15000 Loan – 5 Best $15000 Loan For Bad Credit in 2023

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You don’t always need a significant amount of money for a loan; sometimes, all you need is a 15000 loan to cover your unexpected costs.

Most responsible lenders assess each application and lend just what the applicant can afford to repay. Furthermore, they enable you to return your debt at manageable intervals, such as weekly installments over a certain length of time.

However, internet lending firms take into account more than simply your credit score, so you may be able to apply for a $15,000 loan even if you have low credit, subject to affordability.

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Best 15000 Loan – Quick Pick

  1. Ameri Cash – Best for 15000 Dollar Loan Money in 60 Minutes
  2. Cash Central – Best For No Guarantors 15000 Loan
  3. Blue Trust Loans – Best for Low $15000 Loan Instant
  4. Ace Cash Express – Best for Same Day $15000 Dollar Loan Payouts
  5. Big Picture Loan – Good for 15000 Loan Bad Credit

What Are 15000 Loans?

15,000 Loans are unsecured personal loans that are short-term, small-sum, and have high-interest rates — also known as check advances, cash advances, post-dated check advances, and deferred deposit loans.

Because these loans are just for a brief period, the interest rates are pretty high. The average annual percentage rate on 15,000 loans is more than 500%.

You must authorize the lender to withdraw funds from your bank account in exchange for a loan. The whole loan amount, including any costs, usually is payable within 14 days – or when your next paycheck arrives. Lenders will enable you to prolong the loan if you do not have enough money to repay the loan entirely within the agreed-upon schedule. To extend the payday loan, additional costs are imposed.

Common Uses Of 15000 Loan

1. Appliance Purchases

Disasters in the home might occur at any time. A personal loan can help when you want to purchase a new washer and dryer but don’t have the money at that moment. Other significant expenditures, including an entertainment center or gaming laptops, might wind up costing more than you have in your bank or savings account.

With a personal loan, you can buy excellent household goods and devices right away, rather than needing to save for months. Although you’ll be required to pay interest and maybe upfront fees, a personal loan could save you money and time by allowing you to forgo using laundromats and other short-term but costly options.

2. Vehicle Financing

A personal loan can help you pay for a car, boat, RV, or even a private jet. It’s also one method of paying for a vehicle if you don’t buy it straight from the manufacturer without depleting your savings account.

3. Wedding Expenses

An ordinary wedding costs approximately $28,000, according to The Knot. Couples who do not have that type of money might use a personal loan to meet the expenses now and pay them back later.

Wedding loans can help pay for significant expenses such as the venue and the bride’s gown and lesser costs such as flowers, photography, the cake, and a wedding planner.

Besides, you may also need to consider taking a personal loan to pay for the engagement ring. Engagement rings can be expensive when a couple acquires a high-value jewelry type. If you don’t want to exhaust your savings account, obtain a personal loan to enable you to plan your engagement and wedding the way you’ve always imagined.

4. Vacation Costs

While a typical trip would not require you to go for a personal loan, you may need such a loan when going for a honeymoon and a luxury cruise. Personal loans can help you fund your dream holiday and make it a success when you graduated recently and want to go on a vocational trip, or you’re celebrating an anniversary.

How To Qualify For 15000 Loan (Eligibility Criteria)

  • The applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 65, while for some loan amounts, the applicant must be at least 21.
  • The lender will specify the minimum level of income required to apply for a Rs 15000 loan.
  • Salary and self-employed persons, as well as small company professionals, are eligible for personal loans.
  • Lenders usually want a minimum credit score of 650, but you can modify this according to the lender’s preferences if you have other elements in your favor.

Top 5 Best $15000 Loan – Fully Reviewed

1. Ace Cash Express

Ace Cash Express is a lending company that offers quick loans to customers who cannot obtain loans from traditional banking institutions. The business was launched in 1968 and was rebranded by Populus Financial Group in 2019. We partially did this to rename the company and allow Populus Financial Group to act as a holding company for various brands.

Ace Cash Express defines itself as a lender of last hope for the underbanked and has no alternatives. It offers, among other services, installment loans, payday loans, cash advances, and title loans. However, the fees and interest rates on these loans are pretty high.

