Africa is in Need of a Unified Voice in the Global Arena

One of the challenges facing African countries is that the global environment is rather unfriendly. This hampers their efforts to tap into global markets.  Additionally, African economies are hindered by them still depending heavily on external assistance. Domestic revenue mobilisation is substantially below potential and progress in this area is very slow.

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An Emerging Markets Status Update

1) Polls show that the favourable evaluation of the Brazilian government fell to 9%, the lowest reading since 1989,  2) Ukraine and its creditors have agreed to resume talks, 3) Credit Bank of Moscow’s IPO is the biggest in Russia since February of last year, 4) We are seeing more policy reactions to the MERS impact continues in South Korea, 5) Fitch moved Malaysia’s outlook on its A- rating from negative to stable, 6) Easing continues in China.

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Political Free Trade Fight: Whose Side are You On?

This week, President Barack Obama signed into law a bill giving him trade promotion authority (TPA), intended to ease the passage of trade pacts with other countries by requiring lawmakers to vote simply yay or nay – no amendments allowed. During the signing ceremony, the president praised the measure because of all-too-unusual cooperation among Democrats and Republicans.

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An EPA Interpretation and its $9.6 Billion Per Year Price Tag

The Supreme Court ruled this week that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) misinterpreted the Clean Air Act when it deemed cost irrelevant to its decision to regulate mercury levels in power plants.  This is a victory for common sense regulation, and for Americans who object to government agencies spending consumers’ money as if it were free.

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Debt is the fatal disease of republics, the first thing and the mightiest to undermine governments and corrupt the people.
Wendell Philips
He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.
James A. Garfield
The moment that government appears at market, the principles of the market will be subverted.
Edmund Burke