Georgia Agriculture

Georgia Agriculture has a prominent face in the overall agricultural scenario of United States. Every year U.S Economy gets billions of dollars through Georgia Agriculture products. The main occupation of one out of seven Georgians is something related to the Agricultural Sector. This is because 65% of Georgia is covered by Forest Land.


The agricultural produce of Georgia includes mainly Cotton and Peanuts. Georgia holds the 1st rank in United States in Peanuts Production. Georgia Agriculture alone produces almost half of the peanuts that is produced in whole United States in a whole year. Cotton production on a commercial basis was first started by Georgia Agriculture. Georgia acquires the third place in Cotton Production in the entire United States.

Other than Cotton and Peanuts the other crops that are grown in Georgia are mainly vegetables and fruits like Onions, Tomatoes, Sweet Corn,Watermelon and Peach. Georgia Agriculture is renowned for producing Vidalia Onions which are the sweetest onions in the world. In Peach Production also has a high level of reputation so much so that Georgia is called the Peach State. Other than Watermelon and Peach the other fruits that are produced in Georgia are Grapes, Apples, Berries and Cucumbers.

Another important part of Georgia Agriculture is Horticulture. It is the field which offers employment to more than 40,000 Georgians and generates income of more than 2 billion every year.

[br]Georgia Agriculture succeeds to produce these diverse type of Agricultural Products by the support of its convenient climatic conditions and varieties of soil. Georgia Agriculture is blessed with moist summers and mild winters. There are eight types of soils that are found in Georgia which are from the coastal lands to the mountains.

The importance of Georgia Agriculture can be readily understood by the fact that Agriculture is the most dominant sector generating largest portion of Georgia Income ahead of financial sector, real estate sector and retail sector.

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