One Bitcoin A Day Review 2023: Is it Legit, or a Scam?

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One Bitcoin A Day is a well-known online trading platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrency assets in the cryptocurrency market automatically. Users who have traded successfully and made substantial gains on this platform remarked that trading on this platform is quite safe for both newbie and expert traders. This trading robot is said to be highly profitable and comes with no hidden costs, broker fees, or commissions, and it’s free to test out. Users have given this robot overwhelmingly positive recommendations in the past. They believe that putting it to good use is simple. They even compliment the business on its excellent customer service. Many traders have claimed that the robot is not tough to comprehend in any way shape or form. People who are unfamiliar with it typically adapt swiftly and readily.

In this review, we will comprehensively analyze the One Bitcoin A Day App and provide you all the information you need on this platform, the features of the app, the legitimacy of the app, and the claims it makes so you’ll be properly informed before investing.


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One Bitcoin A Day at a Glance

Type Bitcoin Robot
Minimum Deposit $250
Win Rate 90%
Withdrawal Duration 24 Hours
Mobile App No
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, LTE, XRP, BCH, ZEC


One Bitcoin A Day Review: What is One Bitcoin A Day?

One Bitcoin A Day is a crypto trading robot that applies strategies used in profitable trading to identify and analyze trading opportunities in the market with the help of technology. It uses powerful algorithms tested and modified with proven trading strategies. It provides trading insights for the users and it implements it automatically so a user does not need prior experience when using this platform. The robot scans the crypto market for opportunities to place trades that will be profitable whether the market is going up or going down. The algorithms help provide insights that improve the accuracy of the platform trading decisions.


The platform claims that the research and trading decision can be made within a second, so every opportunity is capitalized on. This approach has received commendation to have created profit for the users of the app. The trading robot is said to have a 90% accuracy rate, which means all trades that the app makes are almost correct. The platform requires a minimal investment of $250 to get started as a new user. The app has partnered with certified brokers who are assigned to the users as soon as they create an account on the platform. Trading on this platform is open 34 hours a day so a user can trade at any time convenient for them. There have been claims that this app can help users make up to one bitcoin per day as per the name.

With trading, it is advisable to invest only what you can afford to lose, especially as a new user. Also, withdraw profits regularly as soon as they are made and it’s helpful not to leave trading sessions open for more than 12hours at a time.

One Bitcoin A Day: Legit or a Scam?

One Bitcoin A Day is a crypto platform that offers trading services and allegedly helps traders make up to one bitcoin per day. The robot uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze the market and provide an insight into which the platform automatically trades with. Users have claimed that the algorithms are powerful enough that it detects the slightest movement in the market and adjusts trades accordingly.

The claim to be able to make one bitcoin a day from an investment of $250 has raised many eyebrows and from research appears to be false. This platform offers a great opportunity for traders to make money from the market but not up to the amount advertised on the platform. There is no evidence to support this claim. Also, the platform uses fake marketing promotions with claims that it is associated with celebrities. There are no connections found between the robot and any celebrity.

Even though One Bitcoin A Day allows for automatic trading in cryptocurrency markets, the claims presented on its website are far too good to be true and should be approached with extreme caution. A trading bot is a useful tool in bitcoin trading, but its official website states that it has a success rate of 90%, and the platform provides no additional information to support this claim, which is misleading and can lead to magnified losses.

An investor should use extreme caution while dealing with cryptocurrencies on the internet. To get engaged with cryptocurrency trading in any capacity, it is necessary to first master the fundamentals of both the trading and cryptocurrency worlds.

One Bitcoin A Day Features


The One Bitcoin A Day payout system is intensive and works all day. The payout is automatically activated once a trading session is concluded so a user can withdraw all his profit after a trading session. The payout system is accurate in that all the user’s earnings are paid in full to the account with no hidden fees removal.

Customer Services

For any issues that may arise while trading, the customer care services are available 24 hours a day to help with whatever comes up. They can be contacted via email, live chat, and the telephone. Replying via email may take up to 24 hours but it has been said they respond within minutes via the live chat.


The security feature of the platform uses complex encryption that makes sure that all your data and funds are kept safe. No one will be able to access any of your personal information unless you are careless with your information.

Demo trading Features

This is one of the features that set this platform apart from the rest. It gives users the ability to test strategies and familiarize themselves with the platform’s functionalities without using funds. It is a simulation of live trading. The Demo allows user practice before trading begins and helps reduce losses.

Trading Features

One Bitcoin a Day has one of the most amazing algorithms now available, and it is used by a large number of other businesses as well. To the users that employ it, it is an algorithm that promises to deliver on its promise of precise results. It does, however, provide the possibility of greater structure for all parties involved.


