BitQL Review 2023: Is it Legit, or a Scam?

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Intelligent computer programs are rapidly gaining control of nearly every industry. In the financial sector, artificial intelligence-driven computer programs are increasingly taking over both the investment and trading functions. To develop these programs, large financial institutions and hedge funds in global financial centers are investing billions of dollars in their development.

Furthermore, the best-performing hedge funds today are driven by automated trading systems that are powered by artificial intelligence. Auto-trading powered by artificial intelligence is preferable to manual trading because it allows traders to gain insights from large amounts of data. The use of large amounts of data helps to improve decision-making.

Moreover, trading bots can analyze data much more quickly than humans. This makes it possible to take advantage of opportunities as they arise in the future. BitQL is said to have an accuracy level of up to 90% and a speed that is 0.001 seconds faster than the markets in real-time.

According to reports, BitQL, an automated trading bot is profiting enormously from the current market volatility. The majority of its reviewers have stated that it is profitable. When profits are accumulated, BitQL is said to be able to turn a small deposit of $250 into a substantial sum of money. Some of its reviewers claim to have made up to $1 million in just a few months of trading with the company. Because the entire trading process is automated, BitQL is completely user-friendly, even for complete beginners. This means that it can be operated by anyone with no prior trading experience. Is BitQL, on the other hand, a reliable company, and is there any evidence of its alleged profitability?


BitQL at a Glance

Type Bitcoin Robot
Minimum Deposit $250
Win Rate 90%
Withdrawal Duration 48 Hours
Mobile App No
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP


BitQL Review: What is BitQL

BitQL is a one-of-a-kind automated trading system that purports to make investors money on autopilot, according to its developers. The developers of this remarkable system have categorically stated that their software is capable of trading with up to 90% precision. In order to understand human language, the robot makes use of a subset of artificial intelligence known as Natural Language Processing (NLP). Its algorithms are capable of crawling billions of web pages in a microsecond in order to identify news that has an impact on the Bitcoin price. BitQL is capable of distinguishing legitimate news sources from bogus ones.


The robot also crawls social media sites such as Twitter in order to identify posts that may have an impact on Bitcoin prices. According to reports, BitQL users have been making insane profits. According to reports, the robot is 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets and thus beats the markets nearly 90% of the time. The ability to trade quickly and accurately is critical in any trading strategy. Bitcoin exchange BitQL uses scalping techniques that are highly leveraged in order to profit from minor market movements.

BitQL: Legit or a Scam?

BitQL seems to be a legit platform from our research. Even though BitQL does provide a robot that places automated cryptocurrency trades, users should be wary of the company’s misleading and simply wrong marketing techniques. The platform boasts that users can earn thousands of dollars per day without doing anything, and it claims that well-known celebrities have endorsed the platform and are using it. Both of these assertions are completely unfounded. It is not possible to make those kinds of profits when trading cryptocurrencies with a robot, and we will go over some of the misinformation about the BitQL and celebrity recommendations below.

Even though the platform does allow users to trade cryptocurrency with a robot, users should not rely solely on this feature, and they should be wary of any marketing communications from BitQL.

BitQL Features


The trading software has been developed using the most cutting-edge trading techniques and tools available today. According to its website, it is 0.01 seconds faster than the cryptocurrency market. Traders benefit from the rapid delivery of information, which results in a high win rate. As a result of the time difference, it is significantly faster than many other similar trading systems in the cryptocurrency market.

Manual and algorithmic features

BitQL’s new version is one of the cryptocurrency bots that gives clients the option to trade manually or to use bitcoin robots to execute trades. As an experienced trader, you can customize the settings and make use of any available trading tools according to your preferences. Users who are new to the system can opt for the automated option. When you go to their official website, you will find information about both their automated and manual options, which you can read about here.

Easy to Use

It has a simple set of rules that allow it to operate with a wide variety of settings. Users can customize all trading options to meet their specific requirements and preferences. Its ability to operate in both manual and automated modes makes it a popular choice among both new and experienced traders. Their official website provides a straightforward registration form, which must be completed before live trading can begin on the platform

Back Staging

A unique feature of this product is the back staging feature, which allows you to adjust the settings based on the current economic situation. This feature recommends that you upgrade or modify your settings based on the current state of the cryptocurrency market. Their official website has expanded on the back staging feature, which is now more elaborate.

