British Trade Platform 2023: Is It Legit, Or a Scam?

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British Trade Platform is a powerful artificial intelligence-driven automated trading system for bitcoin that trades in real-time. The use of this trading platform is incredibly straightforward.

This method of trading bitcoin has been reported to be twenty times more profitable than the conventional methods of doing so. British Trade Platform UK employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to make educated guesses about the impact of news on cryptocurrency prices.  Because this bot automates everything, you don’t have to be concerned about your trading abilities. Are you wondering if British Trade Platform UK is a reliable automatic trading system?

Are there any concrete evidence of the aforementioned profitability to back up the claim? Our comprehensive and unbiased review will provide you with the answers you seek. It would be best if you read the entire guide before registering on British Trade Platform website.

British Trade Platform at a Glance

Rating 5/5
Exchange Type Bitcoin Robot
Win Rate 98.5%
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, BCH, ETH
Supported Currencies USD, EUR
Scam? No
Minimum Deposit $250
Withdrawal Duration 24 Hours
British Trade Platform App Yes

What is British Trade Platform?

British Bitcoin Profit

British Trade Platform is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that is compatible with all of the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple, amongst others.

This Bitcoin robot was created by a group of traders and software developers who have a lot of experience in the cryptocurrency and software development fields. They merged years of accumulated data and trends from the cryptocurrency market with trading systems and a smart trading algorithm to create a new trading algorithm that is more profitable.

The outcome of their initiatives was British Trade Platform, a system that analyzes the markets continuously identifies the best deals, and executes the transactions automatically, without the need for any human intervention or oversight.

Is British Trade Platform Legal? The affiliation with regulated brokers indicates it is. In order to properly evaluate the various features and functionality of this trading platform, it is necessary to consider several different factors.

Is British Trade Platform Legit?

British Trade Platform trading platform appears to be legit, but inexperienced traders should proceed with caution when using it for the first time. Testimonials on the platform claim that traders have made fortunes in very short periods, but we were unable to find any evidence to support this claim, and it appears to be highly unlikely to be true.

Consider British Trade Platform’s robot as a tool that you can use to implement your own trading strategy by imposing strict parameters on the trades that the robot will execute, rather than simply blindly putting your trust in it and losing all of your money in the process. Since the software it employs is not open source and that we were unable to discover who developed it, it is impossible to verify any claims made about the 90% accuracy of its trades made by this bot.

Please remember that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and that you should only begin trading after conducting thorough research – even if you are using a robot. Profits are possible, but, as with any endeavour, they can only be realized through the development of a sound strategy and the implementation of that strategy.

British Trade Platform – Best Features


According to British Trade Platform team, the average minimum profit that members can make while using the software is $1,500 per day on an average. Although this is a bold claim, however, the amount of money you make will ultimately be determined by your initial investment and how well you set your trading parameters. Note that the website’s testimonials section is chock full of accounts from people who claim to be making significantly more than the said amount


You will be required to provide some information in order to verify your identity before you can open a trading account. This is under anti-money laundering legislation and is necessary to protect the security of your account. Fortunately, the registration procedure is extremely simple. Registration is as simple as entering your full name, email address, and telephone number into the boxes provided on the homepage.


British Trade Platform team is more aware than most of the fact that, in the world of cryptocurrency, things can change in an instant. A trader’s need for flexibility includes the ability to deposit and withdraw funds with relative ease.


There are a plethora of testimonials that reflect people’s overall satisfaction with the software. The majority of people appear to be extremely impressed, and some of the profits claimed are mind-boggling. Regardless of how encouraging they are, it is always important to practice proper risk management.

Customer Service

An important advantage of British Trade Platform UK is the presence of a knowledgeable team dedicated to processing market news and assisting traders through the Help Desk. Questions will inevitably arise when using any trading software, and being able to contact the team is a huge advantage. It was possible to contact the team via phone and email, but the live chat feature proved to be the most convenient.

Fees and charges

British Trade Platform does not require any proprietary software to function properly. There are no transaction fees, and the software will connect you to a broker who will not charge you a referral fee if you use their services. This broker connects the software to the cryptocurrency market, allowing it to trade on it. Ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of any leverage or spreads you are considering using.

Affiliated Brokers

Some traders may consider the fact that you are unable to select your broker to be a disadvantage. The system was created with absolute simplicity in mind, and as a result, it will automatically refer you to a broker when necessary. Our trial period resulted in several referrals to brokerage platforms, which we investigated further. Any brokerage platform that you are referred to should have a good reputation and comply with all applicable regulations.