For traders, the One Bitcoin A Day is free to use; there are no fees or charges associated with its use. The trader should be aware that the minimal amount placed on this platform does not represent the cost of the robot, but it does represent the trader’s trading capital, which is vital to remember. However, new traders were usually baffled by the $250 price tag of the robot.

How to Create a One Bitcoin A Day Account

Step 1: Registration

New users have to register for a new account to be able to use the platform’s services. Visit the official website of the One Bitcoin A Day platform to register. The signup process requires your name, phone number, and your email address. The platform also asks that the client enter a password and suggests using a strong password to secure your account properly. The app is SSL secured, so all your data are encrypted and cannot be accessed by hackers. The signup form is found on the homepage of the app and it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to create an account.


Step 2: Deposit Funds

The platform requires a minimum deposit of $250 to begin trading. There are no fees for performing transactions on the platform and the platform transaction takes less than 24 hours to be confirmed, both deposit and withdrawals. One Bitcoin a Day has multiple payment options which means it has users in mind as compared to other apps. The ways users can make deposits are through Visa, MasterCard, Wire transfer, Neteller, Maestro, Skrill, WePay, WebMoney, and with Bitcoin.

Step 3: Demo Trading

Many trading systems do not supply their clients with a demo trading account, which is a very useful and sought-after tool. Many trading systems, however, do provide this feature. It allows new users to learn how the algorithm works as well as how to place and close deals. You will be able to place trades and observe as the system puts them into action to benefit you. You do not need to deposit any real money to trade on the demo account. All that is expected of you is that you run the trading system through its paces. It is totally up to you whether or not to use a demo account. If you prefer, you can jump right into real-time trading.

Step 4: Live Trading

Trade for real

The demo trading would have shown how easy it is to use the platform, especially for new users. Live trading can start after the user is confidently familiar with the interface. The traders are meant to set their strategies and also when they would like their trades to occur. These settings are applied automatically and will remain so unless the client changes them. It is recommended that users monitor their trading accounts and that profits are withdrawn as soon as they are made. Users should not leave the trading session open for long without monitoring as it is likely to lead to loss.

One Bitcoin A Day Features: Why Choose this Bitcoin Robot?

Deposit and Withdrawals

Credit/debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, and Maestro are some of the payment methods that are accessible for depositing funds into your account. There are no restrictions on the number of earnings or capital that can be taken out of your account. Additionally, you have the option to withdraw money daily. You must make a withdrawal request before you can get your rewards in your bank account, which will typically take around 24 hours.

Accurate Performance

From the numerous feedbacks by the users of the app, it can be gathered that the app offers good earning potentials. Many users claim to have made a good profit from the first week of trading. Although we cannot guarantee that you’ll earn instantly, research shows that the app is accurate and a way to make money online.

Superior Technology

As said before, that the algorithm can detect the slightest change in signals on the cryptocurrency market, this shows that the app is smart. It can extract data from the market and utilizes the global financial news to make profitable signal calls.

Affiliated Brokers

One of the most major advantages of One Bitcoin a Day, as previously stated, is that it only works with authorized and well-established brokers. The rule that traders only deposit money into their accounts through regulated brokers must be strictly adhered to. Traders should avoid employing any trading robots that refuse to reveal the identities of the brokers with which they have partnered as a precaution.

Pros Cons
 Interface is user-friendly  Risk factor Involved
 Registration is fast and straightforward  Unverified success claims
 No commission charges or hidden fees  Vague information about the owners
 Demo account
 Safe and secured Platform
 No experience required



Which countries is One Bitcoin A Day in?

United States: Unlike most trading platforms, One Bitcoin A Day is available in the United States, which is a rare place for most cryptocurrency trading platforms.

United Kingdom: Traders in the United Kingdom can use One Bitcoin a Day. Traders from the United Kingdom may be eligible for some incentives and giveaways on the platform.

Canada: Almost every bitcoin robot has a presence in Canada, so is the case for One Bitcoin A Day. To get started, simply register on the platform’s official website.

Australia: Australian citizens are also eligible to use the One Bitcoin A Day service. The platform has a simple signup process and a platform that is straightforward to use.

Malaysia: To use One Bitcoin a Day in Malaysia, simply fill out the signup form on the website, make a deposit, and begin trading.

Singapore: Traders from Singapore can also use One Bitcoin A Day’s services, which include a great user interface and an easy-to-use platform.

South Africa: There aren’t many brokers who work with African traders. One Bitcoin a Day, on the other hand, works with reputable brokers to facilitate transactions throughout Africa.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong People can also use this trading bot’s services. The platform is simple to use and provides quick access to the app’s functionality.

