UK Accident Insurance, Accident Insurance UK

UK Accident insurance offers a policyholder financial cover in case s/he sustains a serious injury due to an accident. Accident Insurance UK is the typical example of non-indemnity insurance. This means that while the policy does not guarantee against the loss of a limb in an accident, it can pay you a specific lump sum to compensate for the loss or total disablement.

UK Accident Insurance: Types of Cover

A typical UK accident insurance policy offers cover for permanent total disability, loss of use of limbs (such as shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, etc.), and loss of hearing and sight. There are three types of cover available online:

  • Unemployment only cover
  • Accident and Sickness only cover
  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment insurance cover: This cover provides you support when you are unable to work for a long period and are left without any work and income.
  • A UK accident insurance policy payout received by a policyholder is completely dependent on the nature of the disability and the extent of cover selected.

    With even the basic policy, a policyholder can receive:

  • Hospital/dental treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Travel expenses for family members, if they need to visit the policyholder
  • Some accident insurance policies can also reimburse hospitalization costs. Some might even cover the accidental death of a policyholder, in which case the benefits are paid to the person designated as the beneficiary in the policy.

    UK Accident Insurance: Sports Cover

    Sports accident cover is aimed at providing financial aid when children and adults are injured while playing amateur sports. People who are eligible for this policy cover are:

  • Amateur and professional sports teams
  • Amateur and professional sports coaches and managers
  • Professional sports players
  • People indulging in hazardous sports
  • However, claims for sports injuries are rejected if the injury has occurred:

  • As a result of the failure of the policyholder to wear protective gear.
  • When the policyholder was under the effect of drugs or alcohol.
  • Prior to the start of the policy.
  • Each insurance company has its own set of criteria for rejecting a claim for sports accident insurance UK. Hence, one must read a policy document carefully before buying the policy.

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