Profit Revolution Review 2023: Is it Legit, or a Scam?

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Due to the increased interest in cryptocurrencies, trading programs such as Profit Revolution have become more popular. These trading programs allow rookies and beginners to trade without the need for prior trading expertise or experience. The robot’s official website does not provide any information on the person or persons who created it. Although external sources claim that it was invented by a group of Wall Street traders, we were unable to verify this.

Profit Revolution includes testimonials from prominent Bitcoin personalities, but the legitimacy of the testimonies is called into question due to a lack of fame or verifiable endorsements. In addition, the company’s official website has testimonials from customers who claim to have made thousands of dollars in profit while utilizing its services. The veracity of such promises is investigated in this Profit Revolution robot review, which also looks at some of the features provided by the company’s website.


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Profit Revolution at a Glance

Type Bitcoin Robot
Minimum Deposit $250
Win Rate 99.4%
Withdrawal Duration 24 Hours
Profit Revolution Mobile App No
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTE, DOGE


Profit Revolution Review: What is Profit Revolution?

Profit Revolution Review

Profit Revolution is an automated software that analyzes cryptocurrency markets and then uses the knowledge to conduct automatic trades on the markets. It gathers cryptocurrency market data, decodes it, and makes predictions about the price movement of the various crypto coins that are offered on the platform using advanced algorithms combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. The robot then automatically makes an order to begin or close a trade in a digital asset and completes the transaction in a matter of seconds.

It also allows professional traders to place their transactions based on established criteria, which saves time. Traders can select details in the robot’s program, such as the crypto asset to trade, a stop loss, profits, and so on. Throughout the day, the crypto bot scans the market for items that satisfy the precise parameters provided by the trader. If the predefined parameters are met, the trade is automatically executed by the system.


Profit Revolution: Legit or Scam?

Profit Revolution provides legitimate trading services for trading in digital currencies, including automatic and manual trading. Cryptocurrency trading results are predicted using technological methods, allowing traders to enter winning deals. There are also a large number of favourable reviews online that attest to the effectiveness of the Profit Revolution app.

The official platform of the robot, on the other hand, makes use of misleading assertions, unsubstantiated testimonials, and bogus claims. The website also portrays individuals as receiving opulent services as a result of the revenues generated by the robot, which is simply not true. You will not be able to generate as much money daily as stated on the company’s official website through numerous clips. It also features a large number of celebrities on its webpage, implying that it is affiliated with Profit Revolution; nevertheless, our investigation has revealed that these are completely bogus claims.

Profit Revolution Review: Features




Profit Revolution makes advantage of a function that automates payouts. This was a great concept. It is a very convenient alternative that operates without the need for a prompt to be provided. Immediately following the conclusion of a live trading session, the payout tool can compute your earnings, and monies will be sent into your Profit Revolution trading account. There are no further charges.

Verification System

Before being able to access the trading platform, you will be needed to authenticate your identity once you have signed up. This is under the different Know Your Customer (KYC) laws that the platform must adhere to. You must make certain that you provide accurate information while creating your account in order for things to run properly. You will be required to upload a photo of your government-issued identification as well as a utility bill to verify that the personal information you have provided is accurate.

Costs and Fee

Profit Revolution does not charge any fees on its platform and earns its money solely from the spreads between the bid and ask prices between bid and ask prices. Users will be able to take advantage of all of their profits made while trading on the platform. However, depending on the payment provider you choose to use to make deposits or withdrawals, you may be charged a fee for each transaction.

Affiliated Brokers

A form of financial service in the majority of countries, cryptocurrency trading is classified as such. Because of this, various authorities will require that these platforms supporting the activity check a few boxes before they are allowed to operate within their respective areas of jurisdiction. Profit Revolution is a global platform, and as such, it maintains a close working relationship with a number of reputable brokers, which allows traders to access the platform from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, all of these brokers are regulated by the appropriate authorities in their respective jurisdictions.

Easy to use Interface

There are no specialized skills or knowledge required in order to use Profit Revolution effectively. The only thing left to do is to click the “Go Live” button once your account has been established and your trading capital has been deposited. This bot is highly recommended by us to anyone looking for a means to break into the cryptocurrency market.


