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  • By: Marc Chandler | Date: 1 Oct 2014

    The European Central Bank meets tomorrow.  The focus is on the details of the asset-backed securities and covered bond plan that was announced last month. There are three key issues related to this new initiative:  What instruments will be purchased, how much will be bought, and how long will the purchase program last?Read more

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    By: David Smith | Date: 1 Oct 2014

    Before he took office, President Barack Obama predicted that war in Iraq would recruit more terrorists to the jihadist cause. Now he is US leader, Obama has neglected to heed his own warnings. Read more

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    By: Marc Chandler | Date: 30 Sep 2014

    With the ECB meeting and US jobs data the key events of the week, it is understandable the August US trade balance, due out Friday, is not drawing much attention. However, the combination of the growth differentials, favoring the US, and the strong dollar lead to some concerns that trade will act as a drag on GDP. Read more

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    By: OilPrice.com | Date: 30 Sep 2014

    Unsatisfied with the pace at which the federal government is acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, several U.S. states and a few Canadian provinces are forging ahead with their own initiatives. Read more

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    By: Marc Chandler | Date: 30 Sep 2014

    Today's preliminary September CPI figures were seized upon to drive the euro to fresh lows, against both the dollar and sterling.  We anticipate the weakness of the yen will boost inflation, and in turn, this will take off some pressure off the BOJ to do more.Read more

    • Date: 29 Sep 2014

      As new information about the presidential race comes in, we are adjusting our views in two ways. (1) We again consider the tail risk of Dilma winning in the first round, though we still think this is unlikely; (2) The chances of Marina winning are obviously smaller, though we continue to think she has a strong chance.Read more

    • Date: 29 Sep 2014

      As curtain-raisers to this week’s events in New York and Washington, US Secretary of State John Kerry and US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel visited Delhi last month, proclaiming India as an ‘indispensable partner for the 21st century’ and the visit as a ‘transformative moment’ in the relationship. Read more

    • Date: 26 Sep 2014

      In recent weeks we have seen the ‘bromance’ between India and Japan reach new heights. Earlier this month, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Tokyo amid media hype of a special relationship, and even a de facto alliance, between the two countries. Read more

    Debt is the fatal disease of republics, the first thing and the mightiest to undermine governments and corrupt the people.
    Wendell Philips
    He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.
    James A. Garfield
    The moment that government appears at market, the principles of the market will be subverted.
    Edmund Burke