Washington Mutual Credit Card (Wamu Credit Card)

October 6, 2010US Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


Washington Mutual was once the sixth largest bank in the US.At the height of the Financial Crisis, in the autumn of 2008, Washingto Mutual, or WaMu as it is affectionately known, was bought by JPMorgan Chase.

Washington Mutual Credit Card was a subsidiary operation of Washington Mutual that specializes in credit & debit card services. Wamu Credit Cards are therefore now a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase.

There are various types of cards that are offered by the Washington Mutual Credit Card . Each of them may be discussed under their respective heads:

Washington Mutual Platinum Cards (WaMu Platinum Cards)

This is an instant approval card where the card holder gets to know immediately whether the card has been accepted or rejected on its application. The redeeming feature of this card is that it has zero dollars fraud liability on unauthorized purchase. This is a protective measure against the unauthorized activities whose incidence is on the rise. The Online Washington Mutual is also very helpful. Whenever the card holder visits the site, he is provided with an offer card. Due to this the customer base has widened and the search cost involved in finding and applying for credit cards is reduced.

Provident Credit Card

The Washington Mutual Credit Card or WaMu Credit Card ranked ninth in the credit cards in America after it took over the Provident Credit Card- the erstwhile credit card giant. After this take over the Washington Mutual Credit Card offers three more cards that are discussed in the following heads:

Providian Real Rewards

This is a very different card because the card holder is rewarded with points whenever he uses it. The rewards come in different forms. It can also be used as restaurant coupons and to purchase flight tickets. Hence the customers enjoy many benefits from these credit cards.

Providian Cash Back

Although the Providian Cash Back credit card is almost the same as the other credit cards, it is different from them because the cash back facility is available with every purchase. This card is very attractive to the customers since he can hope to get the money back on each purchase made by him.

Providian Rewards

This card enables the credit card holder to earn one point for every dollar spent through this card. The reward can be earned in different forms, either as merchandise , gift cards or travel benefits.


Despite the benefits offered by Providian, it has undergone many lawsuits where customers have complained that the were charged a lot more than they deserved. The customers were also victims of poor customer service.

The business card that are offered by the Washington Mutual Credit Card have the following benefits:

  • One can keep the business expenses separate.
  • Employee cards have spending limits set by themselves.
  • The individual expenditure of the employees can be tracked down from the itemized statements.
  • There is 24/7 online service.

Note that Washington Mutual and WaMu are now trademarks of JPMorgan Chase.

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