Best Bitcoin Casino UK – Top 3 Bitcoin Casinos in 2021

Bitcoin, and generally speaking, cryptocurrencies really have given the gambling industry a truly exceptional appeal unlike anything else out there. Cryptocurrency methods bypass any geographic restrictions and create a censorship-resistant atmosphere for a player from just about anywhere in the world. In fact, new Bitcoin casinos appear on a daily basis, and UK players need to know which ones pack a punch when it comes to the bonuses, games, developers, wagering requirements, level of support, VIP programs and loyalty schemes, and just the general look and feel they provide to even the newest players.

If you’re curious about which websites are actually legitimate, and which ones you need to avoid, this list of the top-rated bitcoin gambling sites UK for 2021 as well as the best brokerages and exchanges will allow you to truly make the best out of your experience in the world of online casinos. Without much delay, let’s jump straight into the world of online gambling and teach you everything you need to know when it comes to online casinos.

Best Bitcoin Casino UK Sites of 2021

If you are in a hurry, here is a list of the best bitcoin casinos in UK 2021 that you can play in right now.

  1. FortuneJack Casino – Access to 2000 Games
  2. Energy Casino – Excellent Mobile Optimization
  3. Classy Slots – 400% welcome bonus up to £800

Best Bitcoin Casinos for UK Players Reviewed

Here we will be reviewing each and every one of these casinos in greater depth, so you know what you can expect when signing up for each one of them.

1. FortuneJack Casino – Best Bitcoin Casino UK

The FortuneJack casino offers a wide range of games, in fact, you are getting over 2.000 games through which you can pick from, and all of these come from the world’s best casino game developers. Aside from allowing you to fund your account with BTC, you also have multiple other ways as well, with an almost instantaneous processing time. It has a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission which is excellent.

Pros Cons
Easy to sign up. You cannot use FIAT currencies to make a deposit
Amazing welcome bonuses. No dedicated mobile application
Multiple cryptocurrencies are available. You don’t get phone support
Fully anonymous.
Live chat support 24/7
Works great on mobile



2. Energy Casino – Leading Bitcoin Casino UK

Whenever you want to play on mobile, you need to ensure that the casino can deliver on all fronts, and the Energy casino is built just for this. It is by far the best instant play and instant payout bitcoin online casino and is popular in the UK.

Pros Cons
Great game selection Calling fees for international clients
Easy to navigate website
High level of security
Fair games
Live chat support


3. Classy Slots

This casino is known for the fact that it allows you to claim a 400% welcome bonus of up to £800. It offers a wide game collection, where players can select from a variety of different gaming options. This includes slots games, table games, live dealer games, and so on. The banking methods are smooth and quick, and it runs great on mobile.

Pros Cons
Full mobile compatibility Does not feature a dedicated mobile application
400% welcome bonus Your live game variety may be limited
Many software providers
Amazing reputation
Live chat support 24/7
Works great on mobile

What is a Bitcoin Casino?

Defining Bitcoin casinos refers to an online casino provider which provides its players with the opportunity to conduct deposits as well as withdrawals through the use of cryptocurrency, in this specific case, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is by far the most popular and dominant cryptocurrency out there, and it is generated by miners in cyberspace. To do this, miners use advanced computing power to solve cryptographic puzzles which constantly increase in difficulty. The miners are essentially responsible for verifying the bitcoin transactions by adding them to a public distributed ledger known as the blockchain. Every time a miner confirms a transaction, a block of data is added to the blockchain, and the miner is rewarded with Bitcoin.

A new block is added around every 10 minutes or so, and there can only ever be 21 million bitcoin ever mined and in existence.

An interesting thing here is that no one knows who the creator of Bitcoin actually is, as he, she, or they went by the name of “Satoshi Nakamoto”, which doesn’t actually exist.

Aside from being mined by cryptocurrency miners, Bitcoin can also be purchased through the usage of a cryptocurrency exchange or a cryptocurrency brokerage that serves this role.

To summarize, a Bitcoin casino is a casino in which the player is given the opportunity to make a deposit or a withdrawal through the usage of a cryptocurrency wallet that has the cryptocurrency Bitcoin on it. Once a player meets the minimum deposit requirements and makes a deposit, they will receive an optional welcome bonus and can engage in gambling throughout the various games within the casino, this is what ultimately defines a bitcoin casino, from one which is not a bitcoin casino. Non-bitcoin casinos will only offer players the opportunity to make a deposit through the use of FIAT currencies such as GBP, USD, AUD, and so on.

