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Bitcoin (BTC) popularity continues to eek forward as mainstream adoption of crypto becomes a reality. Bitcoin was bought about in 2008 by the anonymous individual/group known as “Satoshi Nakamoto” and is the father/origin of all cryptocurrencies. Great for beginners, learning how to buy Bitcoin in Thailand is the simplest way to begin the journey into the crypto space.

This how-to buy Bitcoin Thailand guide details the steps needed to purchase Bitcoin and reviews which exchange is best to use. In this guide, you can find the advantages and disadvantages of buying Bitcoin and learn which exchanges are best to use to do so.

#1 Crypto Exchange Thailand – eToro

Mobile AppYes
  • Invest in a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Ability to copy more experienced investors and their decisions
  • eToro crypto wallet included which makes it beginner-friendly
Mobile AppYes
  • Invest in a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • No hidden fees or expenses
  • Deposit with multiple payment methods
Mobile AppYes
  • Invest in a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • No hidden fees or expenses
  • Deposit with multiple payment methods

How to Buy Bitcoin in Thailand – The Quick Four-Step Strategy

  • Step 1: Sign up to eToro – Use our recommended broker as the best place to begin
  • Step 2: Verify your identity – Upload your government-issued identity documents onto the platform to verify your identity.
  • Step 3: Deposit fiat money – Make your first deposit, ensuring the amount you add is no more than you are willing to lose.
  • Step 4: Purchase Bitcoin in Thailand – Search for Bitcoin on your chosen platform and purchase Bitcoin.

Where to Buy Bitcoin in Thailand

Thailand is a gorgeous country and a popular destination that welcomes both an entrepreneurial community and digital nomads. As blockchain space currently hosts one of the most entrepreneurial communities and ecosystems. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies purchases have recently been in very high demand at Cryptocurrency casinos in Thailand and will continue to increase. Regardless of what you purchase with Bitcoin, this ultimate guide will show you the different aspects of a Bitcoin buying process and in this section, you can see some of the options regarding which platforms to buy Bitcoin at in Thailand.

1. eToro – Overall Best Broker to Buy Bitcoin in Thailand

Founded in 2006 eToro established itself as a major trading platform with some innovative features like social trading and shadow trading (copy trading). Most traders will be familiar with this platform and that by itself can be a preference to choose it as the platform to buy Bitcoin.

eToro is an easy to use platform that has pioneered social trading which allows you to copy trades of other successful and popular traders. Minimum amount required for copy trades is $200 while maximum amount is capped at $500.000.

Deposits to eToro can be made by using popular options such as Visa and MasterCard, Paypal and Skrill and this makes getting started with cryptocurrencies more convenient. eToro now support trading activities for more than 120 cryptocurrencies and the trading tools offered by the platform are also particularly useful and satisfactory.

eToro Academy is a great section if you’d like to polish your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency knowledge. It makes sense to make use of these professionally curated resources since blockchain technology and Bitcoin both seem like they will stay around for many more years. In addition to eToro Academy, eToro has a “News and Analysis” section where you can get insights about the crytocurrency markets, Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Cardano, BNB and Ripple.

Another advantage with buying Bitcoin through eToro is the small minimum amount required for Bitcoin purchases which is only $25. So if you are after making small investments or getting started with Bitcoin with risking minimum amounts possible eToro will be a good option for that.


  • Copytrading and social trading options offer an opportunity to step in crypto trading with trading and investment activities in focus.
  • Well established trading platform for traditional financial assets as well as crypto.
  • User friendly user-interface
  • Great customer service


  • It doesn’t accept crypto deposits

67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

2. Skilling – Reliable, Secure, and Trusted by Thousands of Traders Worldwide


Trade your way to success with Skilling – the premier broker for Bitcoin trading. With more than 850+ financial instruments to choose from, you can find the perfect trade and capitalize on market movements. Use Skilling’s powerful platform to execute trades quickly and easily, or consult their experts for guidance – whatever you need, they’ve got you covered. Start trading today and experience the power of Skilling!

When it comes to your financial future, knowledge is power. With Skilling Academy, you have access to the trading education you need to make informed and successful investments. From beginner tutorials on technical and fundamental analysis to strategies for hunting down the best trades, Skilling will teach you everything you need to know about trading. So why wait? Skilling gives you the tools you need to achieve success in today’s markets.

Looking to trade on the tightest spreads in the market? Look no further than Skilling. Skilling’s commission-free Standard Account offers spreads from 0.7 pips, while their commission-based Premium Account offers spreads from just 0.1 pips. So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Skilling has you covered. Come see what makes Skilling the best choice for your trading needs today!


