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May 25, 2010Japan Insuranceby EconomyWatch


In this article, we wanted to provide you with a brief summary of how a Japan insurance company works, followed by giving you a list of insurance companies in Japan that are considered the best.  In Japan, healthcare insurance covers a variety of disease screenings, prenatal care, infectious disease control, and other services a not cost.  This type of insurance is through a universal healthcare insurance system, which provides equal services for fees established by the Japanese government.

Now, for individuals without Japanese insurance through employers can decide to become a member of the national health insurance program, which is provided through local governments throughout Japan.  For this, people can choose the doctors they want to see and the clinics and hospitals where they want to be treated.  Best of all, when covered by this type of Japan insurance, people cannot be denied coverage.

For people who have insurance with a Japan insurance company through an employer, they typically have a policy through any one of the top insurance companies.  Of course, some people will pay out-of-pocket for health insurance through any of these companies as well.  The following is a list of insurance companies in Japan with solid reputations for providing great coverage but at an affordable rate.

•    Allianz – This insurance company provides excellent insurance and financial services to more than 75 million people in 70 countries to include Japan.  The services are affordable, reliable, and 100% efficient for full-time residents or people traveling to this country.
•    Global Health – This Company is a division of American International Group, Inc., which also provides Japan insurance.  Along with financial services, the company offers a long list of insurance types and with a current staff of close to 110,000 people around the globe they offer excellent guidance and support.

•    HealthCare International – Founded in the 1980s, this medical and travel insurance company is headquartered in London but it provides healthcare insurance options in many countries to include Japan.  The insurance policies are comprehensive but also very affordable.  HealthCare offers insurance for individuals, families, and groups.

•    InterGlobal – This international health insurance company now serves people in more than 189 countries.  For people in Japan, this insurance provider offers all types of international health insurance policies, as well as expatriate medical needs for people traveling to Japan temporarily.

Remember, since Japan offers a decent health insurance plan through the government, many people are covered, but for those that do not have insurance coverage, these companies, and others would be great considerations.  When looking at any insurance plan, the key is to make comparisons to find the best policy and for the best rate.  If you plan to visit Japan, then you could talk to a representative from these companies about travel policies designed specifically for this purpose.  Most of these policies are setup to provide emergency extradition, if needed but again, it would be important to look at the details before deciding.

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