Individuals with good, bad, or no credit can use ACE Cash Express to get small-dollar loans and boost their credit scores through other credit agencies.


  • Fast funding is possible.
  • There is no prepayment penalty.
  • Prequalification software


  • High rates of interest
  • You may be charged an origination fee—depending on where you come from
  • Not available in every state

2. Big Picture Loan

Big Picture Loans is a locally based lender that offers personal installment loans. The organization reported on its homepage that they accept 94% of all applicants and process all accepted loans the next working day.

Big Picture Loans uses its homepage website for advertising a “Financial Services License.”  You should inform potential borrowers that this is not a state license but one given by the tribal administration. The corporation lacks checks and balances because it is not a member of the Online Lenders Alliance, which some other tribal lending institutions have chosen to join.


  • Payout duration is short, generally within 24 hours
  •  Users with poor credit are also considered.
  •  No penalty for paying in advance.
  •  Loans are available in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia
  •  Their Free Financial Wellness program offers users information and services to help them boost their financial situation.


  • Earnings delayed payments, and missed payments may result in additional fees and penalties
  • Customer service has a bad reputation
  • States must not follow state laws
  • Come in a high-interest rate

3. Blue Trust Loans

Blue Trust Loans, a web-based tribal lender, is owned and operated by the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. To qualify for a loan of up to $3,000, you must sign the documentation by 11:45 a.m. If you successfully apply on a business day, you must pay weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, depending on when you ar45 a.m.

Compared to traditional payday loans, Blue Trust Loans offers installment loans as an alternative to payday loans because users do not have to pay them back in full on the following paycheck. The loan is typically for nine months, with a payback schedule that corresponds to your paycheck dates. Depending on how often you are paid, you can be paid weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly.


  • Smaller principal amounts are ideal for meeting short-term needs.
  • Minimum standards are lenient, letting people with bad credit obtain financing.
  • The online application process takes a matter of  to complete
  • Clients are assured a quick response time, with financing available in as little as a day.


  • The loans are ten times more expensive than traditional forms of borrowing, at times
  • The high-interest rate makes repaying the loan exceedingly tricky, increasing the risk of additional costs
  • Their tribe privilege makes it far harder to fight back legally or suit them if they commit criminal acts

4. Cash Central

Cash Central is an online lender that offers installment loans ranging from $300 to $5,000. You don’t need perfect credit to be authorized; it promotes loans as quick solutions to life’s problems. Loan restrictions, however, differ depending on where you live.

Moreover, Cash Central offers payday loans and credit lines, but your alternatives may be limited depending on your area. This lending platform is managed by Community Choice Financial, a nationwide financial services corporation launched in 2011.

Payback periods at Cash Central range from six to twenty-four months. You can choose to make payments monthly, semimonthly, or biweekly.

On the due date, the Cash Central automatically withdraws the money you owe. If you wish to pay your loan in another method, you must contact the lender.

Remember that when you make early loan payments, we will allocate your costs to any current interest and fees and then to the original loan.


  • Possible same-day funding: Once the loan is approved, you might have the funds in your bank account as soon as the next working day.
  • There are many operational names: Cash Central’s operations are recognized by various names in different nations. Personal loans in Alabama, for instance, originated through easy cash.


  • High-Interest Rates: Interest rates vary depending on several factors, including your credit history and the type of loan you plan to obtain.
  • However, even after subtracting your tax deductions and computing the reduced interest rate, you may still be paying a high-interest rate each month, which reduces your profits.
  • Your Credit Score Is Affected: Your credit score is influenced by what you borrow. Furthermore, if you borrow in large amounts, this might be negative, resulting in higher interest rates and increased risk for lenders.

5. Check City

Check City is a lending company with offices in Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, and Utah. This organization provides in-store and online payday loans, title loans, installment loans, tax services, insurance, and other services.

Check City provides exceptional lending services and impeccable BBB ratings in 17 countries. It’s a direct lender that offers quick and dependable online payday loans. Check City’s lender information is provided in their evaluation.


  • Some nations provide large loan sums.
  • It offers loan terms of more than 16 days from a direct lender
  • The loan application is simple.
  • The terms are straightforward.


  • There are only 17 states that have this service.
  • In-person deposits may come sooner than internet deposits.

