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October 28, 2009Online Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch Content


Carson Pirie Scott payment online works much like its entire ilk. Right from getting registered for generating login details to selecting different modes of payment, the Carson Pirie Scott online mechanism offers almost the same flexibility that its contemporaries do.

For making a Carson Pirie Scott payment online, a user needs to have a checking account. Alternatively, cardholders can make payments through mail or over the phone.

Carson Pirie Scott Payment Online: Rush Payment

Cardholders running short of time can make payments on the due date through ‘Rush Payment.’ Although this service is chargeable, it saves the hefty late fee and finance charges. Online users can avail this service till 10 pm CST. In fact, most people use this service to pay the minimum due amount and hence, avoid the extra charges. However, once made, rush payments cannot be cancelled.

Carson Pirie Scott Payment Online: Schedule Payment

Scheduling a payment is handy, especially for people who are on the move. To schedule a payment, the user must have at least two business days before the due date. The process is as follows:

  •  Go to the schedule payment page
  • Type the amount of paymentType the date that you want your payment to be posted on. Use the calendar next to the field for the same.
  • Choose from ‘Minimum Payment’, ‘Current Balance’, or ‘Other Amount’ field. In the first two options, the amount gets selected automatically, whereas, in the third one, the user needs to enter the amount.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ and verify the information that appears hence
  • Click on ‘Submit’ to confirm the payment

Once the payment is scheduled, the users also receive an email confirming the same. In case the user wants to change any information, he may edit it by clicking ‘View payment Activity’ and then clicking ‘Edit’ across the payment that needs to be changed.

Besides making Carson Pirie Scott payment online, users can also perform other tasks, such as opting for online statements, checking due dates and amounts, and reviewing recent activity and account payment history.

You can find out more at the website. Carson Pirie Scott is a brand owned by Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.


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