How to Create British Trade Platform Account

STEP 1: Registration

To enjoy the services of British Trade Platform, Register on the platform. Registration is completely free of charge. There are no fees associated with signing up; all you need to do is complete the form below, which only requires your basic information, and an account manager will contact you shortly after.

STEP 2: Deposit Funds

Fortunately, the transactional process at British Trade Platform is both quick and simple. This was particularly impressive to us. Simply making a deposit of at least €250 will be sufficient to activate your account. This deposit will also serve as your very first investment because it will be your first deposit. A broker will keep an eye on your account to ensure that your funds are not being mismanaged in any way.

STEP 3: Demo Account

The demo account feature will allow you to see exactly how the algorithm identifies excellent trading opportunities and makes trading decisions on your behalf. Even better, you will not be required to use real money in order to begin demo trading.

STEP 4: Live Trading

Now, the robot begins analyzing indicators such as news articles in order to predict the direction of the market shortly. The use of such trends by an experienced trader can result in a profitable outcome when combined with their own personal trading strategy. Auto trading also necessitates the establishment of fundamental trading parameters, such as a stop limit and a daily limit, by the investor.

How Much Does It Cost to Use British Trade Platform?

British Trade Platform asserts that its software license is completely free of charge. However, there is a disclaimer that this may be subject to change in the near future. If you make a profit, the system retains a small portion of your earnings to compensate their brokers and keep the service running.

Reasons to Trade on British Trade Platform:

Pros Cons
 Easy to use, especially for beginner traders. No quick mobile app, but there is a desktop app.
 News data feed and trading signals. Not risk-free.
 Easy and free sign up process.
 Good customer support.
 Trading settings and useful features.
 Completely free to use.
 Demo account.

When should I use Bitcoin Robots?

If you know that a particular trading strategy will outperform the market, you should consider using a crypto trading bot. Using a cryptocurrency trading bot does not guarantee that you will outperform the market. A trading bot simply executes trades on your behalf based on a set of rules established by an algorithm.

Using a cryptocurrency trading bot is also a good way to diversify your cryptocurrency holdings in a strategic manner.

The majority of cryptocurrency bots on the market trade 24 hours a day. If you trade cryptocurrency based on market indicators, you can automate the process by employing a cryptocurrency trading bot to handle the heavy lifting.

Is British Trade Platform Right for Me?

Using a cryptocurrency trading bot will save you time because the program will monitor the market and execute trades on your behalf, saving you valuable time. If you don’t want to spend your time constantly monitoring cryptocurrency markets, then British Trade Platform trading platform is right for you.

How Much Money Can I Make Using British Trade Platform?

According to the testimonials, some users are reportedly earning hundreds of thousands of dollars using the software. However, the amount of money you could make trading with British Trade Platform is highly dependent on the level of risk you are willing to take as well as your ability to adjust your trading settings.

Worthy Tips for Beginners to Make Positive Returns Using Bitcoin Robots

  • Learn everything you can about trading first. It’s important to understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading before getting started, as it’s a difficult process to learn on your own. Understanding trading, in general, will help you to better configure the trading robot so that it operates as efficiently as possible.
  • Learn more about cryptocurrency. Being well-versed in the crypto asset you are trading is important when making any trade, but it is especially important in a market with such a wide range of possibilities as cryptocurrency.
  • Begin by creating a demo account. In spite of the fact that you can begin live trading immediately after setting up an account on a robot, we strongly recommend that you practice trading on a demo account first. This will allow you to become more familiar with the platform before putting any of your money at risk on it.
  • Begin with a small investment. The most effective strategy is, to begin with, a small sum of money and gradually increase your portfolio and profits over time. This will assist you in honing your trading abilities while keeping risk to a bare minimum.
  • Only put money into investments that you can afford to lose. This is a fundamental tenet of trading; it is always important to be fiscally responsible when making any type of investment decision. Markets can be volatile, and losses can occur just as frequently as gains, so don’t put money at risk that you can’t afford to lose.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

Timing: Because crypto bots trade using software, they can buy and sell your cryptocurrency much more quickly than you could if you were trading it manually. In order to place more precise market orders when using a trading indicator, you should consider using a bot.

Consistency: The ability to operate nonstop and consistently execute trades based on specific indicators distinguishes bots from humans. Bots are much more consistent than humans in this regard. It can be difficult to maintain discipline when trading cryptocurrencies, so using a trading bot reduces the risk of engaging in trading with emotions.