  • A wide variety of 800+ financial instruments to choose from
  • Strictly regulated
  • Market-leading expert in algorithmic trading
  • Make your trades count with MetaTrader 4 and cTrader
  • Take your trading to the next level


  • Lack of support for ETF trading

67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

3. – Top Bitcoin Broker with Zero Commission stock trading is a leading online broker that offers its customers access to a wide range of tradable assets, including cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and currency pairs. The broker was founded in 2016 and is owned and operated by Capital Com SV Investments Limited.

With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of products, makes it easy for you to get started on your path to financial success. And with world-class customer support and a wide range of features, has everything you need to make the most of your trading experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, has the tools and resources you need to make smart investment decisions. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and see how easy it can be to start trading like a pro!


  • Offers a 0% commission on crypto trading with no hidden fees.
  • Trusted platform and easy, user-friendly interface.
  • Fast execution of orders.
  • Competitive spreads.
  • Under the regulation of top-tier agencies like the FCA, CySEC, and others.
  • Accessibility of over 3,000 markets
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Availability of educational resources and demo account.


  • Exclusively on CFDs.

67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

4. XPro Markets – The Future of Finance


XPro Markets is a well-established trading platform with a proven track record in the industry. Notably, XPro Markets’ team of experts is dedicated to empowering traders by providing top-quality trading tools and valuable knowledge. XPro Markets believes that their customers come first, which is why they offer a variety of trading materials to cater to everyone’s needs. With XPro Markets, you can trade forward with confidence!

Choose from one of the four account types to get started with a package that fits your needs. Enjoy access to exclusive benefits like dedicated account managers, VIP webinars, and full account overviews when you upgrade to a Gold or VIP account. Unsurprisingly, XPro Markets is where serious investors come to trade.

With XPro Markets, you get the spreads you need to get in and out of the markets with ease. XPro Markets’ account types are tailored to give you the most competitive spreads in the industry. Whether you’re a classic trader or prefer their silver account, XPro Markets has a spread that’s perfect for you. So why wait? Sign up today and see for yourself what sets XPro Markets apart from the rest!


  • Gain access to a wide range of products and tools
  • Trade crypto on a user-friendly platform
  • Get the best trading experience possible
  • Find the perfect account for your unique trading style
  • Get ahead of your competitors


  • Premium benefits are available only to Gold and VIP members

67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

5. Binance – Great Platform to Buy Bitcoin

Founded in 2017, Binance is a relatively new trading platform which only offers cryptocurrency trading. Although a very innovative and usually stable company, young age can mean glitches in the platform from time to time.

Trading is a fairly simple and straightforward using Binance. It offers many cryptocurrencies with fiat pairs and you can also trade directly using your BTC against other cryptocurrencies. One feature it’s also missing is social trading that allows following successful crypto traders.

Like eToro it allows deposits via Sepa/Wire transfers as well as debit/credit cards but unlike eToro, it doesn’t offer Paypal deposits which can be restricting depending on your preferred payment method.


  • One of the most popular crypto exchanges globally
  • Offers 100s of crypto pairs
  • Very liquid Bitcoin markets and high volume activity


  • Only offers crypto trading
  • Doesn’t offer copy trading which some users prefer
  • Some products such as margin trading and futures trading can be too technical and risky for beginners and non-experts.
  • Relatively new in the market
  • Doesn’t support local currency Thai Baht

67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

6. Bitkub – Popular Platform to Buy Bitcoin in Thailand

Bitkub is a popular local alternative to global platforms for buying Bitcoin. If you are living in Thailand and using Thai Banks or Thai currency Baht, a local solution like Bitkub can be tremendously useful since you can use your bank account in Thai Baht to make fiat deposits to purchase BTC.

Even if you use a debit or credit card if they are tied to your local bank account you will be able to make Bitcoin purchases with less fees since transaction should be in Thai Baht.

Unlike eToro Bitkub doesn’t offer advanced trading tools such as social trading services. If this is something interesting for you, you might want to opt out and try another service for your Bitcoin investment.


  • Local solution that supports Thai fiat currency – Baht.


  • No advanced trading features such as copy trading or margin trading
  • Relatively high fees standing at 0.25% per trade.

