Dragons’ Den Bitcoin – Is it Legit, or a Scam?

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Dragons Den - Bitcoin

Dragons’ Den is a renowned British Television programme that Evan Davis presents. The Dragons’ Den television programme is known for its numerous episodes, and it is one of the most searched on the internet. The Dragons’ Den episodes give chances to entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to five wealthy investors, known as the dragons. The entrepreneurs offer a  stake in the company for financial investment from these “Dragons.”

Many recent websites, blogs, and internet platforms have pushed that this program is linked to Cryptocurrency and some Bitcoin platforms. This wouldn’t be far-fetched since the crypto market is one of the fast-developing markets in the world, and the Dragons’ Den program stars rich people who are willing to invest.

The Dragons’ Den bitcoin review below will reveal the truth as to whether Dragons Den is indeed linked to Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading platforms.

Dragons’ Den Bitcoin – Viral Trends

It is convincing enough to hear that a Television programme that hosts wealthy people who want to invest is linked to the fastest-growing investment platform, the crypto market. And what would be more convincing is when there are rumours on social media that some of the Dragons are endorsing Bitcoin investments. The social media controversies show that two prominent Dragons, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones, endorsed bitcoin trading bots.

Some bitcoin bots have been linked to the Dragons Den. Since the show involves wealthy investors, linking these bitcoin platforms and bots to the show by these sites and blogs are mainly to generate traffic.

The following Dragons’ Den bitcoin review will explain what you need to know about the bots that have been linked to the Dragons’ Den Bitcoin.

Dragons Den Bitcoin – Is it a scam?

Having a celebrity stake their money in something as volatile as Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency would easily sway their fans to do it or, at the very least, propel the fans to read more about it. Hence, giving sites that post on the link more views. The allegations and rumours of Dragons Den endorsing Bitcoin have been quashed as they all came out as fake.

Deborah Meaden, a well-established Dragon on the show, took to her Twitter and informed her followers to treat any linkage between her and the bitcoin platforms as fraudulent. Also, Peter Jones, who had also been rumoured to have endorsed a bitcoin trader, uploaded on his Twitter that the endorsement claim is a complete scam.

Although the rumour that the show is connected to these robots are false, the bitcoin trading robots in question seem legit.

List of All Dragons’ Den Bitcoin Association 

Here are the Bitcoin trading robots that have been linked to Dragons’ Den:

Dragons' Den

1. Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is a trading bot that guarantees successful trades on the crypto market even if the investor or trader has zero background knowledge in the market.

Does Dragons Den endorse Bitcoin Revolution?

The show endorsing Bitcoin Revolution is another Dragons’ den bitcoin scandal circulating on the internet. Many sites, blogs, and websites have reported that the Dragons’ Den panellists have been amazed by the idea of Dragons’ Den bitcoin trading. However, there is no proof that this is true. On the contrary, some of the Dragons linked to the Bitcoin Revolution bot came out on Twitter to debunk such claims. On Dragons’ Den bitcoin issue, Peter Jones called it a complete scam via his Twitter handle.

Advantages of Trading with Bitcoin Revolution

The following are some of the advantages of the Bitcoin Revolution

Low trading deposits

Daily profits

No delay of Funds

Very secure against hackers

Easy withdrawal

How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

The following involves how you can trade on the Bitcoin Revolution platform

Open an account on the platform

Make an initial deposit of the minimum of $250

You will first trade with the demo account, which would give you $1500

After you have learned the platform’s rudiments, you can start trading following the algorithm it was designed with.


2. Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin loophole is an Artificial Intelligence used mainly to analyze the crypto market and make sales to avoid losses. The AI is used to sell and buy crypto after it has been studied and the price has reached a certain price.

Does Dragons Den endorse Bitcoin Loophole?