How does a Bitcoin Casino Work?

A Bitcoin Casino will work in an almost identical way to any other traditional online casino you know or might have played in. Just imagine a casino you already know about, and imagine a bitcoin casino, which offers all of the same things, except for the fact that it allows you to use a cryptocurrency wallet and make a deposit.

Bitcoin, however, is a virtual currency, or in other words, no physical bitcoins actually exist in the real world. This means that its value is digitally stored as a computer file on the blockchain, and in a cryptocurrency wallet. The most fascinating fact about all of these casinos is that they do not require any intermediaries, such as banks, and players can pass BTC from their holding to the casino without the reliance on a third party. Given the fact that Bitcoin’s processing time is only 10 minutes, these are much quicker ways of making deposits and withdrawals when compared to any traditional method of money transfer to a casino out there, which makes them an appealing option for a lot of players.

Why Play at a Bitcoin Casino?

If you’ve been following the news lately the chances are high that you have noticed the increase in terms of popularity of cryptocurrency usages in just about, well, anything. Everyone’s talking about cryptocurrencies, and everyone is seemingly investing in some specific currency. However, the casino space is no different when it comes to this aspect, and cryptocurrency casinos have become extremely popular throughout the past few years due to a variety of different reasons. You see, many casino players are always looking for a higher level of privacy as well as anonymity. When you use a fully licensed FIAT-based casino, this is impossible due to the fact that you have to enter your credit card information or e-wallet information, which already have all of your data, and most of the time, you might even need to confirm a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure in order to withdraw funds from the casino.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency payments provide near-instantaneous deposits and withdrawals due to the nature of cryptocurrencies. Due to the fact that they have advanced technologies that allow them to process transactions quickly and efficiently, many players prefer using them when compared to any other method of payment due to the fact that they won’t really have to deal with long payment processing times which can take up to a week to complete when using various different payment methods such as bank wire transfers or debit cards. Players on Bitcoin casinos can use bitcoin and get their profits quickly. The cost of transferring the funds in and out of the account is also a lot lower when compared to the ones you have when using traditional casinos.

There are many reasons as to why a player might want to play at a cryptocurrency casino, from the higher level of security, anonymity, and speed, to the reduced fees. There are many bitcoin casinos out there that support the payment method, so why shouldn’t a player take advantage of it, and as such a lot of players will most of the time pick a cryptocurrency casino.

Where to Buy Bitcoin to Play at a Bitcoin Casino UK

Here’s how depositing Bitcoin at a cryptocurrency casino works. You essentially need to either mine bitcoin yourself, which is difficult, time-consuming, and extremely expensive, or hop onto a cryptocurrency exchange or a cryptocurrency UK brokerage and actually end up purchasing bitcoin there. To do this, you need to find the best cryptocurrency exchange or brokerage that fits this specific need for you. The ones we recommend are eToro, Coinbase, and Binance as the top options for this specific use case.

Bitcoin Casino Open an Account – FortuneJack Guide

Before you can actually start playing at a bitcoin casino, and have the ability to make a deposit, to begin with, you will need to open an account first. For this example, we will be using FortuneJack Casino, but the process is quite similar in any other casino you might decide to play in, so once you master this part, you should be able to easily implement this knowledge in just about any other casino you decide to play in.

Step 1: Opening an Account at Fortune Jack

Opening an Account at Fortune Jack


The first thing you need to ensure that you do is to create an account at the FortuneJack casino. In other words, it’s time for you to visit the casino’s home page, find the registration form by searching for the “Sign Up” button, and entering the information which is required.

Specifically, here you will need to enter your username, password, email, country, and bonus code. Finally, click on the little box that says “I Accept Terms & Conditions and confirm that I am over 18 years old.” and sign up.

Step 2: Depositing Funds Through the Use of Bitcoin

The next step you need to take is to start adding funds into your account. FortuneJack doesn’t accept FIAT currencies, so if you want to play in it, and this is the case with most casinos that specialize in cryptocurrencies, you will need to make a deposit with BTC or any other of the various supported cryptocurrencies. There is a minimum deposit limit where you need to deposit at least 0.002 BTC in order to get the signup bonus for this casino. FortuneJack is one of the very few casinos out there that offer Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses, so you can actually sign up and start playing games even without making a deposit that will let you test out everything.

