Mauritius Stock Exchange

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A brief introduction to Mauritius Stock Exchange

The Mauritius Stock Exchange is the most prominent stock exchange of Mauritius. The Mauritius Stock Exchange is situated in Port Louis and it is also known as SEM in short. The Mauritius stock Exchange was established in the year 1988.

Markets in the Mauritius Stock Exchange

    Official Market

    Development and Enterprise Market

Indices used in the Mauritius Stock Exchange

Official Market Indices

  • SEM-7

Development and Enterprise Market Indices


This stock exchange is a tiny but booming exchange which was established by the Stock Exchange Act 1988, and is run by SEM or Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd, a private limited company. The stock Exchange commission or SEC which looks after the stock market and checks the dealings that take place in the Mauritius Stock Exchange was also established by The Stock Exchange Act, 1988.

The Mauritius Stock Exchange can be of the following types:

  1. The Official List- This is for the listed shares. There are around 40 companies in this market.
  2. The Over-The-Counter Market-This is for the unlisted shares. This market has nearly 80 companies that are unlisted.

Apart from these companies there are nearly 10 more companies which are cited for their debentures in Mauritius Stock Exchange. Mauritius Stock Exchange has two dual listed funds which can be cited both in London Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

Types of Companies enlisted in the Mauritius Stock Exchange

  • Investments
  • Industries
  • Insurance and Bank
  • Hotels and Leisures
  • Transport
  • Sugar
  • Commerce

Nature of Trading

  • Open Exclaim
  • Order Driven
  • Single Price Auction System

Major Developments taking place in Mauritius Stock Exchange

  • A new electronic clearing and settlement system is being established
  • A daily trading system is introduced

Plans for major future developments

  • A new system for trading is to be introduced
  • New financial products are going to be listed in the Mauritius Stock Market

The Mauritius stock Exchange has been promoted to affiliated securities markets within the FIBV, form the status of Corresponding Exchange and has also been taken in as one of the founder members of the ASEA.

A major project has been is carried out in the Mauritius Stock Exchange which the listed companies are registered and it also provides the delivery versus payment system in a T+3 day revolving price. A clearing house founded by the Bank of Mauritius, allows a guarantee fund which integrates measurements for fund settlement failures and securities. The Mauritius Stock Exchange in co action with foreign advisers has created new rules for reporting and new listings which is expected to make sure the transparency of the investments made by the investors.

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