How Much Money Can I Make Using One Bitcoin A Day?

One Bitcoin A Day has claimed that the platform can generate One Bitcoin a Day from an investment of $250. This is a misleading claim to the amount that can be made from the platform. We cannot guarantee the amount to be made as it is dependent on the current market conditions, the risk parameters, the amount invested, the time put in, and the understanding of the cryptocurrency world.

When Should I Use a Bitcoin Robot?

Trade on top of your full-time job

Many commitments may not enable traders to trade on top of their full-time jobs due to the duties of their full-time occupations. Bots will automate all of the mundane tasks, freeing up people’s time and focus for more vital tasks.

Simplifying complicated techniques

Some trade skills are difficult to put into practice because they take a long time to develop or are too complicated for the typical individual to comprehend. Even if these trading methods are profitable, implementing them necessitates the use of advanced technologies. Such transactions can be carried out by automated trading algorithms to enhance earnings.

Is Using One Bitcoin A Day Right for Me?

Some of the features that set the One Bitcoin a Day app apart from other trading platforms is accurate performance and the superior technology. This helps the app react to a slight change in the market and analyze profitable trades correctly. If you want to trade to make a profit, then you should use the One Bitcoin a Day app.


Worthy Tips for Beginners to Make Positive Returns Using Bitcoin Robots

Begin with a small budget

Starting with a small amount of money and working your way up is the best advice. Begin with the bare minimum ($250) and gradually increase your investment. Even if you have prior trading experience, it is recommended that you avoid investing large quantities of money immediately. Start small and gradually increase your involvement over time; there’s no need to rush into anything.

Set aside profits

You should set aside a percentage of your earnings once you start earning money for future usage or investment. You should make back as much of your initial investment as possible while keeping your account cash flow positive at all times.

Always try to learn new things

You should continue to seek out fresh information and expertise whenever and wherever you get the chance if you have the opportunity. If you want to excel at Bitcoin trading, find many well-known brokers and follow their advice. You can also participate in online communities and forums where you can discuss trade and financial theory with other individuals. Always remember that you should continue to learn new things.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?


This functionality allows it to receive data and process it to generate recommendations, which users can then choose to act on if they so wish. The user, on his or her part, must provide the appropriate commands and strategies for the bots to follow.


BTC bots are profitable because they are incredibly efficient at leveraging exchange tools and methods, such as trailing stops and buying and selling based on crypto signals.

Market access is always available

Another element that contributes to trading bots’ profitability is the ability to have access to the cryptocurrency market at any time of day or night, as well as a stable stream of profits. This is impossible to achieve if you trade cryptocurrency manually.

Capacity to deal with difficult conditions

You can develop your bot to perform even more difficult tasks for you, such as arbitrage and stockpiling if you have solid technological expertise.

Possible Risks when Trading with One Bitcoin A Day?

The platform trading is available 24 hours a day and a trader may be tempted to leave the robot on to maximize profit. The bot analyzes the market situations all day and, in the process, can make a mistake in one trade as it is only 90% accurate and that can lead to massive loss. The market situation is also extremely volatile and without continual monitoring of the bot, wrong trade may be placed on the user’s behalf.

Does One Bitcoin A Day Have an App?

Yes, One Bitcoin A Day offers a web app that allows you to register and track your trades. You can also access your trades through the browser of your other devices like mobile phones and tablets. However, if you require a mobile application for Android or iOS, it is not available yet.


Has One Bitcoin A Day Been Featured on the Media or Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Reddit - British Trade Platform


One Bitcoin A Day Reddit

There have been multiple threads on Reddit claiming that One Bitcoin A Day has been mentioned on Several television shows and that a lot of celebrities have made huge profits from investing on the platform. After proper research, we found no evidence to support these claims, and One Bitcoin a Day has not made any of such information public.


One Bitcoin A Day Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, One Bitcoin A Day has received numerous reviews with the bulk of it being how excellent the platform is. Although it received some negative reviews, we suspect it may have come from misuse of the app and lead to loss of funds. The platform’s general outlook on Trustpilot is a positive one.

One Bitcoin a Day Review: Our Conclusion

One Bitcoin A Day as seen is a valuable tool used for trading cryptocurrencies and it has made it easier with the automated trading option. There are many reviews of people making money using the platform. While the robot helps people make money, traders should not rely on the robot only to generate profits. The platform uses fake marketing techniques and the reviews of making a huge profit from the first day should be disregarded.

The platform helps make money but traders are advised to carefully invest and research well before using the services of this robot for trading.


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