Profit Revolution gives you the freedom to take your money out whenever you like. To request a withdrawal, you simply need to complete the withdrawal request form, which can be found on the money management page. The money will appear in your bank account in less than 24 hours after it has been received.

User Testimonials

We conducted some of our research based on what previous users of this platform had to say about their experiences. We discovered a plethora of user reviews after conducting extensive research. Analyses of the remarks reveal mostly positive feedback, with the majority of respondents expressing gratitude for the auto trader and the ease with which it makes it possible to earn money in the cryptocurrency market. The major negative feedback given by a few was the requirement for a minimum deposit, which some felt was excessive and prevented many people from enjoying the robot’s services.

How to Create a Profit Revolution Account

Step 1: Registration



The Profit Revolution registration process is quick and simple. To get started, go to the Profit Revolution homepage and fill out the information requested on the form that is supplied. You will be asked to accept their terms and conditions, as well as to choose whether or not you wish to receive offers by email from them. It is recommended that you check both items. A password must also be created throughout this procedure. Profit Revolution ensures that its users create strong passwords

Step 2: Deposit

Soon after you have completed the registration process, you will be linked with a Profit Revolution account manager who will assist you in setting up your trading account in the proper manner. Depositing at least $250 is required in order to use the auto trading feature on your account. This deposit serves as your first capital investment in the trading application, and it is nonrefundable. Profit Revolution conducts all transactions online, and because your information is protected by an SSL certificate, you don’t have to worry about your information being leaked or being used for fraudulent purposes by third parties.

Step 3: Demo Trading

Profit Revolution provides you with the possibility of practising your trading skills on a virtual account. You will be able to practice trading for as long as you like while in the demo trade mode of the platform. The best part about this feature is that it does not necessitate the use of actual money. We recommend that all users, both new and experienced, begin with a sample account first. This tool is ideal for first-time traders because it allows you to practice trading until you are ready to go live with your account.

Step 4: Trade for Real

Once you have gotten familiar with demo trading, you can progress to live trading mode. You may use the slider to automate your cryptocurrency trading. Simply waiting for your account manager’s assistance in setting your trading parameters is all that is required before you can begin trading. By scanning the marketplaces, the cryptocurrency bot discovers new chances. It conducts the trade through a broker with whom it has a partnership. Traders can specify different criteria on the dashboard for manual trading while doing so.

Profit Revolution Reviews: Features – Why Choose This Bitcoin Robot?

Seamless Trading

When compared to manual trading, all auto traders, such as Profit Revolution, offer a distinct edge. As a person, you must take time to rest, however, the robot continues to trade around the clock because it does not require rest.

Easy to Get started

To make things as simple as possible for the user, the robot has been created with them in mind. Profit Revolution is simple to use and doesn’t require any prior trading experience to get started and set up deals. Simply having basic computer skills and the ability to read and follow instructions are sufficient requirements for this position.

Auto Trading

Because this bot makes use of sophisticated algorithms combined with machine learning and predictive AI technology, it is capable of collecting vast amounts of cryptocurrency market data, running millions of permutations in seconds, and predicting the likely direction in which different coins will move. Something that would be impossible for a human dealer to accomplish.

Regulated Brokers

Profit Revolution can instill confidence in its customers by partnering with regulated brokers in a variety of jurisdictions. Users can be certain that their funds are safe on the platform as a result of this partnership. The importance of this is shown by the proliferation of scam initiatives in the crypto space.

Fast and Efficient

Manual trading necessitates a significant investment of time in order to interpret charts, research market sentiment and anticipate various things that may have an impact on the market. If you are an active trader, you will be spending entire days in front of your computer; however, by enlisting the help of Profit Revolution, you will be able to save time because the bot will handle the majority of the job for you. All it takes is a few minutes each day to make minor adjustments to your strategies.

Fast Withdrawal

The monies will appear in your account within 24 hours after your withdrawal request has been processed and approved. You won’t have to be concerned about getting your hands on your money.


Because the security feature encrypts all of your personal information, you won’t have to worry about your information being stolen or stolen from you.


