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October 6, 2010Malaysia Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


Alliance Bank credit card Malaysia is available with the brand logo of MasterCard or Visa. Allianz Bank credit cards come with purchase protection and lost card cover. These cards come in three basic forms, Classic, Gold and Platinumcards.

Alliance Bank Credit Card Malaysia: Issuer’s History

The Alliance Group commenced its business as Banque de L'indochine in 1958. In 2001, Alliance Financial Group was established, after the consolidation of seven financial institutions. The merger was anchored by the Multi-purpose Bank Berhad. Alliance Finance and Alliance Bank merged their operations in 2004.

Alliance Bank Credit Card Malaysia: Types

Alliance Bank Credit Cards are available in a number of versions:

Classic Card and Gold Card

  • Annual fee of RM68 and RM128, respectively
  • Interest free credit period of up to 20 days
  • Cash back of up to 1.3% on credit purchases
  • Commission free issue of demand drafts and checks
  • Maximum cash withdrawal of 75% of the credit limit
  • 0% APR for the initial three months

Platinum Card

  • Annual fee of RM438
  • Interest rate between 13.5% and 17.5% on credit purchases
  • Cash back of up to 2%
  • Double bonus points on use of card overseas
  • Free accidental travel insurance of up to RM1,000,000
  • Access to 24/7 concierge service

Alliance Bank Credit Card Malaysia also comes in five different versions of co-branded cards, including:

IKEA Friends Credit Card

  • Annual fee of RM68
  • Complementary beverages and meals daily
  • Earn four friends points for each RM spent with the card
  • Return period of 60 days on items purchased from IKEA

Chinese Independent Schools (CIS)

This card enables donation of reward points earned on the credit cards to Chinese independent schools. The contribution couldbe 50% or 100% of the accumulated bonus points. The annual fee starts at RM148.

Other co-branded cards include the CPA Australia Gold Card, CNI Gold Card and the Allianz Insurance card.

Allianz Bank also offers a Business Platinum Card, which comes with the name of the company on it. It offers 13% cash rebate onpayment of interest. It also allows the business to opt for longer repayment periods, flexible payment plans and multiple nominations of company personnel for cards.

Alliance Bank Credit Card Malaysia offers multiple payment options through cash, check, internet banking, direct debit and ATMs.

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