Now, in order to make the deposit itself, you will need to find the “Quick Deposit” button on the homepage of the casino, where you will see a window that will offer you the opportunity to select which cryptocurrency you will want to use. To complete this step, you will need to transfer your cryptocurrency into the wallet address that will be shown within a window that will pop up for you.

Step 3: Start Enjoying the Games on Offer

So at this point, we assume that you have successfully created an account, and have deposited cryptocurrency into the casino itself. The next step you can take is to start enjoying the games that are on offer in the casino. FortuneJack processes deposits as well as withdrawals instantly, and you will see your funds in your FortuneJack account within a few minutes after making the deposit. Keep in mind that this speed will be dependent on the amount of network traffic the Bitcoin blockchain has the moment you decide to make the deposit. Once the funds are on your account, however, check that you have received the bonus as well. Next, you can explore the enormous library of games on offer and start playing immediately to see everything that is on offer.

FortuneJack – The Best Bitcoin Casino UK

From the very moment, you visit the sleek-designed homepage of the FortuneJack casino you know that you are in a palace filled with quality titles. You are showcased some of the most popular and exciting games, where you can pick from over 2000 titles which are quite impressive, to begin with. The casino also offers promotions on a consistent basis that will allow you to win thousands of pounds as well as many free spins, with cashback offers as well. It has it all, and all of this can be accessed by just making a cryptocurrency deposit, which allows for a higher level of speed, security, and anonymity.

It has gathered a reputation for itself, and it was founded in 2014 which put it at the forefront of the industry, where it was a pioneer in the world of Bitcoin gambling, to begin with. It offers many bonuses and appealing features for players, so if you are searching for one of the best cryptocurrency casinos to play in, the FortuneJack casino might just be what you are looking for.



Live Bitcoin Casinos UK and Their Popularity

Live bitcoin casinos are essentially online gambling websites that offer live casino games which are hosted through a live dealer. These are popular due to the fact that players can in a sense emulate the look and the feel of playing at an online casino through the dealer, but online. This is done through a video camera where the dealer as well as the table are recorded and streamed a line through the internet in front of the screens of the player. Bitcoin live casino games are operated by real people and not machines or algorithms that do all of the heavy-lifting, which is one of the main aspects as to why online gambling is a lot more trustworthy and packs a lot more excitement as a result.

However, one of the few things that you need to always keep In mind while playing at online casinos is the fact that many of them have a minimum limitation, however, there do exist low-limit tables whenever you feel like playing with lower limitations. Another reason why so many people find these games fun and appealing is due to the fact that they get to chat with other users through a chat box which is typically located on the side of the stream. You can play live casino games, and they come recommended when you find a bitcoin casino that offers live chat features for its players, especially if you want to socialize alongside enjoying the game itself.

Choosing a Fair Bitcoin Casino

There are a few things that you need to know about before even picking the casino you want to play with through the usage of Bitcoin due to the fact that you want to ensure you always have the best chances and that you do not end up in the wrong casino that gives you a disadvantage instead of an advantage.

The main aspects you need to worry about are fairness, license and regulation, payment terms, and customer support.


When it comes to online casinos, a lot of things can happen that, well, you might not like. A casino has the potential to charge its players a lot more, and cancel a player’s payments or even confiscate their winnings for a variety of absurd reasons. There are even occurrences where withdrawals can take an extremely long time to process, a casino could even decline the request due to a hidden term and condition that you never knew about. You lose a game unfairly, without knowing that you have lost. As such, to prevent this, you will need to select a casino that uses provably fair algorithms, as these ensure that a player can vet and verify the randomness independently. This means that a player can confirm their authenticity at any time for each outcome. This process leverages mathematical algorithms as well as cryptography and is impossible for a casino to cheat the player as a result.

License and Regulation

What you need to know straight off the bat here is that many online casino operators have actually had a difficult time throughout many jurisdictions. Many countries throughout the world have actually banned casinos altogether. However, when it comes to cryptocurrency casinos, this isn’t the case. This is due to the fact that the government has no authority over bitcoin, and bitcoin casinos are in a way in limbo when it comes to their legislative state. This is why many reputable online casinos are reluctant when it comes to the adoption of digital currency for methods of payment within their casinos. There are liberal jurisdictions such as Curacao which issue licenses to even these types of casinos, so when you end up picking a bitcoin casino you should ensure that the site is at least licensed as well as regulated by one regulatory body first.

