Bitcoin Optimizer Review 2023: Is it Legit, or a Scam?

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The volatility of cryptocurrency markets, often perceived as a drawback, has paradoxically opened up new opportunities for traders to earn substantial profits by accurately forecasting the fluctuating values of crypto assets. Crypto assets have become somewhat akin to forex and stocks, offering both traditional and modern traders a novel avenue for financial gain.

However, predicting price movements in the crypto market is exceptionally challenging due to the multitude of influencing factors. This complexity is a key reason why digital trading bots, such as Bitcoin Optimiser, are becoming increasingly popular among cryptocurrency brokerage firms and traders. These bots facilitate the rapid and straightforward buying and selling of crypto assets, thereby enhancing the potential for profit.

In this Bitcoin Optimiser Review, we will address the subject of the authenticity of this robot, as well as determine whether or not the claims made by the platform’s website are accurate.


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Bitcoin Optimizer at a Glance

Type Bitcoin Robot
Minimum Deposit $250
Win Rate 99%
Withdrawal Duration 24 Hours
Mobile App No
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP,BCH, LTE


Bitcoin Optimiser Review: What is Bitcoin Optimiser?

Bitcoin Optimizer

Bitcoin Optimiser is allegedly one of the most dependable and popular Bitcoin trading bots on the market. It provides a reasonable, advantageous, and simple-to-use cryptocurrency trading service to a wide variety of users. A sophisticated automated system is claimed to be used in order to determine the ideal buying and selling times in order to improve your profits. The robot can be used in both manual and automatic modes, depending on the situation. The automated mode, however, is a critical feature because it eliminates all of the hassles and difficulties associated with bitcoin trading. This is one of the major things that motivate new crypto investors and amateur traders with minimal knowledge to make money through cryptocurrency trading.


Bitcoin Optimiser is a computer program that is powered by sophisticated crypto-trading algorithms. Several trading gurus have claimed to have made millions of dollars through cryptocurrency prediction, and the Bitcoin Optimiser algorithms are said to be based on their experience and trading acumen. Furthermore, these algorithms are said to be based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is a technology that is most commonly associated with a trading strategy known as High-Frequency Trading (HFT). In this trading strategy, powerful computer algorithms are used to process a huge number of orders in a split second, allowing for extremely fast transaction times.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a technique that allows machines to read human language and extract valuable insights from it. It is claimed that the robot can read news stories within microseconds of their publication and execute trading positions before the markets can react to their announcement. They claim that the precision and speed with which NLP-powered algorithms conduct trading research allows them to beat the world’s greatest trader at least 99% of the time.

Bitcoin Optimiser: Legit or a Scam?

Bitcoin Optimiser seems to be legit as it is a cryptocurrency trading platform that combines algorithms and technology to provide automated trading in cryptocurrency markets. However, the platform does not provide all of the benefits that are advertised on the platform’s website. The results of our investigation indicate that, while the robot’s software is effective at quickly analysing market conditions, it is highly doubtful that it has a success record of 99%, as claimed on the robot’s website.

Furthermore, according to the Bitcoin Optimiser website, traders may make a profit of $1000 per day by dedicating one hour each day to their trading. These, on the other hand, are entirely promotional statements that are difficult to believe. Furthermore, the video on the homepage of the website implies that people such as Bill Gates are affiliated with the robot, which is completely false.

Before using the services of this robot, experienced traders should do their research and testing. While the bitcoin and forex markets do offer manual trading and backtesting techniques, they also have a significant degree of volatility, and investors should avoid investing in areas they do not understand.

Bitcoin Optimiser Features

Trading Features

When you are ready to trade the market for real, you can turn on Live Trading on your account. The various tradable cryptocurrencies or tokens are displayed on the live trading platform of all of our partner brokers, and traders can configure their trading parameters in order to trade using strategies that are in line with their trading goals and ambitions, as displayed on the chart below. Additionally, on the live platform, investors can make quick deposits and withdrawals into and out of their trading accounts at their convenience.


