Infographic: The Global Food Crisis - Food Shortage vs. Food Wastage


There are two sides to the current world food crisis. On the one hand, the world is facing a global food shortage, where hundreds of millions of people are malnourished with little to no access to food. Furthermore with global population growing exponentially every day, the problem will be exercerbated even further in the future.

On the other hand however, global food wastage is also at a all time high. Nearly 253 pounds of food is wasted every year by an average person globally. In advanced or developed economies, this number can be even higher. The level of global food wastage only seeks to highlight the problem of food shortages. Hand in hand, these two issues also weigh heavily on rising food prices.

What are the factors behind the current food crisis and what can be done to resolve the conflict between food shortage and food wastage?

The Food Crisis

Created by: Public Health Degree