There have been rumours that Dragons Den panellist. There have been rumours that a businessman pitched it to the panellists. However, this is just for stream views used by the sites that confirmed such links. Dragons Den didn’t endorse the Bitcoin loophole in any way – at least there’s no proof of them endorsing.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Loophole

Excellent customer care

Signals for fast trades

It is a free software

Easy to register

Very secured

How to Trade with Bitcoin Loophole

Create an account with on the Bitcoin Loophole platform (it is free)

Deposit at least $250

Start trading

Analyze and monitor the trends of the crypto market

Predict future trends using the analyzed patterns


3. Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin trader is an automated trading programme with an algorithm that conducts trading research, and it tells the trader the kind of trade they should make.

Does Dragons Den endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Dragons Den trading, Dragons Den bitcoin investment, Dragons Den Bitcoin algorithm are most searched on the internet these days. Dragons Den is an award-winning show that gets wealthy investors to invest in future projects. So, saying the show has endorsed the Bitcoin trader platform isn’t far-fetched. However, after our investigation, Dragons Den didn’t endorse the Bitcoin trader bot. That doesn’t mean the Bitcoin Trader bot isn’t legit.

Advantages of Bitcoin Trader

It has one of the best AI algorithms to make trades.

The trading environment is transparent.

Easy withdrawal of your money.

Easy registration.

How to trade with Bitcoin Trader

Register an account on the Bitcoin Trader website.

Fund your account with at least $250.

Trade using the platform algorithm.


4. Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit is an AI that makes use of advanced HFT trading techniques to determine the volatility of BTC.  The AI conducts automatic trading based on the algorithm that has been set with a high return rate.

Does Dragons’ Den endorse Bitcoin Profit?

Some websites claim that there was a Dragons’ Den Bitcoin episode where Bitcoin Profit was endorsed. And that Dragons Den panellists have invested in Cryptocurrency using Bitcoin profit and have profited greatly. Please note that this is another Dragons’ Den Bitcoin scam. Dragons Den never endorsed nor did any of their panellists invest and benefited from Cryptocurrency using the Bitcoin profit bot.

Advantages of Bitcoin Profit

Profit is consistent

Advanced and savvy trading algorithms that bring about high returns after checking the digital market.

A secure and reputable broker

How to trade with Bitcoin Profit

Registration with the platform is the first step (You create a British Bitcoin Profit account that is free)

Fund your account with at least $250

Practice with Demo account

Adjust the settings of the Bitcoin Profit account and start trading


5. Bitcoin Digital

Bitcoin Digital is regarded as the “crypto trading friend. ” Bitcoin digital helps in connecting traders and investors to the right broker. This platform looks at the trading setting of a trader and provides the best broker.

Does Dragons Den Endorse Bitcoin Digital?

Dragons Den Bitcoin 2021 has endorsed Bitcoin digital as Dragons Den’s biggest deal bitcoin as rumoured by a website. Since the idea is to link traders with the right brokers, it has been rumoured that the Dragons found the idea fascinating and have endorsed it.

However, this is nothing but a blatant lie just for the website to gain streams of views. Dragons Den didn’t and hasn’t endorsed Bitcoin digital.

Advantages of Bitcoin Digital

Dragons Den not endorsing Bitcoin digital doesn’t mean that it is not legit. Here are some of the advantages of Bitcoin Digital

Automated trading –  it can trade for you.

Security (Your data will not be divulged to anyone)

The platform links you up with the best broker in line with your market setting

Advanced and effective technology in getting you the fasted broker

How to trade with Bitcoin Digital

Register on the platform

Fund your account with at least $250

Set a profit target and stop-loss

Super tip

Start trading


6. Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin era is an auto-trading crypto platform that trades with at least 15 trading strategies quickly. It is a system that gives the option to the trader to trade either manually or automatically.

Does Dragons Den endorse Bitcoin Era?

One of the major questions that bother many is whether Dragons Den endorsed the Bitcoin era. Did Dragons Den invest in the bitcoin era? There have been series of speculations about Dragons Den’s endorsement of bitcoin, and the Bitcoin era is one of the platforms linked to it. The answer to all our questions is No! Dragons den didn’t endorse Bitcoin and the platforms on Cryptocurrency that have been linked to it.

Advantages of Bitcoin Era

Even though Dragons Den did not invest in the Bitcoin era, the platform is a good place to trade, and the following are some of the advantages.

