Bitcoin Rush Review 2021: Is Bitcoin Rush Really Legit? Find out Here!


Bitcoin Rush Bitcoin Rush is a popular bitcoin trading tool today. Thousands of its users are reportedly making good profits daily, riding the insane crypto volatility of 2021. Bitcoin Rush is said to be making most of its users a decent daily income.

You could make over a thousand dollars daily if you plough back all the daily profits of a $250 account for about three weeks. There is a possibility of making a million dollars if you keep reinvesting the profits.

But is Bitcoin Rush legit, and is there any proof of the supposed profitability? We have investigated thoroughly and prepared an unbiased review to help you make a choice. It would be awesome if you can read to the end before registering.

What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bit coin rush

You need to understand automation to understand the concept behind Bitcoin Rush. Automation is already huge in most industries thanks to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

AI-based computer-driven machines are taking over millions of professional jobs today. The disruptions are major in the financial sector, with AI robots taking over investment and trading functions.

In the US alone, trillions of dollars are under the management of robo-advisors and trading robots. A robo-advisor is for long term investment and includes popular apps such as Robinhood and Accenture.

Trading robots are today all the rage in most countries. The best ones offer handsome daily profits and are known to turn some users into millionaires. Bitcoin Rush is rated by many as the best for bitcoin trading. As you will see in this review, this trading system has some of the most advanced features in the market.

Bitcoin Rush has a reported average daily ROI of up 80%. This is almost ten times what the world most profitable trader reports. Bitcoin Rush is popular with both beginner and professional traders. You can try it for free by registering here.

Please note that signup slots are very limited, and you may not be able to sign up on the first attempt. Do not give up if unlucky on the first attempt. Try your luck by visiting the signup page regularly.

How does Bitcoin Rush work?

Bitcoin Rush is a state-of-the-art automated bitcoin trading platform. It’s available on the web-trader platform. The platform works well on nearly all browsers, both on desktop and mobile devices.

It’s also available in HTML5 and, therefore, can be installed on mobile and desktop platforms. We have tested the mobile trading platform and can confirm it’s extremely user friendly. Moreover, all Bitcoin Rush platforms are secure since the 128-bit RSA protocol powers them.

This trading system also claims to observe data privacy laws in all its jurisdictions. It’s among the few platforms that have attained the GDPR compliance badge. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs how online platforms handle data from EU citizens. It’s said to be the world’s most comprehensive data protection law.

Bitcoin Rush bets on up to 80 bitcoin to crypto/fiat pairs. It selects the pairs to trade based on their volatility level, with the highly volatile ones being given priority. Bitcoin Rush applies up to 25 trading strategies to make money from bitcoin price swings. Its core trading strategies are discussed below.

Arbitrage trading technique

This trading technique is popular on Wall Street. It’s mostly applied by the big banks and hedge funds to trade the traditional assets.

Bitcoin Rush is one of the very few bitcoin trading robots to apply this technique. Investopedia defines arbitrage trading as a technique that involves capitalizing on the small price differences on different exchanges.

Bitcoin Rush studies up to 20 major crypto exchanges to identify and take advantages of these price discrepancies. The bot can place up to 200 arbitrage trades per minute. This explains its reported level of profitability.

News and Sentiment Trading Technique

Crypto prices are highly influenced by related breaking news. Bitcoin, for instance, has nearly lost half its value following the news about Tesla backtracking on its bitcoin payments decision.

This goes without mentioning that it had nearly tripled in value following the news about Tesla investing over $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Moreover, Elon Musk sentiments on bitcoin rising to the moon have been a major trigger of the insane volatility in 2021.

Bitcoin Rush NLP algorithms can detect Elon Musk Bitcoin sentiments and news and place bets on them. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subset of AI that helps machines study and make meaning of human language.

The Bitcoin Rush NLP algorithm is so powerful that it can sort through the noise to identify market-driving news. As mentioned earlier, this trading platform applies short-selling techniques to make money off falling prices.

Price trend analysis technique

Bitcoin Rush also determines the bets to place on bitcoin by studying the historical price trends. Cyclical factors influence crypto prices, and therefore, price trends are likely to repeat. These trends are only identifiable on rigorous data analysis.

Bitcoin Rush analyses swaths of data to identify and trade the price trends. The bot applies the Deep Learning (DL) subset of AI to derive insights from the historical price charts. Bitcoin Rush can reportedly analyze hundreds of price charts per minute.

It uses these charts to generate up to fifty trades per minute. The bot has a supposed win rate of 90%, and therefore, over 40 of these trades are usually profitable. This explains its extremely high profitability rate.

Why Trade with Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin is on a free fall following the Elon Musk announcement that Tesla won’t be supporting bitcoin payments. The fall is also due to a tightening regulatory crackdown in China and the US treasury asking for stricter crypto compliance.

In the last few weeks, BTC has lost half of its value. The decline is as rapid as the rise since it has risen from below $15,000 to over $60,000 in the last six months. This level of volatility is not new and is expected to keep repeating as BTC gains mass adoption.

For traditional investors, insane volatility comes with enormous risk. Bitcoin Rush minimizes this risk by making it possible to place bets on the volatility without owning the underlying asset. With this robot, you can trade both the rise and falls through strategies such as short selling.

Moreover, Bitcoin Rush eliminates the tedious and often highly risky bitcoin buying process. You don’t need any trading know-how to use Bitcoin Rush. This is because the whole trading process happens on autopilot. As stated above, this trading bot uses AI algorithms to derive tradable insights from big data.

We have identified tens of reviews suggesting that Bitcoin Rush has maintained an average daily ROI of 60% even in the plummeting crypto markets.

Is Bitcoin Rush a scam? The Verdict!

We have investigated Bitcoin Rush and found substantial evidence to support its legitimacy. There is also enough feedback from users to suggest that it’s highly profitable.

Bitcoin Rush has adequate transparency measures in place. It has disclosed all the vital details, including the identity of its partner brokers and the pricing criteria. Partner brokers are quite important in auto-trading since they are responsible for facilitating all transactions.

We can confirm that Bitcoin Rush only works with high-quality brokers. A preliminary check on its over 15 partner brokers indicates that they are all well-regulated. This means that they have put in place enough measures to guarantee users of funds safety.

Among the measures implemented by Bitcoin Rush partner brokers are deposit segregation and audits. They all report segregating funds through tier-one banks, including HSBC and the National Bank of Australia.

Bitcoin Rush platforms have high-quality safety measures in place. These include foolproof 128-bit key encryption. Try this bot today, and you could be among the lucky few who make fortunes through it.

Do not forget about the risk present in volatility trading. Invest wisely!

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