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By: EconomyWatch   Date: 16 July 2010

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Mergers and Acquisitions have been very common incidents since the turn of the 20th century. These are used as tools for business expansion and restructuring. Through mergers the acquiring company gets an expanded client base and the acquired company gets additional lifeline in the form of capital invested by the purchasing company. Recent mergers and acquisitions authenticate such a view.

The Long Success International (Holdings) Ltd merged with City Faith Investments Ltd on the 8th of April 2008. The value of the merger was US $3.2 million. The agency in this instance was Bermuda Monetary Authority, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and other regulatory authority that was unspecified.

Novartis AG acquired 25% stake in Alcon Inc. This acquisition was worth 73,666 million common shares of the company. They bought this stake from Nestle SA for $10.547 billion by paying $143.18 for every share. It was a privately negotiated transaction that needed to have a regulatory approval. Simultaneously, Novartis AG also received an offer of 52% interest that was equivalent of 153.225 million common shares of Alcon Inc.

Kinetic Concepts acquired each and every remaining common stock of LifeCell Corp for $51 for each share. Their total offer was $1.743 billion. The deal was done in accordance to regulatory approvals and the conventional closing conditions.

Kapstone Paper & Packaging Corp acquired the kraft paper mill as well as other assets of MeadWestVaco.Corp. They paid them $485 million. The deal was conducted as per the regulatory approvals, receipt of financing and conventional closing conditions. This deal included a lumber mill in Summerville, hundred percent interest in Cogen South LLC. The Chip mills in Kinards, Elgin, Andrews and Hampton in South Carolina are also parts of this deal.

Petrofalcon Corp acquired the remaining shares of Anadarko Venezuela Co from Anadarko Petroleum Corp. The deal was worth 428.46 million Venezuelan bolivar or US $200 million. The deal was completed as per the regulatory approvals.

Discover Financial Services, LLC acquired Diners Club International Ltd from Citigroup Inc. The deal was worth US $165 million. The deal was subjected to regulatory approvals and normal closing conditions. Cobham PLC took over MMI Research Ltd. The deal was worth ?16.6 million or $33.099 million. In this deal ?12.2 was paid in cash, ?1.4 million in loan notes and almost ?3 million in payments related to profits.

WNS (Holdings) Ltd from India, took over the total share capital of Chang Ltd. The deal was worth ?9.6 million. Of this amount ?8 million was to be paid in cash and the rest was to be paid in payments related to profits.

AptarGroup Inc acquired the Advanced Barrier System wing of the CCL Industries Inc. The deal was worth almost 9.4 million Canadian dollars. The entire amount was paid on cash. Varian Inc from USA took over 23% stakes of Oxford Diffraction Ltd. The deal was worth ? 4.6 million pounds. ? 3.5 million was paid in cash, and the rest was to be paid from the profits made by the company.

Spice PLC took over Melton Power Services Limited. The deal was worth ?4.5 million. ?2.5 million was paid in cash and the rest was to be paid from the profits made by the company. Spice PLC also got Utility Technology Ltd., GIS Direct Ltd, and Line Design Solutions Ltd as part of the deal.

Atlas Iron Ltd. Took over a 19.9% stake in the Warwick Resources Ltd. This was equivalent of 15.124 million new common stock of the Warwick Resources Ltd. They paid A$ 3.781 million in a transaction that was privately negotiated. The transaction was executed as per the approval from the shareholders. The selling price of the shares was A$ 0.23 and it was based on the value of each share that stood at A$ 0.25 on 4th of April 2008.

Republic Gold Ltd of Australia took over the remaining stocks of Vista Gold (Antigua) from Vista Gold Corp. The deal was worth $3 million. Republic Gold also got the Amayapampa project in Bolivia as a part of the deal.Manpower Software PLC took over Key IT Systems Ltd. The deal was worth ?0.83 million. ?0.375 million was paid in cash and the rest is supposed to be paid from profits.

Spice PLC took over Utility Technology Ltd. The deal was worth ?0.2 million – ?0.1 million was to be paid in cash and the rest was to be paid from the profits. As part of this deal Spice PLC also acquired Melton Power Services Ltd, GIS Direct Ltd and Line Design Solutions Ltd.

Spice PLC took over Line Design Solutions Ltd and GIS Direct Ltd. The total deal was worth ?0.1 million and the entire amount was paid in cash. Spice PLC also acquired Utility Technology Ltd and Melton Power Services Ltd as part of the deal.

Thomas Cook Group PLC acquired Elegant Resorts Ltd from Barbara Catchpole and Geoff Moss. Australian Social Infrastructure Fund merged with API Fund. The deal was subjected to regulatory approvals and shareholder. Greenbier Cos Inc took over Roller Bearing Industries Inc., from AB SKF. Fijian Holdings Ltd has took over 50.2% interest in RB Patel Group Ltd.

Honeywell International Inc has acquired Norcross Safety Products LLC from Odyssey Investment Partners LLC. The deal was worth $1.2 billion. It was subjected to various kinds of regular closing conventions and regulatory approvals.

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