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With a continuous growth of the Texas economy, the mortgage brokers Dallas are also enjoying a vibrant mortgage market. Dallas is now in list of top five cities in the US on the basis of real estate property demand and hence the mortgage industry is developing equally. Though market for both the domestic and commercial properties has grown enormously in Dallas but it’s mainly demand for the commercial real estate that has affected the mortgage market the most. The boom in telecommunications and call-center industries in Dallas has not only increased the job growth in the city extremely but also has enhanced the growth of mortgage market in Dallas.

The mortgage lenders in Dallas generally grant the mortgage loans to the borrowers with a mortgage broker intermediating through the deal. Most of the mortgages in Dallas are originated through the mortgage brokers and very few are done through retail lenders channel. The mortgage brokers in Dallas negotiate on the various mortgage issues with banks and money lender agencies on behalf of the borrowers and borrowing companies. The mortgage companies not only help the borrowers to find a suitable mortgage and a lender but also help in the entire legal processing of mortgage taking, which may be otherwise tedious for non-financial-savvy borrowers.

In earlier days, the banks and lending institutions used to lend the mortgages to the borrowers. But Dallas has been experiencing a high demand for commercial real estate properties especially since 2000 and hence the involvement of mortgage brokers in the mortgage market has increased manifold. Now finding a suitable lender and a proper mortgage may be difficult for a house purchaser and asking for help from the mortgage broker in Dallas may be the best way to sort the problem out.

The mortgage brokers in Dallas also offer mortgages to the clients with bad credit history. The experienced finance team of the mortgage brokers in Dallas guides such clients with special financial instructions to improve the credit history and also on the mortgage issues. The good mortgage brokers in Dallas usually have extensive contacts in the mortgage market and hence can arrange the refinance mortgage after bankruptcy.

The borrowers going for mortgages in Dallas should consult more than one mortgage brokers and compare the mortgage rates and also the fees charged by the companies. Both the mortgage rate and fees may vary from one broker to another in Dallas and in order to have a good mortgage deal, the borrowers should consider the offers by various mortgage companies. The mortgage brokers in Dallas are functional under The Texas Savings and Loan Department run by the Finance Commission of Texas. By the new Mortgage Broker License Act (MBLA) effective since 1 January 2000 any individual or agency receiving a loan application from the borrower in Dallas must have a mortgage broker’s license.

The major mortgage companies functional in Dallas are:

  • Hardin Mortgage Company
  • Millennium Mortgage Services Corporation
  • Mainland Home Loans Inc
  • Caprock Lending Services, LLC
  • Creative Mortgage Solutions
  • Texas Mortgage Solution
  • Equity Resource Funding
  • Max Greer / Vista Mortgage
  • American Dream Mortgage
  • AmeriTex Mortgage
  • Tailored Financial, Inc
  • Eric Brown

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