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By: EconomyWatch   Date: 20 September 2009

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Homebase is one of the leading home improvement retail companies in the UK. The company offers three types of Homebase credit cards:

  • Homebase Card
  • Buy Now Pay Later Homebase Credit Card
  • Fixed Monthly Payment Homebase Credit Card


Homebase Credit Card Payment Online: Which Card to Use?

The Homebase credit cards can be used to make payments for products purchased over the Internet.

  • If you have made a purchase of less than £3,000, you can pay through the Homebase Card.
  • If your purchases exceed £3,000, you can repay a fixed amount monthly against the purchased item. The Fixed Monthly Payment Homebase Credit Card can be used for this purpose.
  • However, if you would rather have the flexibility to repay whatever amount you can over a 12-month period, you need to use the Buy Now Pay Later Homebase Credit Card. You should also use this card if you cannot start repaying in the 12 months following the purchase of an item.

You can obtain any of these cards by

  • Submitting your completed and signed application forms, along with identity and address proof to any store.
  • Waiting for up to ten working days for the card to be dispatched.

However, if you want to start using your card immediately, you can get your application processed directly at the counter.

Homebase Credit Card Payment Online: How the Cards Work?

Using your Homebase credit card, you can spread your cost on any product you buy, irrespective of its purchase cost. If the purchase price is less than £100, you can pay within 59 days. Over this period, you need to pay a minimum of 4% of the balance or £2, whichever is greater. However, if the cost is more than £100, you are eligible for the Buy Now Pay Later plans.

Homebase Credit Card Payment Online: Payment of Credit Card Dues

You can pay your Homebase card dues through:

  • Direct Debit
  • A check through the post
  • By submitting cash or check at your bank or your building society

You can also choose the Homebase credit card payment online option to pay your credit card dues.

You can find out more about Homebase Credit Card Payment Online at the http://www.homebase.co.uk/. Homebase credit card is owned by Homebase, part of Home Retail Group.

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