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An Introduction to the IBC Bank and its History

The IBC Bank was built in the year 1966 with an objective of serving the needs and wants of the small business that are situated in Laredo in the state of Texas. The IBC Bank at the present moment acts as the International Bancshares Corporation’s Flagship Bank. The IBC Bank has made a huge growth since the day it has entered the banking ,market. When the IBC Bank started off its journey it had a gross asset of less than a million dollar but the IBC Bank after nearly 40 years of its establishment has now a gross asset of nearly $11 billion. The total amount of gross assets make it the biggest holding company in the state of Texas.

This great rate of growth has made IBC Bank one of the better performing banks in America. One of the best independent bank rating service called the Sheshunoff Information Services has termed the IBC Bank among the leading banks if we keep the average assets return in mind. The IBC Bank has also found itself to be ranked in the list of the Forbes 500. In the year 2005 the IBC bank was given the Corner Stone award by the Texas Banker’s Association. In the year 2001 the Governor of Texas Rick Perry awarded the Governor’s Volunteer Award to the IBC Bank. Other than these awards the National Banker’s Association also has honored the IBC Bank few times by their High Performance Bank Award for the performance and excellence the bank has shown in the recent past.


Different Kind of Accounts offered by the IBC Bank

The IBC Bank offers various kinds of accounts that include Personal Banking Accounts, Business Banking Accounts, International Banking Accounts etc.

Personal Banking Accounts:

The IBC Bank offers a great variety of personal banking accounts for its existing as well as potential customers keeping their needs and wants in mind. One can find accounts like:

  • Personal Checking Account
  • Savings and Investing Accounts
  • Loans and Credit Account
  • Personal Insurance Facility
Personal Checking Account

One can choose from the great variety that are provided by the IBC Bank Personal Checking Account for its customers and that too by keeping the needs and wants in mind. One can choose from accounts like:

  • IBC Bank Personal Free Checking
  • IBC Bank Personal Great Value Checking
  • IBC Bank Personal Interest Checking Account
IBC Bank Personal Free Checking:

One needs to keep an amount of $50 to get oneself registered under this kind of an account. One can have the facility of overdraft courtesy through this account. One can also enjoy 50 checks without paying any amount of money as an introductory offer. One can also make unlimited amount of transactions without paying any extra cost. One will have to pay an amount of money if he inquires about his own account by phone banking even if he does not make any transactions.

IBC Bank Personal Great Value Checking:

One needs to have an amount of $100 to get himself registered under this kind of accounts. One has to pay a certain amount of money as the maintenance and service charge if the account holder fails to maintain the minimum amount of $3000. One with this account also gets the facility of free online banking as well as free bill payments via Internet. One also gets an offer of 50 debits per bill cycle as free and if it crosses that number of debits then one will have to pay $.15 for every debit. This kind of Checking Account is actually good for those who have a family and cannot put lots of money at once in the account and also for those who use less than 50 debits per billing cycle.

IBC Bank Interest Checking Account:

This kind account needs an amount of $15 as monthly service charge but if one maintains an amount of $7500 as combined amount or a certain amount combined daily balance then one can get rid of this kind of service charges. One also needs to have at least an amount of $5000 to become eligible to get the interest rate from the IBC Bank. The postage fee on this account also depends on the number of enclosures one has issued. One also gets the facility of paying the bills online and also get the access to his account all through out the day without paying any amount of money. One can also look for other accounts that are available under the IBC Bank Interest Checking Account. Some of these accounts are:

  • Check N Save Account
  • Check N Save Plus Money Market Account
  • IBC Elite Checking
  • IBC Elite Advantage Money Market Account
  • Savings Account: This account provides a good rate of interest and it is also considered as a low cost savings account.
  • Certificates for Deposit
  • Individual Retirement Accounts or the IRA: One can get rid of some amount of tax by keeping their money in this account. This also enables them to save for their retirement days. One can also save money to provide a family member an amount of money for one’s college days.


A person can also go for the savings and CD accounts that are available in the IBC Bank Personal Banking. One can actually find a vast array of account options to choose from and get the best option out of those for himself. Some of the Savings and Investing Accounts are:

IBC Bank Business Accounts

One can also have various kind of accounts for different kind of business purposes. A person can go for different kind of accounts like Business Checking Accounts, Business Credit Services, Savings and Investing Services etc.

One can get various facilities from the above mentioned accounts as the INC Bank claims that they look for the needs of the people before inventing any kind of accounts. The IBC bank understands the problems and difficulties of keeping a business in force which makes it one of the favorite banks in the State of Texas.

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