Possible Risks when Trading with British Trade Platform

Despite the fact that this trading bot monitors the market for you, you are still responsible for keeping track of cryptocurrency prices. This is due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, and your trading strategy may not be in sync with the current market conditions, resulting in a significant loss.

Does British Trade Platform Have a Mobile App?

Yes, it has a web app. You can access the platform from any device including desktop, tablet, and smartphones.

Has British Trade Platform Been Featured on the Media or Endorsed by a Celebrity?

BBC - British Trade Platform

BBC News

Although we have made research online for indications that TV programmes such as BBC News had endorsed this trading platform, we couldn’t come up with any evidence to support such claims.

Dragons Den - British Trade Platform

Dragons Den

Many people have inquired as to when British Trade Platform made its television debut on Dragons Den; the answer is that neither British Trade Platform nor the Bitcoin Trading Technology was ever featured on an episode of the tv show. Every article that claims this is false and should be labelled as fake news should be taken down.

Gordon Ramsay - British Trade Platform

Gordon Ramsay

Although we have made research online for indications that celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay had endorsed this trading platform, we couldn’t come up with any evidence to support such claims. Therefore such claims are not true.

Reddit - British Trade Platform


According to a viral rumour on Reddit, British Trade Platform was featured on This Morning in the first quarter of 2023.   According to the official website, This Morning is a popular television program broadcast on ITV and the hosts of This Morning have debunked such claim.

Martin Lewis - British Trade Platform

Martin Lewis

Did Martin Lewis promote British Trade Platform? No. British Trade Platform Martin Lewis was spread by fraudsters who want to scam people, and we can confirm that these are false statements that are being circulated online. He spoke about it and said not to listen to such ads.

Conclusions on British Trade Platform Review

Registration, verification, and funds withdrawal are all easy that even new traders can complete in a short period of time thanks to the auto trading platform’s user-friendly design. It has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Our attention was drawn specifically to the payout system of this robot because of one of some of British Trade Platform Reviews.

These complaints claim that payouts are by far the most problematic aspect. It is necessary to create an account with British Trade Platform and then complete a verification process in order to use the service. Even though this aspect contributes to the authenticity of the site, it should not be taken as a license to become complacent when it comes to avoiding copycats and other similar scams. It is best to start small, however, because cryptocurrencies are a high-risk investment.

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How Does British Trade Platform Work?

Is British Trade Platform Legit?

Is British Trade Platform Safe to Use?

Is British Trade Platform Easy to Use?

How Time Consuming is British Trade Platform?

How Many Trades Can I Do Daily with British Trade Platform?

What Are Cryptocurrency Robots?


Account: An account is essentially a document that is used to keep track of the financial activities of a specific asset.

Algorithm: In problem-solving or calculating processes, an algorithm is a procedure or set of rules that must be followed by a computer, though humans (for example, when doing math or following a recipe) also tend to follow steps algorithmically.

API: API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. An API is a collection of protocols and tools that provide instructions to software on what data to use and what actions to take; they are the brains that power software applications.

Asset: In the context of digital assets, a crypto asset is a digital asset that can be used as money or as a decentralized application by utilizing cryptography technologies.

Auto-Trading Robot: Crypto trading bots are computer programs that assist you in purchasing and selling cryptocurrency at the best possible price. They are becoming increasingly popular.

Bitcoin Robot: A bitcoin robot is a program that is designed to automate bitcoin and other cryptocurrency asset trading on the trader’s behalf.

Coin: A coin can refer to either a self-contained cryptocurrency or a single unit of that cryptocurrency.

Crypto Debit Card: This is similar functionality as regular debit cards. The holder of this card can pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency alone.

Cryptocurrency Robots: Crypto trading bots are computer programs that assist you in purchasing and selling cryptocurrency at the best possible price.

Cryptocurrency: A cryptocurrency is just a form of currency that relies on encryption for its operation. Bitcoin, for example, makes use of encryption to ensure that transactions are verified.

Market Capitalization: the market capitalization (or cap) is the total price of all coins put together. The market cap is a suitable way of determining is a coin is worth investing in or not.

Phishing: this is a situation where hackers try to get the details of your account. They do this by creating sites or apps with a resemblance to the actual platform they use.

Portfolio: this is the total value of all assets (coins) that a user holds.

Volatility: It is a statistical measure of return dispersion to compare returns from the same securities or market indexes, and it is called the standard deviation or variance between returns.

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