Make Technology Investment Part of Your Business Plan

Business managers have a poor understanding of what technology to invest in and how to use it. Technology use alone doesn’t lead to growth in a business but simple technology focused on solving customers’ problems is key.

Our new research looked at 11 firms with high growth (turnover growth of more than 20% per year for three to five years) in Queensland.

Using Driver Behavior to Build Better Roads

Transport modelling for major road projects like Sydney’s WestConnex and Melbourne’s Western Distributor is at odds with what is known about motorists' behaviour.

A big part of the benefits claimed for new major roads in Australian cities is travel time savings. Evidence shows, however, that instead of saving travel time, these roads encourage us to travel further and often increase car dependency.

Truth in Advertising is not Reaching All South Africans

South Africa has an effective and functioning advertising self-regulator. However, it doesn’t always work as it should. The self-regulatory regime in place cannot do enough to protect consumers because it is based on the willing cooperation of advertisers.

Vietnam's Ambitious Clean and Green Goals

In recent decades, Vietnam’s demand for energy has increased along with its rapid economic development. This surge in demand could provide the impetus to develop Vietnam’s emerging renewable energy industry.

Uber did Everything Right, but it's not Chinese

Didi, the Chinese ride-sharing service, did more than run the American ride service, Uber, out of China. In my view, it destroyed the China El Dorado myth.

The El Dorado (“the golden one”) myth referred to a supposed city of gold somewhere in Latin America. Spanish explorers went looking for wealth for Spain and rewards for themselves.

Measuring Your Workers Psychological Capital

You may know someone like this at work: optimistic and resilient, they appear to bounce through challenges drawing on an internal strength that helps them work through problems they encounter at work. Always hopeful and positive about the future, they treat stressful events as a “one-off” situation, appearing to have a built-in buffer that protects them against both ordinary and extraordinary events. Perhaps this is even you.

South Asia Healthcare Innovation Moves Ahead

The countries comprising the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) region (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives) commonly known as South Asia face serious healthcare affordability and accessibility challenges.

A New OPEC Meeting May Give Oil New Life

This Great Graphic from Bloomberg shows the September light sweet crude oil futures contract since peaking in early June near $52.75.  It reached a low last week of about $39.20. 

The turn last week came on news that although oil inventories rose gasoline inventories fell dramatically.  The recovery seemed to have stalled at the end of last week near $42.40 but it was given a new lease on life by reports of an OPEC meeting next week.  OPEC President Al-Sada (Qatar) seemed to try to make the most of the informal meeting.  

Conditions now Could Set Up Higher Oil Prices Later

Another oil price downturn threatens to deepen the plunging levels of investment in upstream oil and gas production, which could create a more acute price spike in the years ahead.

Oil and gas companies have gutted their capex budgets, necessary moves as drillers went deep into the red following the crash in oil prices. However, the sharp cutback in investment means that huge volumes of oil that would have otherwise come online in five or ten years now will remain on the sidelines.