Payment Terms

Here, you need to keep in mind that there are casinos out there that charge you for both deposits as well as withdrawals. It is for this reason that you want to analyze the casino’s payment terms while paying specific attention to the costs of the transitions, the speed through which the transactions process, and much more.

Keep in mind that certain bitcoin casinos, that also offer FIAT currencies as a form of making deposits as well as withdrawals, have unique bonuses that encourage crypto deposits. These include free spins, cash, specific programs, and so on. However, what you need to keep in mind and pay specific attention to are the wagering requirements, which can dictate how many times you need to play with the bonus money or winnings for the bonus games before you can actually make a withdrawal with them. Check if there are other conditions such as the maximum bonus winnings withdrawal limits, and ensure that you end up picking a bitcoin casino that offers you bonus deals that do not extend your playtime but enable you to have solid conditions when it comes to the withdrawal.

Customer Support

Things really rarely go wrong at an online casino, especially a cryptocurrency casino, but whenever they do, or you are just curious about how specific systems work, you need to have access to a support team that can support you 24/7, 365 days of the year. Another thing you need to consider is the method through which the support team can be contacted, including phone support, live chat support, or even email support. You need to analyze their availability and responsiveness. There are staff professionals which are well informed about the casino, the games, and all of the products of the service, and are proficient in how they handle your request. There are others who aren’t as knowledgeable or responsive. Only a casino that offers you quick ways to find help and has a friendly staff that has the knowledge required to assist you will have a high rating, and for those that want to learn everything by themselves, a solid FAQs page is a requirement as well.

Step by Step Guide Towards Using a Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin is an easy payment method that you can use, especially if you decide to use a mobile application. Before you can deposit bitcoin into a casino, you will need to get some bitcoin first. To do this, you will need to register for a bitcoin wallet or sign up for a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that will provide you with ways on which you can acquire bitcoin such as eToro. Second, you need to buy the cryptocurrency, or alternatively, you can just mine it yourself. There are countless online resources that will provide you with this information, but generally speaking, you will need a lot of expensive hardware to mine bitcoin specifically by yourself, so exchanges and brokerages such as eToro make a lot more sense when it comes to the perspective of a beginner. Then you need to pick an online casino that supports bitcoin, sign up for an account, and transfer the bitcoin from your wallet to the casino’s cryptocurrency wallet, it is that simple.

Making a Deposit Using Bitcoin

Once you actually buy bitcoin from an online cryptocurrency exchange or brokerage, you need to deposit them into a casino. To do this, open an online gaming account and go to the cashier section found on most of those websites. Then in the deposit methods menu, select bitcoin, after which the screen will provide you with a unique web address for your account. Now, go to your bitcoin wallet, which if you bought bitcoin on eToro, will be your eToro account, and input that addresses in the tab for sending bitcoin. Enter the amount, and confirm your transaction. After all of this, the funds will become available to use within just a few minutes.

Making a Withdrawal Using Bitcoin

Withdrawing Bitcoin from an online cryptocurrency casino is just as simple as making the deposit itself.

You just need to go to the cashier page yet again at the casino you decided to play in. Next, select withdrawal, and select bitcoin as your payment method. Here, you will need to enter the amount you are looking to transfer out of your account. Next, you will need to generate a bitcoin wallet address and check your details. Give the bitcoin address to the casino and ensure that you meet all of the withdrawal requirements. Click on the withdrawal button, and the bitcoin will be available within a few minutes once the casino has processed your request completely.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Deciding on whether you want to play at an online casino with bitcoin goes beyond just the benefits it offers, in fact, many cryptocurrency casinos that allow players to play with bitcoin specifically provide them a wide range of bonuses in order to entice cryptocurrency deposits. These bonuses are given in the form of monetary rewards or free games to users that achieved pre-specified deposits, so let’s analyze each and every one of them so you know what you can expect.

Welcome Bonus

One of the most common types of welcome bonuses that you will encounter in just about any casino is the welcome bonus. This welcome bonus can be a single bonus, or it can be split across multiple deposits. Typically, you will receive a 100% welcome bonus, or at times, specifically for the case of bitcoin deposits, this limit can go up to 500% depending on the casino in question. What basically happens here is that let’s say you deposit $100 valued in bitcoin, and there is a 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit, you get $200 to play with or 100 + 100 as a bonus. Many casinos go the extra distance and form their bonuses to go higher the more you deposit, for example, the first bonus will be 100%, the second 25%, the third 50%, and the fourth 75%, as a means to entice further depositing into the casino.

