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Can Fed Chair Janet Yellen Be More Hawkish?

As the stock market prepares to close later today, Yellen will deliver a speech on the new normal for monetary policy at a conference hosted by the San Francisco Federal Reserve, of which she was previously the President. The question on many lips today is whether she will be more hawkish than she was at the press conference following the FOMC meeting.

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Call it a (Slight) Comeback for the Dollar

The greenback staged a reversal yesterday, and there has been follow through buying in Europe after a quiet Asian session.  It seems that after last week's dramatic reaction to the FOMC, the market is probing for the new range, and month, quarter and fiscal year end position adjustments have become complications. 

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Debt is the fatal disease of republics, the first thing and the mightiest to undermine governments and corrupt the people.
Wendell Philips
He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.
James A. Garfield
The moment that government appears at market, the principles of the market will be subverted.
Edmund Burke