Mozambique Export, Import and Trade


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Present condition of Mozambique export, import and trade

Latest condition of Mozambique export, import and trade is far from ideal as per news on Mozambique import and exports. International Monetary Fund has said that revenues earned from Mozambique export are going down at a steady rate since 2008 fiscal. This is supposed to have an adverse bearing on its economic maintenance and progress.

Mozambique export of prawns

In a news on Mozambique export, import and trade this African nation would start to export its prawns to USA. This decision has come on heels of decrease of prices of these products in various markets in Europe. This information has been provided by Cadmiel Muthemba, fisheries minister of Mozambique.

In its Mozambique export, import and trade report O Pais, which is a newspaper based in Maputo, has reported that prices of prawn have dropped at a rate of $6 to $8 on a per kilogram basis. For past few years prices of prawns have varied from $15 to $18.

National government has started to discuss various aspects of Mozambique trade with fishing establishments in USA. In 2008 fiscal this African nation earned $45 million through Mozambique export of prawns. In 2007 fiscal these figures stood at $62.1 million. These Mozambique export statistics have been brought out by Mozambican Institute for Export Promotion.

India and Mozambique trade of cashew nuts

Recently Kenya has posted a ban on export of nuts. However, its nut export partners are not unduly worried as there are some other substitute countries that can provide plenty of wonder nuts. One such country is Mozambique. Among nut export partners of Kenya India has a proper nut processing industry that is now looking to import nuts from Mozambique in wake of this ban.

Mozambique export of coal

In recent times coal has been a major export item of Mozambique. For example since 2005 fiscal 88,700 tons of coal produced in Chipanga XI coal mine in Zambezi valley has been exported to countries like Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. A new coal mine has been developed by Vale, a major mining company of Brazil, at Moatize. It would generate 8.6 million tons of coal, most of which would be used for export purposes.