Bitcoin Digital Review 2021: Is it Legit, or a Scam?

Bitcoin Digital App Bitcoin Digital is reportedly making users rich through automated bitcoin trading. This auto-trading platform was founded in 2018.

It’s quite popular today, with a user base of over a hundred thousand. Bitcoin Digital is said to use sophisticated HFT techniques to make money out of bitcoin volatility. The bot applies short-selling strategies to generate profits from falling prices.

This makes it less risky and highly profitable than the traditional ways of investing in crypto. Anyone can trade with Bitcoin Digital since no trading skill is required. But is Bitcoin Digital a scam, or is it legit and profitable?

We will provide the answers in this review. Please read our review to the end before continuing with this platform.

Bitcoin Digital Review – Key points

We have concluded that Bitcoin Digital is legit after analyzing the feedback from users and conducting tests on its platform.

Bitcoin Digital is perhaps the most reviewed auto-trading platform on the internet today. This platform is reviewed by over 20,000 of its users. We have determined that the reviews are from verified users. Surprisingly, over 90% of the Bitcoin Digital reviews are positive.

Most of the users confirm the supposed profitability. The majority are reportedly making good profits daily. You could reportedly earn a daily income of over a thousand dollars by compounding the returns of a $250 account for about three weeks.

But you shouldn’t take the profitability as guaranteed. Bitcoin Digital is a crypto volatility betting robot. Crypto volatility is unpredictable, and hence the chances of making losses are high. Bitcoin Digital minimizes the risk but doesn’t eliminate it.

We are happy with this trading system partner brokers. Bitcoin Digital operates under 15 brokers, 10 of which are regulated in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. These brokers are categorized as tier-one since they adhere to strict client protection guidelines. We will discuss the roles of Bitcoin Digital partner brokers later in this review.

Lastly, we have conducted thorough penetration testing on Bitcoin Digital platforms and confirmed that they are safe. They are encrypted and fully compliant with the global data safety best practices.

Bitcoin Digital

What is Bitcoin Digital?

Bitcoin Digital is a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to automate bitcoin trading. You are probably aware of the impact of automation in finance. Analysts predict that automation will take over 80% of the jobs by 2030.

Today, AI-based computer programs can perform most of the tasks previously only conducted by experts. AI is taking over most industries, but the highest disruptions are in the financial sector. Trading robots and robo-advisors are controlling trillions of dollars in the US alone.

Robo-advisors are for long-term investment and include the likes of Robinhood App, Betterment, and Accenture. These apps are region-based and only available in developed markets. Trading robots such as Bitcoin Digital are for day trading and are usually specialized to trade certain assets.

There are thousands of auto-trading robots in the market today, but only very few are worth considering. Bitcoin Digital is one of them. This trading robot is highly specialized to speculate on bitcoin through the CFDs derivatives.

You don’t know anything about trading to use Bitcoin Digital. This is because most of the trading happens automatically. Simply signup with Bitcoin Digital, fund your trading account and sit back as the bot does the trading for you.

You could be lucky to generate fortunes through this bot, but you may also make losses. It would therefore be extremely stupid to deposit all your savings in a high-risk investment.

Is Bitcoin Digital a scam?

Bitcoin Digital has all that you would expect in a legit trading platform. This trading robot is not only reputable but has all the necessary tools in place to safeguard clients.

Bitcoin Digital is the world first blockchain-based auto-trading system. Blockchain brings about high-level transparency by enabling transparent P2P transactions. The Bitcoin Digital trading ecosystem enables users to track their accounts in real-time.

Moreover, they can raise and settle disputes easily through Smart Contracts (SC) technology. Smart Contracts are supported on the blockchain and are used to execute contracts and settle disputes.

Bitcoin Digital is compliant with data privacy laws in all areas of operation. The trading system is said to be among the very firms in the industry that are GDPR certified. A General Data Protection Regulation (GDR) verified firm is fully compliant with data protection laws in the EU.

Bitcoin Digital protects users’ data through military-grade server-side and website encryptions. We have also established that it links to highly reputable brokers. These brokers are under strict regulatory scrutiny and can therefore never engage in fraudulent activities. The underlying brokers process all transactions through Bitcoin Digital.

Bitcoin Digital UK Dragons Den

We have come across a viral Reddit post alleging that Bitcoin Digital was featured on Dragons Den. For those who might not know, the Dragons Den is a popular TV program aired on the BBC in the UK and Australia.

It’s a reality TV show featuring entrepreneurs pitching their innovative ideas to a panel of wealthy investors. The Reddit rumour alleges that Bitcoin Digital was pitched in the show in 2017 and received over $1 million in funding from Kevin O’Leary.

Kevin O’Leary is a big fan of bitcoin, but we didn’t find any proof that he is one of the investors behind Bitcoin Digital. Please do not take any Bitcoin Digital news as gospel truth before verifying it on their official website.

Bitcoin Digital Review: Final word!

We are happy with the measures Bitcoin Digital has put in place to ensure clients of a safe auto-trading environment. These include offering a blockchain-based trading ecosystem. This ecosystem ensures that clients can monitor all trading and solve any disputes through smart contracts.

We are convinced that Bitcoin Digital is profitable after analyzing tens of thousands of its reviews. Thousands of reviewers have praised it, with some calling it a money minting machine. As discussed above, Bitcoin Digital applies top HFT techniques to make money off crypto volatility.

Moreover, it trades on extremely high leverage of up to 3000:1 as provided by the partner brokers. This leverage makes it possible to generate huge profits from a small account. But leverage could also magnify losses, and hence users should take extra precaution.

Bitcoin Digital is the tool to trade with when crypto prices are highly unpredictable. This bot trades the volatility and, therefore, could remain profitable even when the prices are plummeting.

We are amazed by the high number of users claiming profitability in the recent bitcoin fall. The Bitcoin Digital Reddit community claims that this bot is the best for shorting bitcoin.

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