67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

7. Satang – Up-and-coming Alternative for Buying Bitcoin in Thailand

Satang is an up-and-coming centralized exchange with clean and useful UI design. Although not as popular as Bitkub Satang is a great alternative for buying Bitcoin with Thai Baht currency. It offers beautiful and useful user interface which can make it a more pleasant experience, especially for newcomers. They also have great education series, trading guide and a regularly updated blog that offers a wealthy resource for anyone interested to learn more about the intricacies of Bitcoin investing or trading.

While Satang can be a good option for new Bitcoin users, it’s important to note that this platform is quite new and there can potentially be imperfections on the website such as slow user-interface performance and occasional bugs.

Also, most people prefer using mobile versions of exchange applications to purchase Bitcoin nowadays and although Satang has an Android mobile version, unfortunately they don’t offer an Apple mobile version yet. If you are using Apple devices this can be a deal-breaker for you.

Otherwise, if you don’t mind trying new services and the limitations of Android devices Satang can be an interesting option to try out to buy Bitcoin with local currency Thai Baht in Thailand.


  • Local currency Thai Baht is used for buying BTC (Bitcoin)
  • In addition to Thai and English services are also offered in Chinese.
  • THB (Thai Baht) withdrawals are free of commissions and fees.


  • The Mobile version is only available for Android users.
  • Not as popular so the trading volume can be low.
  • Not many crypto pairs are offered.
  • The platform can be slow

67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Purchasing Bitcoin – Is it a Good Investment?

Bitcoin has seen an astonishing price surge since 2009. 1000$ invested in Bitcoin in 2012 (around $5/BTC) would equal approximately $10 million in 2021, a mind-blowing 10.000X return. So how about today? Is it still a good idea to make investments in Bitcoin. The answer to this question remains unknown however, we have been seeing increasing mainstream media attention, institutional adoption and a more favourable approach from regulators worldwide. (Bitcoin even became a legal tender in El Salvador recently.)

Many analysts believe Bitcoin price will continue to see exponential growth since the supply has a strict limit and adoption on the other hand is increasing the demand. Only 12 years after its invention Bitcoin market capitalization (mcap) managed to hit a staggering $1 trillion in total.

As of October 19th 2021, the first Bitcoin Futures ETF was launched – setting a new milestone for the cryptocurrency industry. This catalyst towards mainstream acceptance now gathers global attention as Bitcoin Price began to break towards and above $63,000 once more.

BTC price broke above $68,000 as of November 9th 2021 and still struggles towards the $70,000 mark as it fights the resistance level. Bitcoin’s current price is $66,826.

The Advantages of Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin offers all the advantages innovative blockchain technology offers such as storage convenience, transferability, public transparency and blockchain security. Blockchain innovations has been booming and Bitcoin is a bridge to this world as the main cryptocurrency. Here are some of the advantages Bitcoin ownership might bring.

Early adoption: Many people think we are at a very early stage of Bitcoin

Scarcity: In history, ownership of scarce assets usually played out very well. Gold, diamonds, rare art has been assets of scarce form and unlike inflation assets like fiat currencies, they are known to appreciate through time. With only 21 million ever to exist in the universe (current supply ~19 million), Bitcoin is a very scarce asset and if the demand and hype around it continue it might preserve its value or even continue appreciating to unimagined levels.

Fractional ownership: $50K per bitcoin is still a steep price to make an investment in one whole Bitcoin for most people around the globe. Not to worry. You can also own Bitcoin in decimals, so if you want to enter a position with only $1000 or even $100 it’s still possible. It still makes sense to not go too low on each transaction amount since there will also be some fees depending on the purchasing methods used.

Liquidity: BTC remains one of the most liquid assets so it shouldn’t be a problem to buy and sell when needed. Keep in mind though in crisis times these dynamics change quickly, they are also valid for traditional investment vehicles and even cashing out bank deposits.

Main trading pair: For trading enthusiasts or anyone who wishes to convert to other cryptocurrencies, BTC is still the main trading pair on most exchanges.


The Disadvantages of Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin investments are by no means risk-free. In fact, they can probably be categorized as high-risk assets. In this section, we will try to elaborate on what kind of risks you might be facing when you buy Bitcoin.

Highly dynamic and innovative ecosystem: Although an advantage in general, this can be a risk regarding Bitcoin investments. Blockchain technology is very new and it’s making a groundbreaking impact. After Bitcoin, there have been many technological advancements such as smart contracts. If sensation around Bitcoin was to change this could affect Bitcoin price and momentum adversely.

The security aspect of Bitcoin: Bitcoin owners are targets of many bad actors globally. Since Bitcoin price appreciated so much throughout the years it also became the main target for scammers and bad hackers throughout the world. One advantage of exchanges is that they keep custody of your wallet and they have professional security systems compared to average individual use cases.