Demonstration Trading

To get started with the demo trading, the website provides you with a $1500 demo currency. It will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the cryptocurrency market and software. When you register on the company’s official website, you will have the option to practice trading before engaging in live trading. This will assist you in becoming accustomed to trading on the platform while also taking advantage of all trading opportunities.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are available in a variety of forms on the trading platform, including hard currency. This money will only be used for trading purposes if and when you initiate the transaction. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees associated with either the deposit or withdrawal of funds. They have provided information on the cryptocurrencies that this trading platform deals with on their official website.

Dependable Trading SIgnals

The auto trading platform generates trade signals that are both accurate and dependable. The automated trading robot analyzes and evaluates the cryptocurrency market daily for you in order to provide you with the most advantageous investment opportunities while also taking care of all risk management needs. It has a high win rate of approximately 90%, which is one of the factors contributing to its widespread use.

How to Create a BitQL Account

Step 1: Registration

Fill out the BitQL Registration form on the homepage of the official BitQL App website. To be redirected to a partner broker’s page, input the required information such as email, name, phone number, and desired password, and click the Register button. To finish the registration process, verify your identity with the underlying broker and click the continue button. Because this trading bot only works with highly renowned firms, all of your information is safe.


Step 2: Deposit

To participate in crypto auto-trading with the BitQL app, you only need USD250. This evaluation can attest to the fact that the account funding procedure is simple and secure. Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and e-wallets like Skrill can all be used to finance your trading account. Keep in mind that this bot relies on its broker partners to complete deals. These brokers are regulated and, as a result, secure.

Step 3: Try Demo

Before trading cryptocurrencies with real money, you can open a test account on this cryptocurrency trading site. You will be given a quick tour of the BitQL account’s functionality. You will also receive a $1500 credit in your account as a sample currency to begin your bitcoin trading demo.

Step 4: Trade for Real

Trade for real

Trading in real-time with BitQL is simple, especially if you invest enough time in the demo. BitQL includes a demo to assist you in getting ready for a live session. Before moving on to a genuine trading account, make sure you acquaint yourself with the demo. Toggling the live trading button and defining the risk per trade are two steps in the live trading process. BitQL automates all trading and claims to have a high level of accuracy.

BitQL Features Why Choose this Bitcoin Robot?

Free software

This crypto bot is free software, and there are no hidden fees for opening an account or making a trade. The user has the option to withdraw all of the accrued advantages. You only need to create an account and begin trading on the site.

Easy setup

It is incredibly straightforward to set up and use, with a simple registration process. It features a very simple interface platform that is easy to navigate, and you can start trading right away.

Fast verifications

It includes a very simple mandatory check method that makes it both fast and straightforward. To begin trading, it only requires the client’s information and payment method (bank transfer, debit card, credit card, crypto wallet, etc).

Demo Account

It provides a demo account option where you may test and brush up on your skills. It also provides practice money to get you started with trading. You have unlimited access to the demo trading account.

Low initial investment

Traders must make a very low initial investment, with the base store costing only $250 and the exchange costing as little as $25. It also offers excellent guidance on how to get started trading on this crypto trading platform.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

It offers a trading platform for a variety of currencies and digital currencies, including Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, and Etherum.

Fast Withdrawal

It offers simple payment and withdrawal alternatives. Withdrawals are also straightforward and rapid and can be completed in as little as 48 hours.

Customer support

BitQL has a responsive customer service team. You can contact the company’s customer service team using your username, email address, phone number, or live chat.

Pros Cons
 Regulated Brokers  No mobile app
 Dedicated Customer support  No information on the founders
 Reportedly high profit  Misleading marketing strategy
 No charges or hidden fees
 Fast withdrawals
 Multiple Cryptocurrency
 Easy and fast registration


What Countries is BitQL in?

United States: Almost all reputable bitcoin robots have their services running in the USA. This is not different with BitQL too. You can easily register on the platform’s official website to get started.

UK: To use BitQL in the UK, all you need is to register using the signup form on the website, deposit, and start trading.

Canada: Canadian Traders are entitled to the services provided by BitQL. BitQL Canada features easy registration and platform usage.

Australia: Traders from Australia can access the services of this trading bot too. The platform is user-friendly, providing easy access to the app’s features.

How Much Money Can I Make Using BitQL?

BitQL, according to the company, can earn up to $1,000 per day. This is unquestionably not the case. There are a few things to consider before estimating how much a user can accomplish in a day. Profit is dependent on investment, current market conditions, trading platform and cryptocurrency experiences, as well as risk parameters, so we cannot guarantee a specific return.

