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Lucky Block is lined up to be one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in 2022 – with the blockchain project looking to revolutionize the global lottery industry.

If you’re looking to gain exposure to this digital asset, this guide will show you how to buy Lucky Block in under five minutes. We’ll also dive into what the Lucky Block project offers and explore whether or not this crypto asset is right for your portfolio.

How to Buy Lucky Block – A Quick Guide

By following the simple step-by-step walkthrough below, you can buy Lucky Block online in just a few clicks.

  • Step 1: Visit Lucky Block Pre-Sale Platform – The first step is to visit the Lucky Block pre-sale launch website.
  • Step 2: Unlock Wallet – Next, click on the ‘Unlock Wallet’ button. You will then be shown a range of supported wallets that you can use to buy Lucky Block coins. Make sure you have BNB in your chosen wallet.
  • Step 3: Enter Number of Tokens – You will then be asked to enter the number of Lucky Block coins that you wish to buy. During the pre-sale launch, you can allocate a minimum and maximum of 0.16 BNB and 400 BNB, respectively.
  • Step 4: Buy Lucky Block Coin – Finally, confirm the purchase. In doing so, the Lucky Block coins will be sent to your connected wallet.

As Lucky Block is a new cryptocurrency that is yet to launch on a centralized exchange – the investment process is slightly different from the norm. As such, if you need a little more guidance, you will find a detailed walkthrough of how to buy Lucky Block coin further down.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products

How to Buy Lucky Block – Detailed & Explained in Full

When learning the process of how to buy Lucky Block, you will need to have an allocation of BNB to complete your purchase. This is because the Lucky Block operates on the Binance Smart Chain. In the sections below, we walk you through this process step-by-step so that you can invest in Lucky Block with ease.

Step 1: Buy Binance Coin (BNB)

The very first step when learning how to buy Lucky Block is to ensure that you have enough Binance Coin (BNB) tokens to pay for your purchase. If you already have sufficient BNB in your wallet, you can move on to the next step.

If not, BNB is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies globally in terms of market capitalization, and therefore – you can purchase your desired number of tokens from over 100+ brokers and exchanges.

Step 2: Download Trust Wallet

When you buy Lucky Block – you will need to go through the project’s pre-sale launch platform. And as such, you will need to connect a suitable wallet that is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain.

For those unaware, the Binance Smart Chain is home to thousands of decentralized cryptocurrency tokens – including that of Lucky Block. If you do not already have a suitable wallet, we would suggest looking into Trust Wallet. This wallet is backed by Binance and is super-user friendly. It comes in the shape of a mobile app and you will have access to plenty of security features.

download trust wallet to buy Lucky Block coin

Once you have downloaded and installed Trust Wallet, you will need to set up a 4-digit PIN. You will also be shown your 12-word passphrase which you will need to write down on a piece of paper. This will allow you to regain access to your wallet in the event you lose your phone or forget your PIN.

Step 3: Transfer BNB to Trust Wallet

Now that you have set up Trust Wallet, you will need to transfer the BNB that you purchased in Step 1. To do this, search for BNB from within the Trust Wallet app and click on the ‘Receive’ button. This will then display your unique BNB wallet address – which you will need to copy to your clipboard.

Then, head over to the wallet or exchange that the BNB tokens are currently being stored in. Next, paste the BNB address in and elect to transfer the tokens to your Trust Wallet.

trust wallet receive BNB

Once you confirm the transfer, the BNB tokens should land in your Trust Wallet in less than two minutes.

Step 4: Visit Lucky Block Pre-Sale Website and Connect Wallet

The next step is to visit the Lucky Block pre-sale website. Look out for the ‘Unlock Wallet’ button and click it.

This will then display a list of wallets that you can use to pay for your Lucky Block investment. If you followed our walkthrough and opted for Trust Wallet, click this from the list of options.

how to buy lucky block coin

You will need to complete this step on the cell phone that the Trust Wallet app is installed. This is because Trust Wallet will open on your phone asking you to authenticate the connection with the Lucky Block pre-sale website.

Step 5: Buy Lucky Block Coins

The final step is to complete your investment order so that you can buy Lucky Block. To do this, you will need to enter the number of Lucky Block coins that you wish to buy. The minimum contribution is the equivalent of 0.16 BNB.

As of writing, BNB is trading for around $435 per token – so that amounts to a minimum stake of just under $70. The price of BNB will fluctuate though, so as the price increases, so will the minimum Lucky Block investment requirement in dollar terms.

how to buy lucky block

Once you are happy with your stake, confirm the order. The Lucky Block website will now inform you that your purchase was successful. The tokens will then be sent to your Trust Wallet.

Where to Buy Lucky Block – Best Place to Buy Lucky Block

As of writing this guide, the only place to buy Lucky Block is directly on the project’s pre-sale website. As noted in the walkthrough above, this means that you will need to pay for your Lucky Block purchase with BNB.

With that being said, the team behind Lucky Block note in their in-depth whitepaper that once the pre-sale launch concludes, Lucky Block will be listed on Pancakeswap. For those unaware, Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital tokens without going through a centralized operator.

how to buy lucky block

This is the obvious choice for Lucky Block’s initial exchange listing – not least because the platform is now used by over 2.8 million traders – which translates into more than $12 billion being staked. Furthermore, if you follow our walkthrough by choosing Trust Wallet to store your Lucky Block tokens, you will have direct access to Pancakeswap via the app. This means that you will have the opportunity to buy and sell Lucky Block at the click of a button.

Centralized Exchange Listings

The Lucky Block whitepaper also makes it clear that upon launching on Pancakeswap, the team will also be in communication with centralized exchanges. Not only will this make it easier for new investors to buy Lucky Block coins, but it will add significant levels of trading volume and liquidity.