Local and regulatory risks: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are also regulated at the local level depending on which country and jurisdiction transactions fall in. It’s well-known that US residents have a pretty difficult time with getting involved in some of the cryptocurrency-related auctions, offerings and transactions due to regulations in the United States. Thailand currently has a more relaxed outlook regarding crypto regulations but if this was to change suddenly you would be affected by the new regulations.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Bitcoin in Thailand?

Bitcoin price doesn’t really change much based on your location. It has become a very liquid crypto asset that trades throughout the world globally. As of 20 September 2021, 1 Bitcoin costs approximately $44.100 US dollars and 1.4 million Thai Baht.

If you wanted to invest $1000 in Bitcoin, you could purchase 0.0227 BTC. The same amount of BTC could be purchased with 34.000 Thai Bahts.

Purchasing Bitcoin – How to Pay for It

To buy Bitcoin in Thailand you can pick the most ideal one for you through many of the options you have today. Luckily most of the major Bitcoin trading platforms actively operate in Thailand. Choosing a well-established exchange will provide you with low commissions, favourable exchange rates and good customer support when needed.


One of the most convenient ways to buy Bitcoin is through Paypal. If you have a Paypal account you already know how convenient it is to use this platform. As an additional bonus, eToro accepts deposits made via Paypal accounts and you will be able to buy Bitcoin and trade cryptocurrencies. Since eToro supports most local currencies and is a fully regulated exchange it can be an attractive option for many people.

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal at eToro from $50 Now >

Direct Transfers

Direct bank transfer can take some time to set up since this option will take some time to enter bank accounts and wait for the transferring time caused by the banks. Still, it’s a great option since you will be facing very little to no commission fees while purchasing Bitcoin this way.

Buy Bitcoin via Direct Transfer at eToro from $50 Now >

Buy Bitcoin using a Credit/Debit Card

Buying Bitcoin using a credit or debit card is a very convenient option as it doesn’t require setting up accounts or waiting for bank transfers. This almost instant option to buy Bitcoin comes with a cost since you will incur approximately 2%-5% processing fees. So, although this can be a good option for your first purchases or small purchases, incorporating a method such as direct deposit or Paypal payments will likely be a better option if you are planning to make ongoing Bitcoin purchases or buy large amounts.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit/Debit Card at eToro from $50 Now >

How to Buy Bitcoin – A Full eToro Guide

Step 1: Signup for an Account on eToro

Through due diligence, we have confirmed that eToro is the #1 best broker to buy Bitcoin today for newcomers to the crypto space. Simply visit their website and click “sign up” to begin setting up your account. before registering, have the following prepared:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Picture of government-issued ID/Passport
  • Picture of a recent utility bill containing your address

Buy Bitcoin from just $50 Now >

Step 2: Verify your Trading Account

During the signup process, you will be asked to submit the aforementioned information to verify your identity. To do so, simply upload your government-issued ID and utility bill (including the same address registered with). With the correct documentation and information provided, eToro will confirm your account is ready to be funded by email within 10-15 minutes

Step 3: Fund your Trading Account

With your information verified, now it is time to invest in Bitcoin. As all deposits are free on eToro, you have nothing to fear in terms of fees. When using a debit/credit card or PayPal, funds deposited will be reflected in your account near-instantly. For other methods such as Bank Wire Transfer, please allow two to three days for funds to appear.

Step 4: Buy Bitcoin Today

The final step is to purchase your first sum of Bitcoin. Start by typing “Bitcoin” or the ticker symbol “BTC” into the search bar. Next click on trade and purchase your Bitcoin today. Congratulations, you now own some Bitcoin on eToro.

67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


In this article, we learned different purchasing methods for Bitcoin in Thailand as well as how to store them in different custody and non-custody wallet options. Choosing a platform to buy Bitcoins and choosing a wallet to store your Bitcoins are two major processes involved in the Bitcoin ownership experience and hopefully, both processes should be clearer after reading this article.

We also discussed some Thailand specific information for that jurisdiction and how the Bitcoin ecosystem seems to be shaping up in Thailand and shared some great platform alternatives for people in Thailand where you can safely proceed and buy some Bitcoins.

Best Platform to Buy Bitcoin Thailand – eToro

Mobile AppYes
  • Invest in a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Ability to copy more experienced investors and their decisions
  • eToro crypto wallet included which makes it beginner-friendly


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