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April 28, 2010Credit Card Guideby EW Content Team


Shopping at the Sears store whether you do it in your town or city or over the Internet can be a truly wonderful shopping experience! Sears has so much to offer every customer. If you are looking for new clothing then Sears has it. If you are looking for new bedding Sears has it. If you need a gift for someone or a new kitchen appliance then Sears has it.

If you choose to apply for either a Sears Card or a Sears MasterCard then you will automatically be enrolled in the Sears Club Points Program. What this means is that you can get up to two percent back for yourself in terms of free rewards. Visit the Sears website at to learn more about how to apply for these cards as well as what the many benefits are of each one.

Phone Numbers and Support

If you require assistance from the Sears Card Customer Service Department then do not hesitate to contact them right away. Whether you have a question, a comment, or a suggestion the helpful staff at Sears are ready to take your call. The toll-free number to reach a representative is 1-800-267-1660.

The Sears website features a “Frequently Asked Questions” section which can provide many answers to questions you might have. Peruse the section to learn more about what you do not already know.

Frequently Used Phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses for Sears Customers:

If you wish to send an email to the Sears Card Customer Service then send it to

If you wish to send written correspondence to Sears then here is the address you require. As well here is the telephone number and fax number:

National Customer Service Centre
C/o President’s Office
500 College St. East
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 5L3
Phone- 1-888-473-2772
Fax- 1-613-391-3047

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Sears Club

Sears Services

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At the Sears department store you can turn the shopping that you need to do into free rewards with little if any effort at all! Whenever you need to contact a representative from the Sears Card Customer Service Department do not be shy and do not hesitate. It is their job to be there to serve you and they do it well. Trust your shopping needs to Sears and you will not go wrong!

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