It is an award-winning Trading platform which means that your money is secured if you trade with them.

The platform is straightforward to use

Foolproof system of operation

How to trade with Bitcoin Era

Sign up on the Bitcoin Era platform

Load your account with the token of $250

Read instructions from the platform and try using a demo version manually

Switch to automatic after you have learnt the rudiments via the demo version

Start trading


7. Bitcoin Equaliser

Bitcoin Equaliser

Bitcoin Equaliser allows users to speculate on the price of the market. Using the financial derivative CFD, Bitcoin Equaliser enables the trader to speculate on the market’s price movement. It is an automatic, highly profitable, and easy way to trade in BTC.

Does Dragons Den Endorse Bitcoin Equaliser?

Dragons Den is a show with a lot of opportunities for the right entrepreneurs. With a show that invests in future profitable things, linking it up with the crypto market shouldn’t be surprising. Note that Dragons den didn’t endorse Bitcoin Era or any related Bitcoin platform.

Advantages of Bitcoin Equaliser

Supports Fiat currencies and Cryptocurrency

Fast and easy account verification

Nonstop profit


Efficient customer support

How to Trade Using Bitcoin Equaliser

Register on the platform (Registration is free)

Fund your account with at least $250

Follow the demo live trading instructions

Start trading


8. Bitcoin System

Bitcoin System

Bitcoin system is another cryptocurrency trading platform that uses the algorithm that has been placed in it to trade automatically – it isn’t necessarily for the trader to be experienced before they can make a profit. Also, the Bitcoin system uses a form of CFD that allows you to trade Crypto to Crypto and crypto to Fiat currency.

Does Dragons Den Endorse Bitcoin System?

Some blogs, websites have posted on the involvement of Dragons Den in Bitcoin and some of its platforms. One of those websites claims that Dragons Den Bitcoin is talking about Bitcoin and the possible investment of the Dragons in Bitcoin. The website also hinted at the Dragons Den Bitcoin app, which would be launched after they invested. However, this is very not true. Because of the misleading posts, Dragons from the show, such as Peter Jones, have announced to take legal actions to curb such misleading posts.

Advantages of Bitcoin System

Even though Bitcoin System isn’t endorsed by Dragons Den, it is still a good platform to trade. Some of the following are the advantages of using the platform.

Minimizes trading risk

It is straightforward to use

It brings high return rates

It gives a very safe trading environment.

How to trade using Bitcoin System

Register on the Bitcoin System Platform

Put funds of at least $250

Trade and learn instructions from the demo account

After ample knowledge from the demo account, start trading


Did Dragons Den invest in Bitcoin?

Many websites, blogs, and internet posts have hinted at Dragons Den’s involvement in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. You get to see things like Dragons Den Bitcoin App, Dragons den bitcoin algorithm, Dragons Den Bitcoin investments, and many more on the internet. The more these posts are uploaded, the more convincing they look.

However, Dragons Den did not invest in Bitcoin. A Dragons Deb Panellist, Deborah Meaden, has taken to her social media to refute all these allegations for the alleged involvement of the Dragons Den in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Another Panelist, Peter Jones, also took to his social media and termed any link between the Dragons Den and Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency as a “Complete Scam”.

Dragons Den Net Worth

Dragon Net Worth
1. Peter Jones £450 Million
2. Tej Lalvani £420 Million
3. Duncan Bannatyne £400 Million
4. Theo Paphitis £290 Million
5. Touker Souleyman £200 Million
6. Nick Jenkins £150 Million
7. James Caan £100 Million
8. Richard Farleigh £80 Million
9. Piers Linnay £80 Million
10. Deborah Meadon £40 Million

Dragons Den Bitcoin: Conclusion

All the bitcoin platforms that have been mentioned above are not in any way linked to the Dragons Den show. Does this mean that they are a scam or fraudulent? No. These platforms are very good if you want to trade in Bitcoin. Most of them are so sophisticated that you don’t even need too much knowledge to use them and profit off the crypto market. These Bitcoin platforms aren’t in any way connected to the Dragons Den, but they are still excellent platforms that can generate profit off Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency market.


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