Features Of 15000 Loan

  • The loans are for tiny sums, and several states limit the size of payday loans. A standard borrowing limit is $500; however, restrictions might be higher or lower.
  • A payday loan is often returned in a single payment on the subsequent payday or when money is acquired from another channel, such as a pension or Social Security. The loan’s due date is usually two to four weeks after the loan is issued. The payday loan agreement specifies the due date.
  • To pay back the loan, you typically submit a post-dated check for the whole sum, including fees, or you authorize the lender to automatically withdraw the cash from your bank, credit union, or prepaid card account. When you do not return the loan by the given deadline, the lender has the option to remove funds from your account electronically.
  • Payday lenders often do not assess your ability to pay back your loan while satisfying your other financial responsibilities.
  • The loans can be delivered to you in cash or cheque, digitally transferred into your bank account, or onto a prepaid debit card.

Advantages Of 15000 Loan

1. Fast Approval

The loan application and review process is straightforward, and it takes a few minutes. Following your approval, funds will be wired directly into your bank account within 24 hours, and if you complete the application process early, you can get your funds on the same day.

2. Extended Payment Plans

There’s an extended payment plan for those who cannot manage to pay the loan on time. Check City can help you split your loan payments into four equal installments—there are no charges for this service. 

However, this loan payment plan is available only once a year for every borrower. The amounts of loans offered are much higher than those provided by other payday loan companies. Those other payday companies have loan options of up to $500, while Check city has a maximum of $2,500.

3. The Services Are Available In 16 Different States

Check City’s services are available in 16 states in the US, and they continue to extend their coverage. A majority of the payday loan companies are known to US borrowers in only ten or fewer states.

4. A Choice Of Method Of Application

There are two application methods; you can either apply for loans online or visit their physical store.

5. It Offers Bad Credit Loans

Check City gives hope to the borrowers with bad credits. Conventional loan companies fear borrowers with bad credit risk and thus hesitate to approve their applications, whereas Check City provides unsecured loans. 

6. Accredited In The US

The loan industry is not exempted when it comes to scammers. There are several scam companies in this industry, so borrowers are advised to take precautions. Private institutions and the government have put bodies in place to oversee the operations of loan companies. 

These bodies regulate payday loan companies and ensure that borrowers are treated well. Check City is accredited by several bodies, including Better Business Bureau, UCLA, and CFSA. 

7. Offer Multiple Services

Check City offers other services besides payday loans. They offer services like money orders, cash checking, installment loans, and others.

Disadvantages Of 15000 Loan

1. High APR

Compared to other emergency loan companies, Check city has high APR and fees. The APR rates depend on the number of loans, loan terms, and the state. The rates vary from 214.71% to 1173.21%. 

2. Extra Fees

Check City charges verification fees and a loan fee ranging from $15 to $30 for every $100 borrowed. Therefore, the amount you repay will be higher than the borrowed amount by far. You should do research and find out the APR rates and fees before signing any binding agreement. 

3. Late Payments

Check City has a penalty fee for late payment, so you should ensure that you make payments in time. These charges add to the total loan cost.

4. Limited To A Couple Of States

Check City is only available in 16 states, even though it continues to expand to other states. The instore services are available in only four states though Check City services can be accessed online by borrowers in 16 states. 

How To Get 15000 Personal Loans

Step 1: Visit Viva Payday Loans

Go to Vivapaydayloans.com. The website has a simple setup. Go on the top right side of the screen and click on the “Apply Now” icon. This marks the beginning of the process of application.

Step 2: Complete The Application Form

The process of application entails filling an online form. The details required are your income information, name, and monthly expenses.

Step 3: Get Your Decision

It takes only 2 minutes to get feedback on your loan application after filling out the form. You can either be successful, or your application may be rejected. 

Step 4: Receive Your Loan

If your loan application is approved, you’ll have to sign a binding contract. Go through the loan agreement keenly and make sure you understand the terms and conditions before signing. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive funds in your bank account after submitting the signed agreement.  


15000 loans come in handy when you have an emergency financial problem, especially if your subsequent payday is weeks away. You can apply for $15,000 loans from Viva Payday Loans, among the top-rated payday loan platforms. The application process is quick and straightforward. Visit their website and fill out the application form to begin the process of application. 

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