Target Credit Card Customer Service, Phone Numbers and Support Information

May 4, 2010Credit Card Guideby EW Content Team


The Target store is a store that is aware of your needs and wants to do everything possible to accommodate them. The Target store sells clothing for every member of the family. It also sells kitchen items, items for the bed and bath, electronics, furniture, movies, patio and garden items and so much more. Target is all about comfort and bringing smiles to customers’ faces!

The cards at Target are known as Red cards. Target offers three different kinds of cards to its customers. There is a check card that will take money directly out of your bank account when you make a purchase (another name for it is a debit card). The second option is the Target Visa card while the third option is the Target credit card. Apply for the one that is most suitable to your lifestyle.

The Target credit card can be used at any Target retail store as well as when you shop online at Target ( Target check cad can only be used at Target retail stores. The Target Visa card on the other hand can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. If you need to know more information before applying for a card then do not hesitate to contact the Target Credit Card Customer Service Department. The number to call can be found below.

The Target credit card offers rewards to card holders. Once you reach 1,000 points you can receive 10 percent off your next purchase. You can then start to rebuild your points and repeat the process. Once you are approved for a Target credit card you are eligible to receive 10 percent off a one day shopping trip at Target.

Phone Numbers and Support

The Target Card Customer Service is there for you if you cannot find answers to what you require at the website. Here are some important numbers to be aware of:

Customer Service/ Credit Card Services
In the US- 1-888-755-5856
Outside of the US-1-612-307-8622

Online Orders, Shopping and Returns

Our Stores and Company

Gift Registries
1-800-591-3869 (Online)

Gift Registries
1-800-888-9333 (In-store)

If you visit the “Contact Us” page at the target website you will find email forms for all of the categories listed above. If you would prefer to email your questions or concerns as opposed to calling and speaking with someone in the Target Credit Card Customer Service Department then by all means do that. The aim of the Target store is to serve you in the way it knows best!


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