The main thing you need to look out for with these is their wagering requirements. The wagering requirements will vary tremendously, as some casinos have an x25 wagering requirement while others have an x70 wagering requirement. What this condition essentially means is that a player needs to wager the bonus a specific amount of times before they can complete the withdrawal.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is a bonus you get just by creating an account into the casino without ever having to enter any information or make any kind of deposit. You basically get $5 or $10, valued in bitcoin, of course, to play with, and you can actually make a successful withdrawal of real money if you meet the terms and conditions of this bonus and end up winning at the casino, which provides an excellent way for new players to actually test out some of the games before they decide if they want to commit within a bitcoin casino or not.

Free Spins

Free spins are also typically given as part of the welcome bonus, however, they are also given as part of a loyalty scheme, VIP program, or found in-game on some specific slots games. They come in two forms, free spins that can be used on just about any of the slots games on offer by the casino, or ones that are tied to a specific game. You can get 5 free spins, 25 free spins, 125 free spins, there is no general rule and each casino will have their own number of free spins that they want to provide to the player.

When it comes to the loyalty schemes or VIP programs, they typically have tiers or levels associated with them, and whenever a player manages to get to a specific tier or level they are rewarded with free spins. For example, level 1 gives you 5 free spins, while level 10 gives you 100 free spins.

Free Bitcoin

There are even casinos that provide you with free bitcoin to gamble with straight up. This means that if you are a part of a specific program in the casino, or just end up getting a lot of winnings, they might be complemented with additional free bitcoin on top of that.

Reload Bonus

This is a bonus that is offered to players who have previously made a deposit at some point in time. This reload bonus essentially refers to the fact that a player is essentially reloading their account with new funds, and as such, can receive additional money or free spins just by putting more money into their casino account to play with.

Cashback Bonuses

As the name might imply, these are bonuses that you will typically get on a specific day, and in some casinos, this function replaces any other bonus as well. What this means is that, let’s say you have a 10% cashback bonus, and lose $100 gambling. You will receive $10 back as a bonus. The same rule applies with betting with bitcoin as well.

Game-Specific Bonuses

These are the types of bonuses you get in-game. For example, a specific slot game might have symbols, which one connected, allow you to enter a mini-game where you can spin a wheel and receive a jackpot. This is a bonus game, within a pre-existing game, that offers you a specific bonus.

Preferred Method Deposit Bonus

This is basically when you get a bonus when depositing with bitcoin, which is larger than the bonus players that are depositing with FIAT currencies are getting. For example, if you were to deposit using GBP, you would receive a 100% bonus, but when you make that same valued deposit but in BTC, you might get a 150% bonus instead just by using Bitcoin as a deposit method.

VIP Programs and Loyalty Schemes Bonus

There are generally two types of themes you will find in many online cryptocurrency casinos:

VIP Programs – these are typically programs that have a tier list that allow you to level up the more money you wager in the casino. For example, level 1 would be $1.000, and level 2 would be $5,000. Every single level, you would receive additional rewards, such as free spins, bitcoin to play with that’s given to you for free for achieving that level, a car, a paid vacation, a personal account manager, all of these vary and are different from casino to casino.

Loyalty Schemes – These are made to reward players for staying at the casino. The player will be rewarded with free spins, cashback, or other types of additional goodies, such as birthday gifts, just by staying with the casino and making deposits and playing at the casino in question.

Wagering Requirements

Understanding wagering requirements is an essential part of understanding what you can, and cannot do at an online casino with your bonus, and how you can withdraw it. There are a few key components that you need to keep in mind.

For example, if you want to wager $100, and there is an x50 wagering requirement, you would need to wager $5,000 before you can withdraw any of those winnings. Simple, right? Well, it can get a lot more complicated if you are not paying attention.

For example, slots games contribute 100%, most of the time, to the completion of this bonus, while live dealer games do not contribute anything most of the time, or at the very most, contribute 5% to their completion. Furthermore, you typically have a limited time frame through which you have to complete the wagering requirement, such as 10 days for example.



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