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August 20, 2009UK Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


Argos MasterCardprovides the facility of money back on every purchase you make through the card. While you can get back 2% of your purchases made at Argos stores, every purchase made elsewhere earns you 1% money back on the total amount. Apart from these benefits, the users of Argos MasterCard credit cards:

  • Pay 0% interest on balance transfers over the first nine months from the issuance date.

  • Pay no interest on purchases at Argos stores for the first six months.

  • Pay 0% interest on purchases made from other places for the first three months.

  • Pay a variable annual percentage rate (APR) of 18.9% after the introductory offer period ends.

  • Don’t have to pay annual fees.

  • Need to pay a minimum monthly repayment amount of 3% of the outstanding bill or £5, whichever is higher.


Argos MasterCard Credit Card: Eligibility Criteria

You can apply for an Argos MasterCard credit card only if you are 18 years or older. Moreover, you should have:

  • Permanent UK address

  • Regular source of income

  • Good credit rating

Moreover, you should not be a student and your request should not have been declined for Argos MasterCard.


Argos MasterCard Credit Card: Ways to Apply

You can apply for an Argos MasterCard in the following ways:

  • From your local Argos store

  • Over the telephone on 0845 640 0701

  • Via the Internet


If you have applied for Argos MasterCard online, you will be informed immediately if the decision is favorable. However, there might be a delay in cases where there is a need to perform additional checks.


Once your application is accepted, you will be sent an Agreement through the post. You will receive your credit card only when this Agreement has been signed and returned to the company.


Argos MasterCard Credit Card: Protection Facility

Argos provides its cardholders the card protection facility. This facility provides protection for all your cards, including credit, debit and store cards. The protection facility offers:

  • A free emergency line where you can call anytime of the day to cancel your cards and order for replacements.

  • A cover of up to £1,500 against any fraudulent use of your lost or stolen cards. This cover can go up to £75,000 if your cards are misused after you have informed the company. However, you are eligible for this cover only if you notify Argos within 24 hours of discovering that your card has been misplaced.

  • Emergency cash advance of a maximum of £750 to cover transportation costs and basic living expenses if you are away from home without your Argos card.

  • Emergency hotel bill advance of up to £3,000 if you lose your card abroad.

An advance of as much as £3,000 for travel tickets if you lose your tickets along with your card.


You can find out more about Argos MasterCard Payment Online at the website. Argos Mastercard Credit Card issued by Argos Limited.


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