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September 8, 2010Online Banking and Internet Banksby EconomyWatch


CIBC Online Banking offers its customers with a highly secured, easy to access and fast online banking experience. This leads to a better management of the whole personal finance of the individual. CIBC Online Banking is available to the customers on a 24x7 basis. There is no holiday for the online services except for some online maintenance periods on an occasional basis. At any point of time, either day or night, you will be finding CIBC Online Banking at your service with all eagerness standing at the threshold of the windows of your home or workstation's personal computer.

There are a whole lot of facilities provided by the CIBC bank to its revered customers. We may have a bird's eye view to it. The facilities offered by CIBC Online Banking include:-

  • Viewing the balance left in the account of the concerned person
  • Viewing the details of all the transactions that has taken place through the account holder's account
  • The credit availability in the account can also be viewed
  • The alerts can be accessed by the account holder through the online channel.

The alerts can be set for knowing the minimum amount required for payment or for knowing the due date for payment of the requisite amount. Not only this, the CIBC Online Banking also offers a complete access to the credit card offer of the bank known as CIBC CreditSmart. This additional service can be accessed by the account holders of the CIBC bank which helps the customer in organizing and managing the monthly spending of himself in a more better and efficient way. This gives a person more grasp on the maintenance of his personal finances.

CIBC Online Banking gives a hundred percent guarantee of finance in case of any siphoning of money from the account of the concerned person. This offer is known as CIBC Online Banking Security Guarantee. It has been mentioned in their site that if the account holder follows all the required steps in maintaining the secrecy and privacy of his/her account then the bank takes all the onus of all type of account secrecy. In such a case if there has been any type of reporting of unauthorized siphoning off of money from the account holder's account then the entire money (that has been siphoned off) would be reimbursed by the bank to the concerned account. CIBC Online Banking takes multiple steps in the quest of maintaining high degree of protection for the accounts online. First of all, the bank uses the web browser encryption process for avoiding any phishing activities. The anti-phishing technology used is 128 bit encryption which helps the bank to ensure confidential transmission of the various useful and secret data through online channels. Secondly, the firewalls are installed in their system to avoid from possible online theft.Thirdly, the bank offers a continuous monitoring service on all the activities of CIBC Online Banking.

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