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In response to the continued prevalence of the cryptocurrency industry, crypto traders are being supplied with an ever-increasing choice of services aimed to simplify the trading process and assist traders of all skill levels in achieving consistent gains. 3Commas is a cryptocurrency trading platform that enables its users to employ automated trading bots, as well as to follow and mimic the actions of successful traders, as well as to establish and track top portfolios.

Bitcoin Loophole is a trading robot that promises to be able to make cryptocurrency trading by automating trades. Buying and selling are reported to be aided by artificial intelligence (AI) robots, which can reportedly scan through several trading indicators to identify a move that has a high likelihood of generating profits.

Which of these robots is better? Which one is right for me? Keep reading to find out.

at Bitcoin Loophole – #1 Bitcoin Robot

3Commas Overview

3Commas is a full-featured cryptocurrency trading platform that lets users employ trading bots, mimic successful traders’ moves, and build and manage their top portfolios. The 3Commas cryptocurrency management software gives you access to a variety of tools that will help you increase your trading efficiency and effectiveness. The platform’s developers hope to reduce investors’ risks and restrict their exposure to losses while also increasing their profits.

3Commas is simple to operate, making it a suitable choice for crypto traders who are just getting started with trading bots. 3Commas also integrates with the majority of major cryptocurrency exchanges and provides a spot trading interface with risk management capabilities for manual trades.

at Bitcoin Loophole – #1 Bitcoin Robot

Features of 3Commas

Smart Trading Feature

The Smart Trade interface is similar to that of an online FX brokerage, with the exception that it is designed specifically for bitcoin trading. Smart Trade allows you to purchase and sell digital currency pairings while applying a few key risk management techniques. To begin, you can create market or limit orders, as well as a price precondition that must be fulfilled before a market or limit order is executed. You can also make a trailing buy or sell, which buys or sells a currency pair repeatedly anytime a price condition is met.

Easy-to-use Interface

The service works well on mobile browsers, and the interface is designed out straightforwardly. Some users dislike the fact that you can’t use the dark UI mode. However, it has little effect on the interface’s overall simplicity.

Compatible Exchanges

All of the best cryptocurrency exchanges are currently supported by 3commas, including Bittrex, Bitmex, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Binance, KuCoin, HitBTC, Kraken, and many others. There are a total of 20 supported exchanges. From a single window, you may connect to and control any of them. Check to see what features your preferred exchange provides before connecting.


The 3Commas bot has the unusual ability to track any cryptocurrency market. Because of this, the tool may trade the most profitable position regardless of where it is positioned. You might not get the best-earning percentages right first, but with practice, users usually figure out how to enhance bot configuration.

Mobile Version

Downloading the 3Commas iOS or Android mobile app will help you stay on top of your game at all times. This allows you to trade or track your progress from anywhere, at any time. The programming team was able to accomplish good trading view integration and a user interface that was simple to understand.


API keys connection, two-factor verification, no withdrawals to bots, and other security features were implemented by the developers. All these are to ensure maximum security for the users of the platform.

Overview of Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is an automated trading application that claims to assist users in generating money by purchasing and selling digital coins in fast succession, utilizing an algorithm that scans the market conditions, latest trends, and a variety of other factors. According to the Bitcoin Loophole website, these signals are then evaluated to determine when the optimum time to conduct any cryptocurrency trade would be that will result in a potential profit.

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Features of Bitcoin Loophole

Verification System

When a trader chooses to open an account on Bitcoin Loophole, he or she simply needs to enter personal information such as their name, email address, credit card number, and phone number, rather than providing onerous documentation.


The platform’s withdrawal process is rapid and easy to complete. When withdrawing money from the platform, it takes no more than 24 hours, which is fairly quick when compared to its competitors, who need 2 to 3 days to deposit funds into the customer’s bank account.

Customer Support

For users who need to get in touch with someone to handle any concerns, Bitcoin Loophole offers a dedicated contact page. The page consists solely of a web form, via which visitors can simply describe their problems and wait for a response from the development team. More specific information is provided on their Trustpilot page, which includes an email address, a phone number, and a physical address in the United Kingdom.

Affiliated Brokers

While trading, the fund you have in your Bitcoin Loophole account goes through online brokers. This implies that your money is invested in certain assets through the brokers currently available to you in your country. All registered brokers with which Bitcoin Loophole is associated are professional, safe, and trustworthy.

Demo Account

Another thing to keep in mind before you start trading online is to test the demo account of Bitcoin Loophole. This is essentially a practical account, so you are not exposed to any risk and do not spend real money. But, of course, the market for the demo account is not real either. Still, it’s a highly realistic simulation in which the bot reacts according to the settings you’ve provided under different situations. This will also allow you to find out whether something has to change.


Bitcoin loophole developers assert that artificial intelligence (AI) can make choices far more quickly than humans, allowing it to take advantage of opportunities before the rest of the market can.


In comparison to other online automatic trading robots now available on the market, Bitcoin Loophole provides faster payouts. The trader does not have to wait days or weeks for his or her funds to be deposited into his or her account. All intellectual property rights in the platform’s features and functioning are owned by the platform.

Pros and Cons of 3Commas

Bitcoin Loophole Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 Demo Account  No mobile app
 Regulated brokers  No information about the founders
 Dedicated Customer support
 User-friendly interface
 Fast and easy Withdrawals
 High success rate


Pros and Cons of Gunbot

Pros Cons
 Smart trading and Copy trading features  Not beginner-friendly
 Platform is cloud-based  Reportedly buggy desktop apps
 User-friendly interface
 Multiple trading tools to enhance performance
 Secured with SSL


at Bitcoin Loophole – #1 Bitcoin Robot

How to Create a Bitcoin Loophole Account

Step 1: Registration

Bitcoin Loophole claims that signing up for its services is simple and free. To register, the robot simply requires the user’s basic information (complete name, email address, and cell phone number). You will be referred to a broker in the robot’s network once your account has been approved. You might also have to go through the broker’s KYC process.

at Bitcoin Loophole – #1 Bitcoin Robot

Step 2: Make a Deposit

Bitcoin Loophole claims that after your account is validated, you can start trading with as little as a $250 deposit. Payment can be made in a variety of ways, according to the robot app, including selected cryptos, wire transfers, and credit or debit cards.

Step 3: Demo Trading

The Bitcoin Loophole platform also has important and useful features such as a demo trading account with virtual money. A trader can utilize a demo account to become familiar with the platform’s features and functionality, as well as to try various trade methods without risking real money. They can move on to live trading if they have gained enough confidence.

Step 4: Trade for Real

Trade for real

Bitcoin Loophole claims to be an automatic trading robot, and its website demonstrates that it is. When consumers make deposits, all they have to do is inform the trading robot to begin trading. The creators of the robot claim that it will analyze the market and trends to make the best trading selections while the user sits back and relaxes.


The Dashboard of 3Commas is simple to use, and users can choose from a variety of options for designing their trading bots. There is also a wealth of instructional content as well as thorough metrics on the bots’ performance. The system is well-integrated, and it can be used on a variety of popular exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi.

Undoubtedly, 3Commas provides access to unique trading bots. However, Bitcoin Loophole seems better because of its features. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you make research on both platforms and see which works better for you because we believe in individual differences.

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