Bitcoin Storm Review 2021: Is it Legit, or a Scam?

Bitcoin Storm Bitcoin Storm is trending in 2021 as one of the most lucrative bitcoin trading platforms. This automated trading system is reportedly offering ordinary people an opportunity to ride bitcoin volatility profitably.

We have come across many reviews indicating that Bitcoin Storm is highly profitable. Surprisingly, this trading system seems to be churning out more bitcoin millionaires than any other trading system.

Bitcoin Storm uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the entire bitcoin volatility trading process. For the sake of beginners, volatility trading involves placing bets on the ups and downs of an asset price without owning it.

The million-dollar question is whether Bitcoin Storm is legit. Also, is it as profitable and easy to use as some reviews claim? You will find all the answers in our unbiased and detailed Bitcoin Storm review.

Please note that the technical trading language used in this review is for informational purposes only. You don’t need any knowledge or skills to use Bitcoin Storm.

Bitcoin Storm Review Summary

Bitcoin Storm

We have taken Bitcoin Storm through rigorous tests to determine if it’s legit. Our team of experts has analyzed this trading system to determine if the said technologies drive it.

Moreover, we have used powerful systems to analyze the thousands of Bitcoin Storm reviews on the internet. We have also analyzed the safety features put in place by this trading platform. Our verdict is that Bitcoin Storm is transparent, reputable, profitable, easy to use, and safe.

If the demo account is anything to go by, Bitcoin Storm has heavily invested in its trading platforms. The demo is said to be a copycat of the live trading platform. It uses the same AI technologies and backtests on historical information to simulate a real trading experience.

The results achieved from the Bitcoin Storm demo are reportedly not very far from what you will get during live trading. The demo comes with virtual capital of $10,000 and the Stop Loss and Take Profit features. These features are meant to teach you how to manage risk during live trading.

We have determined that the Bitcoin Storm website is encrypted through the 128-bit RSA protocol. This is enough guarantee of data safety. Bitcoin Storm operates under strictly regulated brokers. This assures all clients of deposits safety.

Bitcoin Storm could generate wealth for you, but you shouldn’t assume that it’s risk-free. A significant number of its reviewers claim-making losses. Take extra precaution by starting small and compounding profits for growth.

What is Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm is a web-based automated trading platform. The platform utilizes AI and blockchain to speculate on bitcoin on behalf of users.

Its trading algorithms are said to be super powerful. Bitcoin Storm bets on bitcoin are said to have a 95% win rate. This means that users are likely to make profits in every four out of five trades placed.

Bitcoin Storm applies multiple HFT techniques. These include arbitrage trading, news trading, and price trend analysis. We will discuss these techniques in detail below.

Bitcoin Storm Key Features

Our investigation shows that Bitcoin Storm is among the most advanced auto-trading systems in the market. It’s also among the very few with a proven track record.

Bitcoin Storm claims to have a user base of over 100k and daily signup requests of up to ten thousand. Only less than 5% of the signup attempts go through. This trading system is also widely reviewed by experts.

Most of the expert reviewers agree that it’s a powerful trading system. The majority also seem to agree that it offers the best bitcoin trading opportunity in 2021. Below are the top Bitcoin Storm features.

  • Powerful Arbitrage Trading Algorithms – Bitcoin Storm speculates on bitcoin using arbitrage trading techniques. Its AI-powered algorithms can study up to twenty exchanges simultaneously to identify price discrepancies. The trading system makes money out of these small discrepancies by buying in low priced exchanges and selling in high priced ones.
  • Powerful News Trading Algorithms – Bitcoin Storm algorithms also trades news. The AI subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP) powers it to identify and place bets on news-driven volatility. This robot is among the few with special algorithms to trade Elon Musk bitcoin news. Elon Musk is the most influential person in the bitcoin trading circles.
  • Powerful Price Trend Analysis algorithms – This trading system is also top-rated on price trend analysis. The price trend analysis technique involves studying historical prices to identify and trade trends. This trading approach is well known as technical analysis.
  • High trading leverage – Bitcoin Storm trades at insane leverage of up to 5000:1 to allow users to make huge profits out of small accounts.

Tips to succeeding with Bitcoin Storm

Bitcoin Storm automates all trading, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t influence its performance. There are several things you can do to increase the chances of making money with this platform.

Before we discuss them, it’s important to note that profitability is never guaranteed in crypto trading. You could generate profits or losses depending on luck, and the settings applied. Below are the tips for running Bitcoin Storm successfully.

  • Trade the EST time zone – Bitcoin Storm trades volatility. Crypto volatility is usually high during trading on Wall Street. This is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST. You need not worry if you are in another time zone. This is because Bitcoin Storm runs on autopilot.
  • Start small and reinvest profits – This will give you the peace of mind to identify and correct mistakes. You could reinvest the profits of a $250 account to a million dollars if lucky. Some Bitcoin Storm users allege to have done so.
  • Follow crypto news – Bitcoin Storm is powered by a news-trading algorithm. This algorithm detects crypto-related news and capitalizes on them. You need to ensure that Bitcoin Storm is running during volatility driving market events.
  • Get a trading buddy – If possible, get one of your friends to sign up with Bitcoin Storm. This person will be your trading buddy. Compare performance and help each other stay disciplined. You need the discipline to run this bot within the timeframe mentioned above. Also, you need to avoid getting overexcited and disrupting trading before the end of the trading session.

Is Bitcoin Storm Legit? The Verdict!

Bitcoin Storm is highly reputable, transparent and safe. We have conducted thorough background checks on it and didn’t find any red flags.

Bitcoin Storm is based on the blockchain to enable a fully transparent trading environment. Users can apply the subset of blockchain known as Smart Contracts to solve disputes. Bitcoin Storm has published a document detailing its pricing mechanism on the trading resources page.

This trading bot has also disclosed all its partner brokers. We have scrutinized each of the brokers and found them to be reputable. Each of these brokers is regulated in at least five jurisdictions. Bitcoin Storm will match you to a locally regulated broker.

We have also established that this platform is safe. Its website relies on 128-bit RSA encryption. This level of encryption prevents even the most sophisticated cyberattacks. Bitcoin Storm claims to have a standby and well equipped cyber incident response team.

You can get started with Bitcoin Storm now by signing up through the link below. Bitcoin Storm could be the tool to transform your finances, but it’s not risk-free. You should treat it as a high-risk trading system and only deposit what you can afford to lose.

Signup & Start Trading Now at Bitcoin Storm!

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