Pros Cons
 Demo account  No mobile app
 24/7 Customer service  Misleading marketing promotions
 Fast withdrawals  No information about the founders
 Regulated brokers
 User friendly



Which Countries is Profit Revolution in?

Profit Revolution Malaysia: Profit Revolution is available to traders in Malaysia. The Profit Revolution signup process is not difficult and can be completed in few minutes.

Profit Revolution Mexico: Mexicans are also opened to partake in the awesome services provided by this robot. The user interface is friendly and easy to navigate.

Profit Revolution Ireland: Ireland is one of the countries that can enjoy the awesome services of this bitcoin robot. Registration is fast and easy. Once you complete the registration, you can start trading right away

Profit Revolution Chile: Traders from Chile are also eligible to use the services of Profit Revolution. It will only require a capital investment of $250.

Profit Revolution Guatemala: The Profit Revolution Guatemala features an easy-to-use trading platform interface, which enables auto trading of multiple cryptocurrency assets.

Profit Revolution UK: This trading platform is available for UK traders. Users from the UK have access to all the features of this trading robot. Register an account to get started.

Profit Revolution Australia: Australia is one of the countries that can enjoy the services of the Profit Revolution. The Profit Revolution Australia’s user interface is user-friendly, making it easy to access all features.

How Much Money Can I Make Using Profit Revolution?

According to the corporation, Profit Revolution can produce daily earnings of up to $10,000. This is obviously not true. Before determining how much a user can achieve in a day, a lot of criteria must be considered. We cannot guarantee a precise return because profit is decided by the amount of money deposited, current market conditions, trading platform and cryptocurrency experience, as well as risk criteria.

When Should I Use a Bitcoin Robot?

Time Consuming Task

Because of the unpredictability of the Bitcoin market, it is vital for your company’s operations to deal with Bitcoin at the correct time. Trade with better timing will allow you to attain more precision in your trading, which should be taken into account. Every transaction should be taken into account because it has the potential to have a big impact on your overall earning potential. Locating the bitcoin market and determining when to enter it, on the other hand, may take some time to do regularly. When confronted with this situation, the employment of a bitcoin bot is quite advantageous. By allowing trading bots to monitor and evaluate the market on your behalf before carrying out trades on your behalf when the timing is perfect for you, you may cut your overall trading time. When you have long-term work to do, trading bots can be quite helpful in increasing your productivity.

Repetitive Task

Administrative tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming require a significant amount of work to execute since they are tedious and time-consuming. This type of work can become monotonous and frustrating at times due to its repetitive nature. As a result, one of the key reasons to utilize crypto bots in your cryptocurrency trading is that they are incredibly valuable in supporting you with such operations and making your cryptocurrency trading process more efficient.

Is Profit Revolution Right for Me?

The speed and automation of Profit Revolution are two of its most helpful characteristics. It also has a slew of other perks. If you want to trade with greater precision, Profit Revolution is the trading platform to use.


Worthy Tips for Beginners to Make Positive Returns Using Bitcoin Robots

Learn About Crypto Trading

On the internet today, there is a wealth of information about automated trade options. Professional traders’ YouTube videos and tutorials have been made public, and these traders have shared their success secrets with the demo and live trading tools supplied by Profit Revolution. To create more earnings and have a more enjoyable trading experience, traders should become familiar with the methods that can be used before beginning trading.

Invest wisely

A word of caution: it is not advisable for traders to invest their entire savings in bitcoin trading. They should only invest a small portion of their earnings in cryptocurrency trading to generate passive income.

Begin with a small deposit

The trader should make a deposit of at least $250 after completing the account registration process. If everything goes as planned, the trader can make another deposit, with the profits from the first trade re-invested back into the trading account. If a trader’s investment grows, it is more likely that he or she will make more money. Begin with a small initial deposit to gain a better understanding of the trading system before investing their own money in the market.

Withdraw your money once you’ve made a profit

Another suggestion is to withdraw only a small portion of the money after a successful investment decision. You will be able to withdraw your funds after each successful trade. Given the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, this approach helps traders protect their funds and, to some extent, reduce their chances of losing money.