Bitcoin Optimiser enables investors to tailor their trading methods to their personality types as well as their risk appetites and profiles. But, perhaps more crucially, investors will be able to do efficient backtesting on their strategies in order to validate their success using genuine historical data in the future. This allows them to fine-tune their strategies before releasing them into the open market to see what happens.


By utilising the auto-trade feature, Bitcoin Optimiser can generate profits with little or no involvement from the investor. Once the trade settings have been defined, Bitcoin Optimiser will search the market around the clock for the finest marketable opportunities and exploit them to generate the highest possible earnings. Automation in trading guarantees that trading techniques are applied at their best, without the interference of subjective human emotions, which might interfere with objective trading activity.

Demo Account

All of the Bitcoin Optimiser brokerage partners provide free, unlimited sample accounts to their customers. This allows investors to experiment with alternative tactics in the market while using virtual funds to test, tweak, and maximise their results. Demo accounts allow investors to trade the markets without risking any of their own money, and they also serve as a practice platform where traders may improve their trading abilities and strategies.

Easy Registration

We have grown to appreciate the ease with which they handle the registration process. It is possible to say goodbye to a time-consuming verification process and welcome to a unique URL address that is generated for every user with Bitcoin Optimiser. For account approval, you simply need to provide information such as your name, email address, and phone number during the sign-up process, which is straightforward.

Advanced Technology

One of the most difficult components of manual crypto trading is analyzing markets and deducing price trends in order to make the best trade decisions possible. This is not only time-consuming but is also mentally taxing. Apparently, Bitcoin Optimiser’s automatic trading bot does in-depth bitcoin market analysis on your behalf. (Source: Bitcoin Optimiser)

Customer Service

Contacting their customer service agents is always an option in case you have any inquiries or issues. Some members have claimed that they have attempted to obtain assistance from one of the customer service representatives, and that, while they have had to wait for a couple of minutes, they have received satisfactory responses to their questions.

Multiple Payment options

Users can deposit and withdraw funds from Bitcoin Optimiser via a variety of methods, which are designed to make things easier for everyone involved. Consequently, anyone from any country can deposit their minimum working capital and immediately collect their profits without having to go through any further steps.

How to Create a Bitcoin Optimizer account

Step 1: Registration

The Bitcoin Optimiser registration process is self-explanatory. Visit their homepage and fill out the registration form in the upper right corner. Make sure the information you provide is correct. You’ll be asked to confirm your phone number and email address by sending an SMS and clicking a link in an email. Users’ information is not shared without their permission by Bitcoin Optimiser. The bot adheres to data privacy laws such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Following registration, you will be asked to authenticate your identity and prove your current address. A photo of your government-issued identification card must be uploaded. Furthermore, you will be required to attach a photo of a recent utility bill or bank statement that clearly shows your address. Authorities all across the world have made it mandatory for any company processing deposits to authenticate the users’ identities. This is done to prevent money laundering. Any broker who does not request identification verification is most likely a scam.

Step 2: Deposit

To trade with Bitcoin Optimiser, you’ll need at least $250 in your account. This sum is more than sufficient for a novice trader. Traders claim that by employing this robot, they were able to transform a little deposit into thousands of dollars. Wire Transfer, Western Union, major debit and credit cards, and e-wallets like Skrill, WebMoney, and Neteller are all accepted at Bitcoin Optimiser.

Step 3: Demo and live trading

Bitcoin Optimiser has a very user-friendly demo and live-trading interface. The demo feature is a virtual version of the live trading platform that allows users to try out the platform, learn about live trades, and test its operation without risking any real money. The demo account’s purpose is to assist you to familiarise yourself with the features of the live account. Going live without first practicing will almost always result in costly errors. A little configuration error in auto-trading might result in massive losses. Risk management is one aspect of demo trading that you should concentrate on. This mode allows you to experiment with different levels of risk in order to find out what works best for you.

