Mike Hosking Bitcoin – Is it Legit, or a Scam?

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Michael Noel James Hosking IV, popularly known as Mike Hosking, is a very popular broadcaster that has worked with Television New Zealand, Radio New Zealand, and has been the host of The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on Newstalk Z.B since 2008. Being this popular and having a net worth of $2 million, many blogs and sites have linked Mike Hosking to some Bitcoin platforms. Some platforms have even said that Mike Hosking made his fortune from Bitcoin Trading bots.

Because of the rumours of Mike Hosking’s involvement in Bitcoin on the internet, seeing things such as Mike Hosking Bitcoin 2021, Mike Hosking Bitcoin Investment, and many others are now rampant. However, Mike Hosking linked to these Bitcoin doesn’t even know such platforms exist. Hence, the rumours are false. In this Mike Hosking Bitcoin review 2021, we’ll give you an in-depth look at all the trading robots that have been linked to the Mike Hosking Bitcoin Scam.

Mike Hosking Bitcoin – Viral Trend

Having your bitcoin platform linked to the most famous television and radio broadcaster in New Zealand not only gives credibility to your platform but also makes people want to know more about your platforms. Of recent, many social media accounts have been created in Mike Hosking’s name to promote certain bitcoin platforms. These accounts promote Bitcoin Scams, and they falsely claim the endorsements of Mike Hosking.

Many Blogs and bitcoin platforms are using Mike Hosking’s name to get more clicks on their site. However, there is no solid information online to conclude that Mike Hosking is involved in Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency. These platforms have created burner accounts to promote Mike Hosking’s endorsement of these bitcoin platforms. These burner accounts have been seen in circulation, and because of their linking themselves to Mike Hosking, many people have decided to use them. However, Mike Hosking never endorsed any Bitcoin platform.

Mike Hosking Bitcoin – Is it a Scam?

As the crypto market is getting bigger every day, many people are buying into the idea that cryptocurrency is the future currency. Many platforms are being used for trading, investing, and surveying the crypto market to make a profit. One of the platforms used is the Crypto Trading robots. These are A.I.s programmed with some sort of algorithm that makes them carry out trades on behalf of the traders. Many of these A.I.s operate, and to get more people to use them, Mike Hosking has been linked to them. What better way to promote your trading bot than by linking it to a famous TV and radio broadcaster and a financial and political commentator?

Many blogs, websites, and social media accounts have linked some bitcoin platforms and trading bots to Mike Hosking, intending to get more people to click on their pages. However, Mike Hosking hasn’t endorsed any of these robots. Some pages mentioned Mike Hosking Bitcoin 2021 as their headlines to get people to click on them, but after clicking, there wouldn’t be anything viable regarding Mike Hosking’s relation with them. Some social media accounts that have been created will post Mike Hosking’s pictures and caption it Mike Hosking Bitcoin Interview or Mike Hosking Bitcoin investment, after which they will add a link that would take people to their pages.

Even though Mike Hosking hasn’t endorsed any of these bots or platforms, many of these Bitcoin trading robots are legit and very efficient. The following are some of the Bitcoin Trading bots linked to Mike Hosking that are very good to use and would make a lot of profit for their users.

List of All Mike Hosking Bitcoin Associations

Mike Hosking Bitcoin

1. Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole

This is an automated trading bot that analyses and carries out trade on the result of the analysis. The A.I. places a buy or sells order based on the market analysis that it has made. The A.I. trades on behalf of the trader depending on the algorithm that it has been programmed with. The trader using the A.I. would set a price range, and when the price has been met, Bitcoin Loophole will make trades depending on the market analysis it has made.

Does Mike Hosking endorse Bitcoin Loophole?

Because of Mike Hosking’s fame, many platforms would want to affiliate themselves with him. One of the platforms that have been associated with Mike Hosking is Bitcoin Loophole. The celebrity broadcaster has in no way endorsed the A.I. Bitcoin Loophole. All the accounts, blogs, and websites that have linked Bitcoin Loophole to Mike Hosking are lying just to get people to click on their pages and generate streams of clicks.

Advantages of Bitcoin Loophole

Mike Hosking not endorsing or supporting Bitcoin Loophole doesn’t mean the A.I. is a scam. Bitcoin Loophole has generated a lot of profits for many of its users, and you might be one of the beneficiaries. The following are some of the advantages of the A.I. trading bot.

  • It is extremely secured; you don’t have to worry about hackers getting access to your money.
  • The software is free
  • The customer support is fast and efficient
  • The Trading bot is programmed to get fast signals to make a profit for its users.

How to use Bitcoin Loophole

  • Create a Bitcoin Loophole trading account with the trading bot.
  • Deposit the sum of $250 as starters.
  • Click on the live session and start trading with the bot.


2. Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is an automated trading bot that trades not only in Bitcoin. It trades in Ethereum, Dogecoin, BNB, and many more. This artificial trading intelligence carries out market analysis, carrying out trades based on the analysis. The algorithm the trading bot was programmed with will make the bot look at the best trade on behalf of the trader and carry out the trade as much as it makes a profit for the user.

