Bitcoin Evolution Review 2021: Is it Legit and Profitable?


Bitcoin Evolution is a popular trading tool among Bitcoin investors. The platform has received thousands of reviews on various forums and websites. Most of these reviews are positive, and they hail the tool as highly profitable.

Cryptocurrency traders face a range of risks, including untrustworthy trading tools. Many traders would like to be sure that any platform they use is trustworthy and reliable BEFORE INVESTING.

You will be glad to know that Bitcoin Evolution checks all the right boxes, including ease of use, transparency, reputation, and overall safety and legitimacy. Here is our comprehensive review of everything you need to know about this platform.

What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is an AI-powered Bitcoin trading system founded in 2014. It is the first AI-powered Bitcoin trading robot – and arguably the most popular. The platform uses advanced trading algorithms and offers a host of top-of-the-range features, including low-risk automated trading.

How Does Bitcoin Evolution Work?

Bitcoin Evolution is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which facilitates accurate automated trading. Essentially, the AI system analyzes the Bitcoin market and identifies the most profitable trading positions.

The AI system is this tool’s best feature. It is sharper and faster than the most talented human traders. It studies and analyzes the markets in seconds, whereas the average human trader would take days to identify reliable trading patterns – if volatility doesn’t sway the market’s movements first.

Consequently, anyone with minimal trading skills can reportedly use Bitcoin Evolution to make profitable trades. To this end, the platform is recommended for beginners and intermediate traders. Additionally, it is recommended for use as a supplementary trading strategy. The tool works best when the market is experiencing high volatility.

The platform is also designed to execute these trading positions automatically. However, you can tweak the settings to determine what your tool can and cannot do.

Registering & Trading on Bitcoin Evolution

Registering and trading on Bitcoin Evolution is quick and easy, as detailed in the following step-by-step guide:

1. Sign Up

The first step is signing up for a free account, which involves filling a short form available on the official Bitcoin Evolution website. You will need to record your full name, email address, and phone number.

It is worth noting that Bitcoin Evolution partners with independent brokers worldwide to conduct some of its operations. For example, it uses its partner brokers to verify new users’ identities. As such, it is important to provide the correct details, as an independent broker will conduct ID verification before approving your new account.

2. Deposit

You will also need to fund your account before you can begin trading. The least deposit amount is $250, and there is no limit to how much you can deposit.

Your deposit will go through the independent broker verifying your ID information. The platform accepts multiple money transfer channels, including bank transfers and many major credit and debit cards. Some independent brokers also accept a range of e-wallets, including Skrill and Neteller.

3. Practice

Bitcoin Evolution provides a host of learning and practising materials to help new traders understand how the platform works. These materials include video tutorials and demo accounts.

The video tutorial is lively and easy to follow. It teaches everything about the platform, from registration to executing profitable trades. You can also find many other text and video tutorials all over the internet.

The demo account is also very resourceful. It is designed to work much like a live account does, including $10,000 in virtual currency. Additionally, it runs on historical data, giving you an opportunity to trade based on actual market data.

It is advisable to practice for at least one hour using the demo account. It is also recommendable to consult the tutorial as often as you need when trading – you can also call customer support for personalized assistance.

4. Trade Live

Trading on Bitcoin Evolution is automated, making it easy. All you have to do is set the Take Profit and Stop Loss tools as per the guide.

The AI algorithms will immediately start analyzing the markets looking for the ideal trading position. It is advisable to let it run for at least eight hours for the best results. You can leave the system running and receive updates via notifications.

Bitcoin Evolution ROIs, Fees & Licensing

Bitcoin Evolution reports good numbers across the board. It is especially popular for its supposed profitability, but many users also appreciate its cost-efficiency.

Fees & Licensing

You don’t need to pay recurring premiums or get a license to use the Bitcoin Evolution tool. The platform makes its money by charging a 2% commission of traders’ profits – incentivizing it to make its users’ trades profitable.

In contrast, other tools charge thousands of dollars and require licenses to use. For example, Wall Street hedge funds charge 20% commissions and 4% for account management.


Some traders allege profits of up to 50% daily, which sounds unbelievable but has been proven. However, the average daily ROI for most traders is 25%.

Your ROI will depend on a range of factors. For example, depositing more money is likely to magnify the bottom line. Additionally, you will make more if you spend more time trading – which is why it is advisable to leave the system running for at least eight hours daily.


Bitcoin Evolution offers its users leverage of up to 3000:1. This means that a trader can get a market position worth $3,000 for just $1 of their money. Consequently, you can get a market position worth as much as $750,000 for your initial deposit amount of $250. Traders can also make many times this amount, considering the average and potential ROIs.

Bitcoin Evolution and Celebrities

Bitcoin Evolution is a popular subject in the global cryptocurrency community. It has been credited for profiting more people during the 2017 cryptocurrency boom (when people made millions off trading Bitcoin) than any other tool. It has also been associated with several notable personalities.

Elon Musk is somewhat of an authority on matters cryptocurrency. His company, Tesla, has invested billions of dollars in bitcoin. He is also credited for making DOGECOIN famous – and then sending its prices tumbling after a comment he made on the SNL show.

Elon Musk hasn’t been tweeting about bitcoin in 2021 hence putting its price on a rollercoaster. However, he hasn’t traded bitcoin through the Bitcoin Evolution app.

Is Bitcoin Evolution Legitimate? The Verdict!

Bitcoin Evolution is legitimate and trustworthy, as revealed in this comprehensive review. The platform operates under the transparency requirements instituted by top regulatory bodies. It is licensed and regulated through its partner brokers.

More importantly, it has been operating since 2014 and has built a strong reputation despite the risks associated with the crypto industry.

Bitcoin Evolution is also alleged to be highly profitable, and most of its reviewers seem to confirm so. The platform makes its money by charging a commission on the users’ profits. Consequently, it has designed its AI system to generate huge profits.

Anyone can sign up on Bitcoin Evolution and start profiting off the most valuable cryptocurrency. Visit the platform through the link below. Remember: cryptocurrency trading is risky, so trade only what you can afford to lose.

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