BitQs Review 2021: Is BitQs Legit, or is it a Scam?

BitQs is a popular trading system for crypto. The system is said to rely on Artificial Intelligence to speculate on bitcoin volatility.

It’s one of the most reviewed trading tools in the market today. Thousands of users continue to review it as highly profitable. The BitQs app is also widely featured on high traffic expert publications. The majority of experts rate it highly, with some claiming that it’s a game-changer in the world of crypto volatility.

We have analyzed the user reviews and are amazed by the great feedback. It seems possible to earn a million dollars within months of reinvesting the daily profits from a small account. Hundreds of our readers have asked us to review BitQs app.

Our team of experts have thoroughly investigated this trading platform for you. The findings are presented in detail in this review.

BitQs Review: Our Summary


We give BitQs a 95% legitimacy score after analyzing all the factors that define a legit trading platform.

These factors include feedback from users, transparency, safety features put in place, and customer service. BitQs has a huge following on social media and is reviewed tens of thousands of times by clients.

We have analyzed these reviews, and they seem to confirm its supposed profitability. The majority of the reviewers report making money from the first day of using the system. We are surprised by the number of reviewers alleging to have made their first $1 million through BitQs.

The secret to huge profitability with this trading robot is reportedly compounding. You could reportedly generate a fortune by reinvesting at least 60% of what you generate daily. BitQs is said to have the potential to earn a daily profit of up to $450 from a deposit of $250.

Ploughing back the daily profits could double or triple the potential daily profits in less than a week. The more you plough back or deposit, the higher the profitability. You need to reinvest most of the profits for months to hit the $1 million mark.

But the supposed profitability should never be perceived as a guarantee for profitability. Crypto prices remain insanely volatile and hence highly risky to trade. Trading crypto through BitQs is less risky than other methods, but you could still make losses.

  •  Easy to use for complete beginners
  •  Highly rated on profitability
  •  Safe trading environment
  •  Free registration for all users
  •  Regulated partner brokers

What is BitQs?

There are different ways to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The most common one is buying low and selling high.

This approach is not only extremely risky but tedious for most people. You need a crypto wallet to buy crypto from an exchange. There is a huge possibility of your account getting hacked and the crypto assets getting stolen.

You can trade crypto through CFDs either manually or through an auto-trading system. The automated trading option is the best choice since it’s easy for most people. You don’t need to be a skilled trader to operate an auto-trading system.

Moreover, the best trading robots always outperforms professional traders. This is because they derive their trading signals from big data. Moreover, they eliminate human emotions from trading hence ensuring smooth decision making.

BitQs app is said to be a highly specialized and insanely profitable bitcoin trading robot. This trading robot uses artificial intelligence to speculate on crypto volatility. BitQs trades both the rise and fall of prices through financial instruments known as CFDs.

CFD trading is popular in stock, forex, market indices, and commodities trading. BitQs claims to be the first trading system to offer CFDs on crypto.

How does BitQs work?

As we have explained above, all trading with BitQs is on autopilot. Therefore, anyone should be able to run it successfully from the first minute of trading.

However, you need to dedicate enough time to familiarize yourself with the platform before going live. This trading platform offers all the materials you need to fully prepare for live trading. These include a video explaining the settings and a demo to give you a risk-free tour through the platform.

We insist that you dedicate not less than an hour to trading preparation. Watch the video and engage the dedicated trading manager for clarifications. You will receive a welcome call from the manager after registration.

BitQs uses multiple strategies to make money from bitcoin price swings. These include arbitrage trading, news trading, and trend analysis. In arbitrage trading, the bot capitalizes on BTC price discrepancies on different exchanges.

The discrepancies are usually very small and often correct within milliseconds. It takes a high-speed trading system to capitalize on them. The BitQs news-trading function applies the NLP technology to place bets on breaking news impact on volatility. This auto-trading bot is arguably among the best in trading Elon Musk Bitcoin news.

The trend analysis approach involves BitQs analyzing tens of thousands of price charts to identify and trend repeatable patterns. Some asset prices are usually cyclical, and therefore price behaviours tend to repeat.

The role of brokers in BitQs trading

You will be assigned to one of BitQs brokers after registration. All automated trading systems operate via brokers.

A trading system is simply a tool for conducting trading research and generating signals. It’s not a financial institution and therefore doesn’t have the legal mandate to accept deposits. Trading systems must therefore operate through brokers to collect deposits from the public.

Also, trading robots do not provide liquidity or link directly to liquidity providers. High-quality liquidity is needed for trades to be executed instantly. Trading robots rely on their partner brokers as the bridge to liquidity providers.

BitQs has 20 international partner brokers. We have determined that its partner brokers are top quality and monitored in most countries. It’s always important to check the reputation of a given robot partner brokers when conducting legitimacy tests.

Scam trading robots usually link unsuspecting users to scam offshore brokers. These brokers are likely to scam you. BitQs assures its users of funds safety by only working with reputable and regulated brokers.

BitQs Safety Features

BitQs implements adequate safety features to protect users. We haven’t found any complaints relating to the safety of this trading platform. Below are some of the safety features put in place by BitQs to safeguard users.

  • Military-grade encryption: Website encryption is crucial since most cyber attacks begin at the data entry point. BitQs secures its website through 128-bit key encryption. This encryption level ensures that no form of cyberattack can penetrate through.
  • Cyber response unit: BitQs claims to have a cyber incident response team to deal with potential security loopholes. This team reportedly conducts regular penetration testing to identify these loopholes.
  • GDPR compliance: BitQs is compliant with data privacy laws in most countries. Its data policy is generated from the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is arguably the most comprehensive data protection law globally.
  • Regulated partner brokers: BitQs offers a transparent trading environment. This bot operates through the industry’s best brokers. These brokers are highly regulated and, therefore, must observe strict transparency measures.

BitQs Review – Our Final Word

We are happy with the effort BitQs has taken to ensure a transparent and safe trading environment.

This trading system is indeed legit. It works through some of the most reputable brokers in the industry. These brokers adhere to regulatory guidelines instituted by tier-one regulatory bodies. The brokers handle all transactions on behalf of BitQs.

With the level of regulation observed by these brokers, you have a guarantee of the safety of your funds. BitQs has put in place military-grade encryption measures to protect your data. Moreover, it has an in-depth data protection policy that is in line with the GDPR.

BitQs is rated by the majority of clients as insanely profitable. Some experts have also rated it extremely well on high traffic crypto review platforms. Signing up with BitQs is free for now. A fee could be introduced soon, so grab the opportunity and register now.

This auto-trading system could be the most profitable crypto trading tool in 2021, but this doesn’t mean it is risk-free.

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