Step 4: Live Trading

All new users should set trading limits before beginning a live trade. This will protect any investment or at the very least reduce the chance of large losses. Except if the user changes the parameters before a transaction, after a user has selected the initial limit settings, they will apply every day of trading. Again, using the demo trade option before moving on to actual trading is recommended. If you’re a complete novice, it’s best to leave the risk management settings at their defaults. This bot is pre-programmed with a 10% risk for each trade, which is the suggested threshold for risk-averse traders.

Bitcoin Optimiser Features – Why Choose this Bitcoin Robot?

User-friendly Interface

A new user will find this platform easy to navigate. The features are quite straightforward.

Customer Support

Customer care support is available online and via phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Demo Account

Users can learn about the trading mechanics before investing money by using the demo trading option. It also protects new users from committing huge sums of money to a market they are unfamiliar with.

Fast Withdrawals

Withdrawals are processed quickly, usually within 24 hours after the initial trade.

Experienced and Regulated Brokers

A personal broker can be allocated to a user’s portfolio and can carry out various investment plans on their behalf. Most affiliated brokers with this robot are regulated.

Pros Cons
 Good customer support  No mobile app
 Demo account  Owners information not available
 User-friendly platform
 Fast and easy registration
 Fast withdrawals



Which countries are Bitcoin Optimiser in?

UK: Bitcoin Optimiser’s services are available for UK traders, to have access to these services, you need to open an account. Just follow our account creation procedure above to get started. It requires only a £250 investment as capital to get started.

United States: Trading the crypto market in the US has now been made easy with the Bitcoin Optimiser. The software will help American traders read and analyze the market trend, predict profitable trades, and help them reduce loss.

Canada: In order to use Bitcoin Optimiser in Canada, you just need to register, deposit and start trading using the registration form.

How Much Money Can I Make Using Bitcoin Optimiser?

According to the company, Bitcoin Optimiser can earn up to $1,000 every day. This is certainly not true. Before you can say how much a user can do in a day, there are a few things to consider. We cannot guarantee a precise return because profit is reliant on investment, current market conditions, trading platform and cryptocurrency experiences, as well as risk parameters.

When Should I Use a Bitcoin Robot?

Because of the volatility of the Bitcoin market, the amount of time your company spends dealing with this digital currency is crucial. Trade with better timing can help you attain more precision in your trading, which is something you should consider. Every contract should be considered because it has the potential to have a significant impact on your overall earning potential. Finding the bitcoin market and deciding when to enter it, on the other hand, may take some time to do consistently. In this case, the employment of a bitcoin bot is extremely beneficial. Trading bots can help you save time by monitoring and analysing the market on your behalf before executing deals on your behalf when the moment is appropriate. Trading bots are very useful when you have a long-term project to complete.

Is Bitcoin Optimiser Right for Me?

The Bitcoin Optimiser’s speed and automation are two of its most useful features. Bitcoin Optimiser is your trading platform if you wish to trade more precisely.


Worthy Tips for Beginners to Make Positive Returns Using Bitcoin Robots

Learn from Crypto Experts

To use trading robots, you don’t need to be an expert on cryptocurrencies or financial markets, but if you want to make big money, you’ll need to learn about them. That is why it is advantageous to pay attention to what cryptocurrency gurus and professionals such as Vitalik Buterin have to say. You can also start following particular publications, such as Coinbase, to have a better grasp of cryptocurrency trading. This will allow you to better read the market and set high-quality trade execution parameters.

Know what your investment limit is

When new investors start experiencing profits, they commonly make the mistake of committing all of their funds to trade. That isn’t a good way to trade cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that even if the bot’s previous performance was flawless, there’s no guarantee that it will provide similar results in the future. Higher money invested does not always equate to more profits. Instead of relying on your gut instincts and human emotions, you must make these decisions based on hard facts, data, and knowledge.

