The World's Richest Family - You Didn't Know About (Part 2)

The World's Richest Family - You Didn't Know About (Part 2)

1 June 2011.

A cursory search on google reveals a surplus of accusations against the Rothschilds’ family, including claims that they are running the world through a ‘demonistic cabal’, controlling governments and the most powerful banks.

We can trace the roots of this antipathy as far back as the 19th century when the Rothschilds were the supreme financiers of the world. At that time, the family was already being accused of financing wars for their own financial gain. The German writer Friedrich von Scherb wrote in his 1893 history of the family that:

 “The house of Rothschild has arisen from the quarrels between states, has become great and mighty from wars. The misfortune of states and peoples has been its fortune.”

This view that wars could not be fought without the support of Rothschild finance was shared by the left-wing English writer JA Hobson, who wrote in his book Imperialism: A Study (1902) that the Boer Wars had been funded by a small group of Jewish-German financiers, principally the Rothschilds, for economic gain.

 “Does anyone seriously suppose that a great war could be undertaken by any European state, or a great state loan subscribed if the house of Rothschild and their connections set their face against it?”

he wrote.

These accusations that the Rothschilds were unscrupulous, even amoral, financiers may not shock us too much today. But the claims made against them began to take on a more anti-Semitic flavour in Germany after the 1st World War.


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In 1919, the German National Socialist Dietrich Eckart asked who had provided the Rothschilds with their fabulous wealth. He blamed the German people. “Who does this? You do it. Nobody but you! That’s right it is your money hard-earned through care and sorrow, which is drawn as if magnetically into the coffers of these insatiable people.”

As one might expect, Adolf Hitler was even more explicitly anti-Semitic. In May 1921, he named the Rothschilds as one of a number of Jewish capitalist groups entirely controlling the socialist press.  And in a speech in 1922 he referred to the

“rapacity of the Rothschilds who financed wars and revolutions and brought people into servitude through loans”.

The demise of Hitler and the Nazis did not put an end to the slurs against the Rothschilds. In 1991, TV preacher Pat Robertson wrote a book called The New World Order, in which he claimed that the Rothschilds were “polluted by the occultism of illuminated freemasonry”. Robertson said that Paul Warburg, the architect of the Federal Reserve System was a Rothschild agent.

This idea that the Rothschilds are running a shadowy conspiracy to control the world - perhaps through a cabalistic group known as the Illuminati - is among the most common claims. Other common slurs are that the Rothschilds arranged the murder of President Lincoln because his economic policies would have spoiled their commodity speculations; that they financed the rise of Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviet Union and that they are closely involved with the Catholic Church, the Mafia and the CIA.

It is also claimed that their financial power is not limited to the Rothschild holdings. They are said to be the hidden power controlling other huge banks such as Warburg and Co and Lazard, and the secretive presence behind financiers JP Morgan, Rockefellers, Loeb and co, and Lehmann brothers. They also run, it is claimed, the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve System.

The conspiracy theorists perceive the malign Rothschild hand influencing the destiny of nations. They are blamed for the Boer Wars, the creation of Israel in order to control the oil of the Middle East and the Russian Revolution. They are also plotting, it is said, to monopolise world energy supplies, which explains their holdings in coal, oil and gas.

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