Does Mike Hosking Endorse Bitcoin Evolution?

Mike Hosking’s fame has driven many bloggers, website owners, and many people who created fake accounts to link him to several Bitcoin platforms, including The Bitcoin Evolution trading bot. Mike Hosking, however, doesn’t have any affiliation with these Bitcoin platforms. Consequently, Mike Hosking has not in any way endorsed Bitcoin Evolution.

Advantages of Bitcoin Evolution

Even though Mike Hosking hasn’t endorsed the Bitcoin Trading bot, there are still some advantageous characteristics that might be what you are looking for. The following are some of the advantages of using Bitcoin Evolution.

  • Using the trading bot is very easy
  • No issues when withdrawing – quick withdrawals.
  • Quick analysis and response to the market
  • Efficient customer support system

How to Use Bitcoin Evolution

  • Visit the Bitcoin Evolution homepage to create an account.
  • Get used to the way the bot operates by trading with the demo account.
  • Deposit $250 after getting accustomed to the way the bot works.
  • Start live trading.


3. Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush Logo

Bitcoin Rush leverages trade signals by using sophisticated algorithms to make trading decisions. Using these accurate algorithms, Bitcoin Rush determines the best time to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The trading bot makes a daily profit for the users. It uses the analysis to automatically buy cryptocurrency at smaller prices and sell when it results in profit for the user.

Does Mike Hosking endorse Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush is a new trading bot that is still looking for users to use their bot. The best way to get people to use something new is to link it to a big celebrity. This is what happened in Bitcoin Rush’s situation. However, Mike Hosking has in no way endorsed the trading bot. He doesn’t even know that the bot exists.

Advantages of Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is new and very efficient. The teams that developed the trading bot have looked at all the defects of previous trading bots, and they have made corrections to make this bot flawless. The following are some of the advantages of using Bitcoin Rush.

  • The bot has been programmed to carry out hundreds of trades in minutes.
  • High level of accuracy
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No hidden fees – Trading with Bitcoin Rush is transparent
  • Fast withdrawals – less than 24 hours

How to use Bitcoin Rush

  • You have to register with the trading bot, which takes only a few minutes
  • Deposit at least $250
  • Start demo trading to get used to the operational functions of the bot
  • Start trading life which takes only a few minutes to set up.


4. British Bitcoin Profit

Using an extremely fast and progressive algorithm, British Bitcoin Profit makes trades faster than most trading bots. It was set to move at 0.01 seconds faster than the other trading bots. Profits can be made in milliseconds on the crypto market. British Bitcoin Profit has been created to make such profits for the user.

Does Mike Hosking Endorse British Bitcoin Profit?

Among all the trading bots and Bitcoin platforms that have been linked to Mike Hosking, British Bitcoin Profit is one of them, constituting the Mike Hosking Bitcoin scam. Because of Mike Hosking’s fame as a television and radio broadcaster, British Bitcoin Profit was linked to him by many pages, blogs, and social media accounts. However, Mike Hosking has in no way endorsed or supported the British Bitcoin Profit. All those linking the trading bot to Mike Hosking just want to use his fame to get users and clicks on their pages.

Advantages of British Bitcoin Profit

Not being endorsed by Mike Hosking doesn’t make British Bitcoin Profit any less of a good trading bot. Some of the following are the advantages of British Bitcoin Profit that might be what you are looking for.

  • It has a very high accuracy rate.
  • It has a very fast processing rate – 0.01 seconds faster than all other bots and humans.
  • It is very secured and easy to use
  • Works with the authorized brokers of the country

How to use British Bitcoin Profit

  • Become an official member by opening an account
  • Create a brokerage trading account
  • Use the demo account to learn how British Bitcoin Profit works
  • Deposit the least sum of $250 when you know you are good to go
  • Start trading live as a partner of British Bitcoin Profit.


Did Mike Hosking invest in Bitcoin?

Of recent, headlines or keyphrases that comprise of names of famous celebs such as Mike Hosking, attached to the Bitcoin tag, a fast-growing industry, are all over the internet. Keyphrases such as “how much Mike Hosking Bitcoin is worth”, “Mike Hosking Bitcoin 2021”, “Mike Hosking Bitcoin Interview”, “Mike Hosking Bitcoin billionaire”, and many others are things you see on the internet just to attract clicks. These things would have convinced a first-timer that Mike Hosking has some affiliations with Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency.

So, does Mike Hosking support Bitcoin? The answer is simply no. Mike Hosking has not invested in Bitcoin – not that we know of, given Bitcoin’s anonymity of user’s identity. All these pages linking Mike Hosking to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are just trying to use his fame to get people to trust and click on them.

Mike Hosking Bitcoin: Our Conclusion

Mike Hosking is not in any way affiliated with Bitcoin. You might now wonder that a trading bot to be linked to Mike Hosking without his knowledge is fraud. However, that is not the case. All the Bitcoin trading bots that have been listed above are excellent bots that would make profits for its users. They were linked to the celebrity broadcaster by blogs, websites, and certain social media accounts to get people to use them more and as clickbait.


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