Demo Account

The demo trading tool helps both new and experienced traders to become acquainted with the trading platform’s actual capabilities without putting any real money at risk. The traders will be more successful if they use the demo account, invest $250 at first, then withdraw their gains as they earn them. Profit Revolution is a cutting-edge platform to which many individuals are dedicating significant time in order to fully appreciate its functionality.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?


Bitcoin bots are considerably more effective in terms of timing than manual cryptocurrency trading since they are software that purchases and sells bitcoin far faster than individuals can. You might use a trading indicator to assist you to make more exact market orders on stock exchanges while employing a trading bot.


One of the primary distinctions between bots and humans is their ability to function continuously and execute transactions based on certain signs. When it comes to this, robots greatly outperform humans. Maintaining trade discipline when dealing with cryptocurrency can be difficult, which reduces the risk of emotional trading with a trading bot.


Speed is essential in the Bitcoin trade process, as it is in most other financial transactions, and this is especially true in the Bitcoin trade. As a result, bitcoin trading bots can maximize your profits by trading in such a way that your efficiency improves.

Possible Risks when Trading with Profit Revolution

Market volatility is the most significant risk when investing using Profit Revolution. There is no trading platform that is completely risk-free. Trades are always free to lose money, and the only way to limit this risk is to use a trading platform to stop losses. Although Profit Revolution has built a system with a low risk of currency loss, there is still the possibility of losing money. When trading, we urge that you invest as wisely as possible. Don’t put your savings into it; instead, put your excess cash into it, and don’t be greedy about it.


Does Profit Revolution have a mobile app?

While there is no downloadable mobile application for the Profit Revolution, it is a mobile application in and of itself because it can be accessed on smartphones as well as other devices such as tablets and iPhones. The app does not need to be installed because it can be accessed using standard browsers that are already loaded on mobile phones.

Has Profit Revolution Been Featured on the Media or Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Elon Musk

Profit Revolution Elon Musk

He is said to have endorsed a wide range of cryptocurrency-related products. Despite Musk expressing an interest in Bitcoin, we cannot confirm that there is or has been a connection between Musk and the robot.

Profit Revolution Mirror

According to rumours, the Mirror website published a post endorsing Profit Revolution. The Mirror program has never published a post on its website endorsing Profit Revolution. There is no evidence that Mirror ever endorsed Profit Revolution, according to the rumours.


Profit Revolution Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, there are a plethora of Profit Revolution app reviews. As can be seen on Trustpilot, the Profit Revolution App has received positive feedback. However, Profit Revolution Trustpilot has some negative feedbacks due to persistent telephone calls and other communication difficulties.

Profit Revolution Reddit

Many discussions on Reddit claimed that Profit Revolution had been featured on a number of television shows. Due to the fact that Profit Revolution has not made such information publicly available, there is no evidence to support those claims.

Chuck Feeney

Profit Revolution Chuck Feeney

There are rumours that Chuck Feeney made a fortune from Profit Revolution, which is part of what contributes to her net worth. We are unsure how and where this rumour started. But we know that Feeney amassed his fortune from selling luxury goods to tourists. Our research turned up no evidence of Chuck Feeney having anything to do with the Profit Revolution.

Claudia Bahamon

Profit Revolution Claudia Bahamon

Claudia Maria Bahamon is a Colombian Model who has won many awards and earned a reputation in the modeling industry. Having checked all the rumors made about her endorsement of Profit Revolution, we found out that none of them is true as we found no evidence she has any connection with the robot.

Profit Revolution Anthony Tan

Anthony Tan is the CEO and Co-founder of Grab. Some websites have published that Anthony Tan endorsed Profit Revolution. Some even said he invested in it. We found no evidence of his involvement with Bitcoin or Profit Revolution. Neither have we found traces of his investment in the trading platform.

Profit Revolution Review: Our Conclusion

Profit Revolution, an automated trading platform for cryptocurrency, has a significant percentage of testimonials on its website claiming to have users purchase luxurious properties such as private jets from the profits earned on the Profit Revolution trading platform. But our research shows that while customers have been able to make use of certain of its capabilities, the size of earnings is nowhere close to what is claimed on its website. While users can benefit from the features of this platform, they should not rely on the lofty promises made by it.


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