American Agriculture

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American Agriculture continued to dominate the global agricultural scenario for a long period. Even today it leads the world in terms of Agricultural Contribution though it is facing some problems like increasing Production Costs, deteriorating Soil Quality and devastating Natural Disasters.


America has such a powerful Agricultural Sector that it not only feeds its own country people but also exports tons of agricultural products ever day to different under developed, developing and even developed countries. Such improvement in agriculture owes contribution to the tremendous research and development that has been carried out by the American Agricultural Scientists. Their contribution in form of advanced fertilizers and high class insecticides provided American Agriculture such a boost that America topped the world in agriculture.

American Economy is largely dependent on its powerful agricultural sector. A substantial part of U.S Gross Domestic Production is contributed by Agricultural Farming and related activities. American Agriculture generates considerable amount of employment in America.

But, now a days American Agriculture has started facing problems because of Rising Competition in the agricultural field and also because of unpredictable climate change and natural disasters.

At present, American Agriculture supplies almost one fifth of world wheat exports whereas in 1980s, it used to supply almost half of the World Wheat Market.

But, America is working heart and soul towards regaining their lost fame in the world of agriculture. [br]

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