The specific exchanges that Lucky Block will be listed on are yet to be announced by the team, but this will be communicated with token holders in due course.

What is Lucky Block? Overview of the Lucky Block Coin

If you’re somewhat new to the Lucky Block project, it’s a good idea to have a firm grasp of what the cryptocurrency offers in the broader blockchain marketplace. In a nutshell, Lucky Block is looking to revolutionize the global lottery industry – which is expected to be worth over $433 billion by the end of 2026. However, this industry is extremely fragmented, as lottery games are typically operated on a country-by-country basis.

In the case of Lucky Block, its lottery games will be accessible to anyone from anywhere – which is expected to result in significant jackpot prizes for those taking part. This isn’t all. Unlike traditional lottery games – the Lucky Block system does not rely on any centralized operators to generate outcomes. On the contrary, Lucky Block operates on top of the blockchain protocol, and thus – gaming outcomes are generated by smart contract technology.

buy lucky block online

This means that all gaming outcomes are guaranteed for fairness and transparency. This also means that no internal or external actors can influence or manipulate gaming outcomes. Moreover, when it comes to payouts, winnings are distributed as soon as the gaming outcome has been determined. The entire ecosystem is governed and facilitated by the Lucky Block coin – which gives the crypto asset real-world utility.

Why Buy Lucky Block Coin? Reasons to Invest in Lucky Block

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies that can now be purchased online. As a result, it can be difficult to know which digital assets to add to your portfolio. The most important thing is that you do lots of research before you buy the Lucky Block coin.

To help you make an informed decision, the sections below explore some of the key reasons why you might decide to buy Lucky Block coin today.

Huge Lottery Marketplace Needs Revolutionizing

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the Lucky Block coin is that the project is looking to revolutionize a global industry that is in dire need to change. As noted above, the lottery industry is expected to be worth over $433 by the end of 2026 – so this niche marketplace is significant in size. But, the lottery industry – from the perspective of gaming participants, isn’t without its issues.

At the forefront of this is that most lottery games are not only operated on a nation-by-nation basis but governed by central entities. In fact, most national lotteries are run by entities tied to the respective government. In the case of Lucky Block, lotteries are not tied to any single jurisdiction or entity – meaning that players from all over the world can participate.

where to buy lucky block coin

This decentralized way of playing lottery games will also ensure that jackpot prizes can be on a magnificent scale. After all, there are no restrictions on who can play in terms of location. As there are no central operators governing Lucky Block lotteries, this also means that a much greater percentage of collected entry fees are distributed to players.

Low Entry Price for Those Investing Early

Traditional IPOs allow early investors to buy newly-listed stocks at a highly favorable price. For example, had you purchased Tesla stocks during its IPO, you would have paid just $3.84 per share (adjusted for its 2020 stock split). Considering that Tesla has since surpassed $1,000 per share, early investors have been rewarded handsomely.

  • This early-bird sentiment is also the case with Lucky Block.
  • This is because the digital currency – as of writing, is still in its pre-sale launch phase.
  • According to the Lucky Block website, the pre-sale launch price stands at 0.0000002418 BNB per token.
  • The official launch price, however, stands at 0.0000003061 BNB per token.
  • This means that by taking part in the Lucky Block pre-sale launch, you can purchase the tokens at a discount of just over 26%.

With that being said, even if you miss the pre-sale launch, you can still invest in Lucky Block tokens by entering the market early. After all, the team at Lucky Block has plenty lined up in terms of global marketing, road map objectives, and partnerships with centralized exchanges.

Fully Doxxed Team of Experienced Stakeholders

One of the most important things to consider when assessing whether or not to invest in a new cryptocurrency is the team behind the project. You might be surprised to learn that many digital assets in this industry are run by an anonymous management team. And as such, this major red flag presents to risk that the team will simply walk away with investors’ money.

  • In the case of Lucky Block, all team members have been fully ‘doxxed’.
  • In cryptocurrency jargon, this simply means that the identity of each team member is in the public domain.
  • Therefore, you can be sure that Lucky Block is a legitimate project being run by credible individuals.

Global Marketing Campaign

It goes without saying that irrespective of how notable a cryptocurrency project is – without the correct marketing campaign in place, the project will not receive exposure. This is crucial when you consider that there are now over 16,000 digital currencies listed on CoinMarketCap.

Taking this into account, the team at Lucky Block has lined up a huge marketing campaign that will be executed on a global scale. As of writing, the Lucky Block coin is already being exposed to London – with the cryptocurrency being advertised on tubes, taxis, and buses.

lucky block presale london bus

This is in conjunction with a significant content marketing campaign that will consist of articles, press releases, and market insights surrounding Lucky Block. T

Risks of Buying Lucky Block Coin

Although there are plenty of reasons to consider adding Lucky Block to your investment portfolio, you also need to consider the risks. At the forefront of this is that Lucky Block – and all cryptocurrencies for that matter, are highly speculative and volatile financial products.

And as such, you should only invest an amount that you are comfortable losing. You also need to ensure that you have a basic understanding of wallet security. In doing so, this will ensure that your Lucky Block coins are kept secure at all times.

How & Where to Buy Lucky Block – Conclusion

In summary, we found that Lucky Block could be one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022. The project is looking to solve real-world problems found in the global lottery industry and this does this through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

As such, those participating in Lucky Block lotteries can be safe that all gaming outcomes as true, fair, and transparent. If you like the sound of this exciting cryptocurrency project and wish to buy Lucky Block right now – the investment process can be completed in under five minutes.

As this guide has explained in great detail, it’s just a case of visiting the Lucky Block pre-sale website, connecting your wallet, and deciding how many tokens you wish to purchase.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products


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