To Watch English Cricket, Show Up Early

As the touring Sri Lankan cricket team arrives in London for the final test of their three-match series, there won’t be too many people willing to part with their money for a ticket for the fifth and final day.

In fact, given the dominance of the England XI, a brave fan is going to shell out up to £100 in advance for a ticket to a fourth day that may well not happen.

How Personal Do You Want Your TV-Watching?

Traditional pay-television providers, already under pressure from consumers opting for streaming internet video, are facing a new threat.  Google is getting into TV advertising, and a decision made earlier this year by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has everyone from traditional set top box providers to diversity champions worried.

Nearly Double the Price, but Only Halfway Back

With today's gains, the price of Brent has nearly doubled from its lows in January.  Of course, the price of oil is still less than half of levels that prevailed two years ago.  At the same time, many leveraged investors cast a jaundiced eye toward currency pegs.  Many have concluded that the Middle East currency pegs cannot be sustained.

OPEC Meeting: I've Got Expectations in Low Places

OPEC ministers meet in Vienna tomorrow. Expectations could hardly be lower.  Attempts to agree on an output freeze were stymied by the Saudi's insistence that is rival Iran participates as well.  Iran cannot agree to limit its production yet, or it would have sacrificed (or postponed) it nuclear program for naught. 

Could Cuts Now Create Oil Production Supply Reductions Later?

Total global oil production could decline for the next several years in a row as scarce new sources of supply come online.  According to data from Rystad Energy, overall global oil output will fall this year as natural depletion overwhelms all new sources of supply. However, the deficit will only widen in the years ahead due to the dramatic scaling back in spending on new exploration and development.

Statoil says that global capex is set to fall for two years in a row, and is on track to fall for a third year in 2017 as more spending cuts are likely.

A Lesson on Competition in Aged Care Services

More competition in the delivery of human services, as recommended by the Harper Inquiry, is likely to increase the variety of services available, reduce the price of services and may encourage innovation. However, when it comes to aged care sector, competition may not necessarily result in better care, due to market failures.

China's Great Firewall

For the first time this year, the United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) ‘National Trade Estimate Report’ took note of China’s Great Firewall. Granted, it was with this tame statement: ‘China’s filtering of cross-border Internet traffic has posed a significant burden to foreign suppliers’.