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8 Online Reputation Management Trends to Follow in 2020

Online reputation management is the way in which a brand builds and maintains its online reputation. In today’s digital world, a company’s online reputation is one of its most valuable assets. Word of mouth still plays a major part in advertising, so what others are saying about your brand online can bring you either success or ruin.

Real US Unemployment is Already Over 20%

27 October 2009. It feels as if the world has been on tenderhooks waiting to hear when US unemployment will cross the 10% mark. After all, consumers account for 70% of the US economy, and with all economies built around either exporting to the US, or exporting to countries that export to the US, they are the demand engine that powers the whole world economy.

Four Reasons Why This is Still a Sucker's Rally

26 October 2009. The bulls have complained that the doom-and-gloom crowd have been harping on about a sucker's rally. They speak derisively about perma-bears and stopped clocks being right twice a day. They can point to a series of seemingly false predictions since the rally that thundered the markets off their March lows.

World Poverty Rising: Over 1 Billion People Hungry in 2009

23 October 2009. Significant progress was being made in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. Boosted by the Green Revolution of the seventies, that led to massive increases in agricultural production, and the economic miracle in Asia, hundreds of millions of people escaped the poverty trap.[br]

What will the World Economy Look Like in 2010?

8 October 2009. We have just been through the worst Financial Crisis in living memory - but you need to know now that there will be another Financial Crisis, and the next one is likely to be even worse. When will it hit? And what will it mean in terms of growth, jobs, houses, stock markets and trade? How can we get prepared? To help you understand what is going to happen to the world economy in 2010, we have prepared reports on the two economies that count - the US and China.[br]