla. The problem may lie in the fees involved. For instance, some credit card companies charge a fee called a ‘cash advance’. eToro merely charges an FX fee of 0.5%.

Invest in Tesla With Credit Card Now

Invest in Tesla With Paypal

If you’re getting the gist of how to invest in Tesla, but would rather use your PayPal account, be aware not every platform accepts e-wallets. eToro on the other hand supports PayPal, as well as alternative e-wallets, Skrill, and Neteller.

Invest in Tesla With Paypal Now

Risks of Investing in Tesla in Australia?

It’s always wise to make informed decisions, using data and facts to guide you. As such, make yourself aware of the risks involved when you invest in Tesla as part of your research.

  • Some market commentators have expressed concern over the length of time it’s taking to construct Tesla’s own battery factory (Gigafactory).
  • There is always the chance that a competitor could swoop in and take the market share of electric vehicles.

It’s also crucial to get your information from more than one source and not take too much value from one commentator’s opinion. For instance, when it comes to the battery factory saga, Tesla has publically stated that the slow construction of the space is intentional. The idea is that sections of the factory are built one by one, so manufacturing can begin straight away, as each is completed.

The Cost of Investing in Tesla in Australia?

To invest in Tesla in Australia, you will need to pay fees of some description. There will be a noticeable disparity between platforms in this respect, so always research what will be expected to pay.

To give you an idea of what to look for, see the list below.

Brokerage Deposit Fees

Some brokerage deposit fees aren’t for the faint-hearted. eToro keeps fees low when you sign up to invest in Tesla in Australia. Non-USD deposits come with a 0.5% FX fee – which is very competitive.

Share Dealing Fees

Share dealing fees can soon add up, as they are taken for every single order you place.

See some examples below:

  • If you invest in Tesla at Hargreaves Lansdown, you will pay AU $11.95 per transaction
  • This fee is AU $8 at IG
  • It’s a stark contrast when you invest in Tesla shares at eToro – you will pay ZERO share dealing charges

As we said, there is a low FX fee of 0.5% when you make a deposit at eToro, and you will also need to cover the spread.

FX Fees

As we said, to invest in Tesla in Australia, you need to access the NASDAQ. As this is a US stock market – Tesla share prices are shown in USD.

See an idea of FX fees below to invest in Tesla:

  • Hargreaves Lansdown charges an FX fee of 1% to swap AUD to USD
  • This is in addition to the previously mentioned share dealing charge of AU $11.95 per slide

As you can see, eToro makes this much easier. This is because you will only pay an FX fee of 0.5% when you make a deposit. After that, you can invest in local and international stocks at 0% commission. Moreover, at eToro, you can invest in Tesla in small manageable amounts starting from just $50.

How to Invest in Tesla Australia – Conclusion

It’s important to not only consider how to invest in Tesla in Australia – but also where. Brokers can be miles apart when it comes to regulatory standing, fees and general conditions, and customer care.

We reviewed the best platforms to invest in Tesla in Australia and eToro was the stand-out winner. ASIC regulates the space and you can invest in TSLA shares in bite-sized chunks of $50 (about AU $36). The platform is newbie-friendly with lots of supported deposit methods. Best of all, you can invest in Tesla at 0% commission!

eToro – Best Broker to Invest in Tesla Australia

Mobile AppYes
  • Invest in a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Ability to copy more experienced investors and their decisions
  • eToro crypto wallet included which makes it beginner-friendly


How do you invest in Tesla in Australia?

Where to invest in Tesla Australia?

Is Tesla a buy or sell?

Does Tesla pay dividends?

How much do you need to invest in Tesla Australia?

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