Economic Profile of Assam State

June 29, 2010Assamby EconomyWatch

POPULATION (2001 census) 26655528
MALES 13777037
FEMALES 12878491
LITERACY RATE (census 2001) in % 63.3
MALE LITERATE in numbers 8188697
FEMALE LITERATE in numbers 5826657
NSDP at current prices (2001-2002)* Rs Crores 29198 Rs Crores *(2001-2002)
PER CAPITA NSDP (2001-02) at current prices Rs 10591 Rs *(2001-2002)

Source: Directorate of Economics & Statistics of respective State Governments (As on March 26, 2004), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India



  • Petroleum and Refineries
  • Tea Industry
  • Forest & Wood Industry Textile
  • Chemical & Fertilizers Engineering
  • Agro Based Industry



Large and Medium Industries

The Government will encourage environment friendly Industries and projects in the State. The AIDC Ltd. has identified several viable projects for the coming years. On selective basis Government will also participate by way of equity participation in the projects.

The Government will constitute a High Level Committee under the Chairmanship of Commissioner/Secretory Industries to monitor the implementation of Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum (IEM) and Letter of Intent (LD/Industrial Licence (IL) issued by the Government of India from time to time.


Handloom and Handicraft Industries

The State of Assam is traditionally known for its rich Handloom and Handicraft products and the Government will ensure promotion of this sector through various developmental schemes. The Government wilt take all possible steps for getting Financial and Technical assistance from the Government of India for implementation of various schemes. The State Government will conduct a survey on various Handicraft products and registration of Handicraft unit will be done by DICs of Assam.

The Government will strengthen the Handicraft Research and Design Center, Cottage Industries Training Institute and Cottage Industries Museum for the development of Handicraft Industries in the State. All possible measures will be taken to assist the craftsmen, artisans of various crafts and also the Non Governmental Organizations (NGO)/ Co-operative Societies for development of Handicraft Industries in the State. The Government will take necessary measures to export the Handicraft products to out side the country and will also participate in exhibitions at various parts of the country to give exposure to the Handicraft products.


Rural Non-Farm Sector

The Rural Non-Farm Sector (RNFS) has a tremendous scope for development in the State. In a recently conducted survey, NABARD has identified 10 sectors for development which includes sectoral schemes like Agriculture, Fish rearing and processing, Rural Retail Trade, Sericulture & Silk Textile, Fibre products, Construction, Small Plantation products, Handloom, Handicraft mainly cane, bamboo and wood products.

These activities are to be developed for creation of additional employment in' the rural areas. The development Departments like Agriculture, Handloom and Textile, Sericulture, Fishery, Veterinary, Panchayat and Rural Development etc. are to be associated to implement these schemes within a definite time frame. Agro and Food Processing Industries

Air services are provided by Indian Airlines, Sahara Airlines and Royal Nepal Airlines. The economy of Assam is predominantly an agrarian economy. There is ample scope for development particularly in the rural areas for processing of cereals, fruits, vegetables, milk, meat and other agricultural products like Jute, Ramie etc.

The Government will encourage development of Agro and Food processing industries by providing possible basic infrastructure to the industries. The Government of Assam will encourage setting up of Fruit Processing, Vegetable Processing, Spice Processing, Aquaculture, Horticulture based projects in the State. Apart from that, Government will take necessary action to motivate the investors for commercial exploitation and setting up of projects on Medicinal herbs, Aromatic plants.

Rubber plantation and processing, Small Tea garden etc. The Government of Assam is very much aware about the viability of setting up of Industries like diversified Jute products and Ramie based Industries in Assam by prospective entrepreneurs. The Government of Assam will provide necessary support for setting up of such units in the State.

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