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China Technology: Making Western Companies Reveal Trade Secrets - or Just SOP in High-Tech Global Arms Trade?

17 May 2010, By David Caploe PhD, Chief Political Economist,  We noticed a few weeks ago what seemed a most intriguing story in the New York Times that a) never seemed to get a follow up, and b) never showed up on any searches. Given the repetitive din of the global media society, this is surprising, because it concerns China’s rather blatant attempts to discover the, literal, inner workings of advanced Western military technology, and, given the Asian genius for reverse engineering, to help itself in a very direct way to the top levels of Western technique without having to spend a huge amount of time, money or energy developing it themselves. But as we worked our way through it, we began to suspect what we originally thought was an explosive story was simply Standard Operating Procedure in the world of high-tech arms trade.