When Should I Use a Bitcoin Robot?

Because the Bitcoin market is so volatile, the amount of time your company spends working with this digital currency is critical. Trading with better timing can help you achieve greater trading precision, which is something you should think about. Every contract should be carefully considered because it has the potential to significantly affect your overall earnings. On the other hand, finding the bitcoin market and deciding when to enter it may take some time to do consistently. In this case, using a bitcoin bot is extremely advantageous. Trading bots can save you time by monitoring and analyzing the market on your behalf before executing trades for you when the time is right. When you have a long-term project to complete, trading bots come in handy.

Is BitQL Right for Me?

Two of BitQL’s most useful features are its speed and automation. If you want to trade more precisely, BitQL is the trading platform for you.


Worthy Tips for Beginners to Make Positive Returns Using Bitcoin Robots

Listen to Advice from Crypto Experts

You don’t need to be an expert on cryptocurrencies or financial markets to use trading robots, but you will need to learn about them if you want to make a lot of money. That is why it is beneficial to listen to the opinions of cryptocurrency experts and professionals such as Vitalik Buterin. To gain a better understanding of cryptocurrency trading, you can start following specific publications, such as Coinbase. You’ll be able to better read the market and set high-quality trade execution parameters as a result of this.

Know what your investment limit is

When new investors begin to make money, they frequently make the mistake of committing all of their funds to trade. Trading cryptocurrency in this manner is not a good idea. Remember that even if the bot’s previous performance was flawless, there’s no guarantee that it will continue to do so in the future. Higher investment does not always imply higher profits. You must make these decisions based on hard facts, data, and knowledge rather than on your gut instincts and human emotions.

Start small

Regardless of whether you have enough cash flow to work with, it’s never a good idea to commit every penny right away. Rather, you must become familiar with market elements as well as how the trading bot operates in order to ensure that you get the best return on your investment. As a result, you must always begin with a small amount of money and gradually increase your working capital as you earn money. This will result in a natural increase in your cryptocurrency earnings without putting you at risk.

Don’t invest all your profits

It may seem like a good idea to put all of your money back into the trade when you’re making consistent profits. It’s important to remember that investing is all about making informed and rational decisions rather than going with your gut. It’s a good idea to set aside a portion of your earnings for savings and use the rest for working capital, depending on your investing strategy.

Observe your trades and take notes

Even though a Bitcoin robot should be able to automate some of the time-consuming aspects of manual trading, you should still do your homework. Experimenting with different trading techniques to see how they perform is a good idea. Using the built-in demo mode, you can test your ideas without risking any money. Setting better criteria and instructions for the bot will aid your development as a crypto trader and position you to maximize your profits.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

Bitcoin Bots are far more efficient than manual cryptocurrency trading when it comes to time because they are software that buys and sells cryptocurrency much faster than people can. To make more precise market orders on the stock exchanges, you might want to use a trading indicator with a trading bot.

One of the most significant differences between bots and humans is their ability to operate continuously and carry out transactions based on certain indicators. In this regard, robots are far superior to humans. Maintaining trade discipline when dealing with cryptocurrency can be difficult, so using a trading bot could help you avoid emotional trading.

Possible Risks when Trading with BitQL

The volatility of the market: there is no completely risk-free trading platform available. Trading carries the risk of losing money at all times, and the only way to reduce this risk is to use a trading platform to stop losses. Even though BitQL has created a system with a low risk of losing money, there is still a chance that you will lose money. When it comes to trading, we recommend that you invest wisely and quickly. Instead of putting your savings in, put your extra cash in and resist the urge to be greedy.

Does BitQL have an app?

BitQL is a web-based platform that can be used on both desktop computers and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


Has BitQL Been Featured on the Media or Endorsed by a Celebrity?

BitQL Reddit

According to many Reddit discussions, BitQL was allegedly shown on various TV shows. There is no proof to back up BitQL’s claims because they have not made such information publicly available.


BitQL Trustpilot

There are numerous BitQL app reviews on Trustpilot. On Trustpilot, the BitQL App has received positive feedback as well as negative . The app however scored above the average.

BitQL Review: Our Conclusion

While BitQL will not make you rich overnight, its trading robot can be configured to make trades according to your strategy. This means that skilled traders may use the robot to place trades without needing to be in front of their computers or staring at their mobile devices at all times. This feature allows you to use BitQL as part of a larger strategy rather than relying on it for all of your trades (which we would not recommend).


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