Begin small and work your way up

It’s never a good idea to commit every dime straight away, regardless of whether you have enough cash flow to work with. Rather, you must familiarise yourself with market elements and how the trading bot performs in order to ensure that you are getting the most return on your investment. That is why you must continuously start with a little quantity of money and gradually build your working capital as you gain earnings. This will result in a natural increase in your crypto revenues without exposing you to any significant dangers.

Don’t invest all your profits

When you’re making steady profits, it could seem like a good idea to put all of your money back into the trade. Remember that investing is all about making informed and sensible decisions rather than relying on your gut feelings. Depending on your investing strategy, it’s a good idea to set away a portion of your earnings for savings and use the balance for working capital.

Observe and Take Notes from Your Trades

Although a Bitcoin robot should be able to automate some of the time-consuming activities associated with manual trading, you should still conduct your research. It’s a good idea to experiment with various trading techniques to see how they perform. You can practice your ideas without risking any money by using the built-in demo mode. Setting better criteria and instructions for the bot will help you grow as a crypto trader and put you in a position to maximize your profits.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?


When it comes to time, bitcoin bots are considerably more effective than manual cryptocurrency trading since they are software that buys and sells cryptocurrency much faster than individuals can. You could want to use a trading indicator with a trading bot to help you make more exact market orders on the stock exchanges.


One of the most important distinctions between bots and humans is their ability to function continuously and perform transactions based on certain indicators. Robots are considerably superior to humans in this regard. When dealing with cryptocurrency, maintaining trade discipline can be difficult, therefore using a trading bot might help you avoid emotional trading.

Possible Risks when Trading with Bitcoin Optimiser

The market’s volatility: there is no completely risk-free trading platform accessible. Trading is always fraught with the possibility of losing money, and the only way to mitigate this risk is to choose a trading platform that has stop losses. Even though Bitcoin Optimiser has built a system with a low risk of losing money, you still have a chance to lose money. When it comes to trading, we advise you to invest wisely and as rapidly as possible. Don’t put your savings in; instead, put in your excess cash and resist the need to be greedy.

Does Bitcoin Optimiser have an app?

Bitcoin Optimiser is a web-based platform that can be accessed from desktop computers as well as various mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Has Bitcoin Optimiser Been Featured on the Media or Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Bitcoin Optimiser Reddit

Bitcoin Optimiser was allegedly shown on various TV shows, according to many Reddit discussions. Because Bitcoin Optimiser has not made such information publicly available, there is no proof to back up their assertions.


Bitcoin Optimiser Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, there are numerous Bitcoin Optimiser app reviews. The Bitcoin Optimiser App has received positive feedback on Trustpilot. Even though Bitcoin Optimiser Trust has given the pilot a negative review. Constant phone calls and other communication problems are two of the most typical complaints.

Elon Musk

Bitcoin Optimiser Elon Musk

Elon Musk is said to be a fan of the Bitcoin Optimiser website on several internet news publications, however, our researchers were unable to locate verification of this. Elon Musk is a well-known and divisive businessman best recognized for his success with Tesla’s electric car company and SpaceX’s space exploration endeavour.

Dragons Den - Bitcoin

Bitcoin Optimiser Dragon’s Den

Any product shown or associated with Dragon’s Den has a proven track record, and any product featured or associated with this show will flourish instantly. At this time, we are unable to confirm a link between Bitcoin Optimiser and Dragon’s Den.

Bitcoin Optimiser Review: Our Conclusion

Bitcoin Optimiser offers bitcoin auto trading services, which may be beneficial to some investors. The lofty claims made on its platform, on the other hand, are unsubstantiated and simply too good to be true. Promises of daily gains of $1,000 have no evidence to back them up, and it’s improbable that anyone will see this amount of profit. Moreover, as opposed to what the platform states, no celebrities are linked to Bitcoin Optimiser.


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